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How To Earn Money Online Philippines 2024

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    Have you ever been sitting at home and wondered how to earn money online in the Philippines in 2022?

    if you are anything like me, the answer is yes. one of the great things about the Philippines is that there are many ways how to earn money online as a Filipino.

    The challenging part about earning money online is not the money itself but instead finding the opportunities and creating the process of earning money online

    Therefore, in today’s article, we’ll cover 29 of the best ways to earn money online in the Philippines. from these tried and tested methods, you can start to build your plan and earn income online in 2022.

    For those looking for a business plan, you can download a free business plan for the Philippines on the business plan tab at the top of this page. Now let’s take a look at some examples of how to earn money online in the Philippines.

    29 Ways How To Earn Money Online In The Philippines 2022

    Earn Money Through Blogging

    One of the most popular options to earn money online in the Philippines is blogging. We have spoken about if blogging is worth it in the Philippines and spoke about different ways bloggers can earn money in the Philippines, so whether blogging is a good idea or not is clear.

    However, this business is not for everybody. Writing is not the most straightforward task, even if you are passionate about the subject matter. Therefore some content creators may find YouTubing (coming up next) a more suitable option when looking at how to earn money online in the Philippines 2022.

    Start A YouTubing Channel

    YouTubing is big business across the Philippines! Social media usage in the Philippines is one of the highest globally, including the ever-growing YouTube platform. However, many YouTubers who want to start earning money online in the Philippines believe they will need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to earn income, but this is only through advertisement.

    The most successful YouTubers often utilize monetization streams. In other words, you can start an income from a YouTube channel from your very first video! This could be promoting your services, or product or through affiliate marketing. Learn more about launching a successful YouTube channel with the free course from YouTube.

    Offer Fiverr Gigs

    Over the last few weeks, we spoke about many fantastic Fiverr alternatives for Filipino freelancers, but we also covered how to earn money online on Fiverr in the Philippines. I have added the link for both of these articles above for your reference; nonetheless, Fiverr is a great beginner platform for entrepreneurs looking to make money online in the Philippines.

    Do You Want To Make More Money?

     How You Can Make Money In The Philippines

    Check out the full expert guide, which includes everything you need to know!

    One of the great things about earning money online from a platform such as Fiverr is that there are quite literally hundreds of different options to earn some extra income in the Philippines. This includes anything from voice acting to horoscope reading. The list of opportunities is almost endless!

    Start Affiliate Marketing In The Philippines

    Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest and most successful ways to earn money online in the Philippines in 2022. One of the reasons affiliate marketing has become so popular is that anybody can start earning money online in the Philippines with affiliate marketing. I have attached the article on the link above for your reference for those who wish to learn more about affiliate marketing.

    Apart from several significant affiliate marketing programs in the Philippines, many programs are open for Filipinos. Therefore, it’s often recommended to create a strategy around affiliate marketing and researching which programs will be most successful to your audience and your niche..

    Lazada Selling For The Philippines

    Lazada is a household name for online sellers in the Philippines. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Lazada has become a stream of income for some entrepreneurs looking to earn money online in the Philippines in 2022.

    Selling is not the most straightforward business online in the Philippines, but it can be lucrative. This is why it’s often recommended to build your plan and strategy and carefully consider your options when launching a Lazada Store.

    Start A Esty Selling Business

    One alternative to lazada and shopee is Esty. Esty is not as popular in the Philippines as it is in other countries; nonetheless, it is a great option to earn money online in the Philippines, especially if you are in the industry of homemade items.

    Esty does not only target personalized items; however, due to the low cost of manufacturing the items, these products often do exceptionally well on the platform. For example, in previous weeks, we explained how you could earn money from Esty in the Philippines and covered the delivery service, and this has been attached above for your reference.

    Domain Flipping Online

    Domain flipping is not a new business, but it is a business that can be lucrative if you can buy the right domain at the right time. Some say domain purchasing is an investment, while others see it as a full-time business. Whether it is a business or an investment for you will depend on how many domains you have and how frequently you are selling.

    Many sites across the Internet, such as Flippa, Godaddy, and others, can be used to sell domain names. If you are looking to purchase a local domain name that ends in .PH then this can be purchased through Dot.Ph who are the official registrars of domain names in the Philippines.

    Make Money Blog Selling

    Apart from becoming a blogger or flipping domain names, there is also a third option in this industry, including selling blogs on websites such as Flippa. In addition, some entrepreneurs create startup websites and blogs and sell them within a few weeks for a few months.

    Some entrepreneurs purchase blogs, then carry out maintenance (which can include writing more blogs or changing the website’s design) and then later resell these at an increased price. Thus, blogs are similar to real estate but online. In other words, blogs have value, and if there is value, then there is profitability.

    Social Media Flipping

    Social media is a great way to earn extra cash if you are looking at how to earn money online in the Philippines. When we look into social media, we typically think about Instagram or Facebook, but many social media pages can be flipped with the rise of technology.

    It is always recommended to take a look at the official terms and conditions of all social media sites as some terms state that it is not possible to sell pages or profiles for financial gain. However, many sites such as Socialtradia allow users to buy and sell social media accounts like those found on Instagram.

    Selling Photos & Videos Online

    One of the best places when looking to make money online from photos is on your website; however, there are alternative options such as Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, and Fotomoto, to name a few.

    Some entrepreneurs also sell their photos on platforms such as Esty, which we spoke about earlier. One of the benefits of living in the Philippines is that it is entirely different from any other country in the world. The Philippines has a charm, and some beautiful places are unique, which makes stunning photography.

    Cryptocurrency Referral

    One of the most profitable referral industries is cryptocurrency. This is because some providers reward their referral agents with cryptocurrency, which in the current market is highly volatile. This has both pros and cons. Many years ago, when Bitcoin was still new, some exchanges rewarded customers 5 Bitcoin per referral, which would be worth a fortune today!

    Previously we have spoken about cryptocurrency in more detail, but to summarise cryptocurrency referral programs – the number of people who sign up and the amount of money they trade matters. Some companies pay referrals in Fiat currency such as USD, while others pay in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

    Become An Online English Teacher

    If you are looking at how to earn money online in the Philippines, a suitable option for those who have a passion for teaching is becoming an online English teacher. I have added the link to the online teaching jobs article that we explored a few weeks ago, as this is an excellent information source for those new to the industry.

    Alternatively, if you have experience being an English teacher or tutoring in general, you may wish to start your own business. Of course, this is not the most straightforward online business in the Philippines, but there are certainly opportunities in the industry of teaching. It’s often recommended to have a niche; this could be business English, for example.

    Homemade Items In The Philippines

    Homemade items often work the best in a sub-niche. For example, if you were to think about industries such as food, fitness, or travel. You will start to see just how big the market is, but there are smaller markets in every market, and this is how smaller businesses can wise up again speak corporations. In other words, smaller companies can dominate a submarket.

    When starting a small business in the Philippines, such as an online business, it’s always good to remember the benefits and opportunities for a small business, such as homemade items. When selling homemade items, start to ask yourself what customers desire more than anything and what decisions would lead to me earning a full-time income online in the Philippines?

    Living Streaming To Earn Money Online

    there are many different methods to earn an income from streaming in the Philippines. One of the most popular options is donations on twitch. But for those fans of your content, there are also additional options such as creating a Patreon account and allowing your community to subscribe for premium content.

    One of the biggest challenges for new streamers is to get noticed. You will often need to have something unique about you or your content. If you are struggling with ideas, you could mix two concepts to create something new and entertaining.

    Selling Online Courses To Earn Pesos

    Similar to selling products online, selling courses is another fantastic way to earn income online in the Philippines. But what can you sell, and how do you earn money from selling courses? Before answering these questions, it’s important to remember that making money online does not necessarily come from the Philippines. So when creating courses, try to think about the broader communities.

    Over the years, many Filipinos I’ve spoken to feel that they do not have anything special to give. If you know Filipino food, you may think this is a useless skill. Still, there are chefs worldwide who would love to learn more about local cuisine. This is one example out of many….. once you have an idea, you can sell courses directly on your website or through a third-party course-providing service such as teachable.

    eBook Publisher Online

    Have you ever thought about becoming an ebook publisher in the Philippines? This is something we recently explored, and it’s not the easiest. Still, there are opportunities to earn money online in the Philippines through eBook selling, especially if you can niche down on an audience.

    As an example, Gary Wilson wrote a book regarding the emerging science of addiction concerning adult entertainment. The book itself is quite interesting, but he was able to succeed because he could focus on a niche topic and provide a lot of solutions and answers to those in need the most.

    Write For Medium To Earn Extra Income

    One of the growing trends in the freelance writing community is to write on platforms such as Medium. Anyone can publish a story on Medium and start to earn income from their story. Writing a blog post is very similar to writing a book. In both cases, you need to put your audience first and deliver precisely what they need even if they don’t realize they need it.

    Another similarity between writing books and blog posts is that both work best when there is a specific niche and a sub-market. In this age of technology, industries are getting bigger and bigger. So it’s much more challenging for the little guy to breakthrough. This is why sub-niches a perfect for those who are new to earning money online in the Philippines.

    Become An Editor In The Philippines

    If you are looking at how to earn money online in the Philippines, becoming an editor may be a great option.  Editing services can take many different forms when looking at how to earn money online in the Philippines. This can include YouTube editing, music editing, picture editing, and much more.

    One of the best ways to earn money online by editing is by offering services on freelancing platforms. For more information on freelancing platforms in the Philippines, please take a look at our full article, which includes the Fiverr platform and its alternatives.

    Open A Drop Shipping Business

    One common question we get asked here at Filipino Wealth is how to start a dropshipping business in the Philippines but… apart from the process of dropshipping, can you earn money from dropshipping in the Philippines?

    Dropshipping is not a straightforward business, but with the growth of certain e-commerce technologies, the business can be worked on somewhat passively. If you plan to sell to a local audience, it’s best to start looking at your industry and ask yourself what customers want and expect. Finding the right supplier is key to building a successful dropshipping business.

    Start A Website Designing Business

    Website designing can take many different forms, and in today’s modern world, the demand for a beautiful but functional website is high. If you are looking at how to earn money online in the Philippines in 2022 through this method, then it’s often a great idea to start a freelancing business on the side and slowly grow your online client base.

    Apart from websites such as Upwork, you may find that designing your website and showcasing your testimonials works well, but there must be a reason for visitors to come to your website. This can be a special promotion, an online tool, or perhaps an online guide.

    Voice Acting Online

    Do you have a natural voice, or perhaps you are very talented in acting? If so, voice acting may be a great stream of online income in the Philippines for you. Moreover, voice acting can be started entirely free, one of the most significant benefits of a voice acting business.

    One of the most popular platforms for voice acting and voice business opportunities is through platforms such as Fiverr. There is also a growing trend for audiobooks, and there are even some YouTube channels that look for voice-over artists for their YouTube videos.

    Become A Virtual Assistant Online

    Becoming a virtual assistant in the Philippines is a tried and tested method to earn money online in the Philippines. Virtual assistance covers similar roles to a personal assistant but in an online form. This could be anything such as data analysis, editing, or arranging appointments.

    Similar to the other options to earn money online in the Philippines, you can begin by offering your services on Upwork, TaskRabbit, Fiverr, and many others.

    Earn Money As A Social Media Influencer

    Have you ever thought about becoming a social media influencer? Many high profile celebrities charge a large amount of money to work with businesses and brands, and therefore many smaller businesses are looking for micro influences instead of the larger social media influences, which means there is a gap in the market for smaller influences

    Having a specific niche such as fitness is essential to growing as a social media influencer. Many brands will offer free products in exchange for advertisement, but often brands will offer successful influences the opportunity to earn income from each referral or product sold.

    Start Freelancing Writing

    Freelance writing is an excellent opportunity for many professional and beginner writers. Many customers are from overseas, and you will often find customers looking for writers on several writing groups across Facebook. Nonetheless, many local businesses require the services of a freelance writer.

    Freelancing platforms are often the best way to start this stream of income online in the Philippines. Still, there are also many other methods such as cold emails, social media networking, and even creating YouTube videos.

    Become A Personal Coach In The Philippines

    One thing that we all share in common is that we all have one problem that we wish to change in our life. Some people have lots of issues, and some people only have a few, but at times, problems become overwhelming, and we need a coach to help us get to that next level in life.

    If you are looking at how to earn money online in the Philippines in 2022, then a personal coach may be perfect for you. What are you naturally talented at? Perhaps you are good at giving advice, or are you a professional personal trainer? There are many different coaching opportunities online, either professional or amateur.

    Agency Based Online Businesses

    So what is an agency-based business? There are many different types of agencies. One example is a modeling agency. Another could be a real estate agency, but how can you earn money through an agency business online?

    Many online businesses in the Philippines that are referral-based obtain their income through commission. For example, the modeling agency will often receive revenue through the models and the contracts the model sign. This is similar to real estate and other agency-based businesses.

    Cryptocurrency Mining To Earn Extra Pesos

    Earlier this month, we have spoken about Bitcoin being possibly profitable in the Philippines, but can you earn money mining Bitcoin in the Philippines right now? At this moment in time, earning money through mining is a fantastic option; however, there are many alternative cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin.

    The processing power needed to mine Bitcoin is astronomical, and therefore if you do not have the correct setup, then the process may not be the most profitable, but many coins can be mined.

    Open A Remote Call Centre In The Philippines

    Is it possible to open up a remote call center and earn money online? Due to the ongoing pandemic, many call centers have moved their operations online, proving that it’s possible to earn money with a remote called center.

    Some call center owners started their small call center by themselves. But as demand grew, they encouraged their friends and family to help them with the duties. Of course, this then snowballs, and some entrepreneurs have spoken about turning their demand into a scalable business. The great thing about this type of business model is that everything is managed online.

    Accounting Or Bookkeeping Business

    Accounting and bookkeeping services are popular services across the Philippines and worldwide. When I was in the process of opening up a call center, one of the most popular demands was that of an accountant/bookkeeper. Apps like the Turo calculator by are useful platforms to earn money and to save your earnings.

    In general, bookkeeping is an excellent service that can be a freelance business, which means that there are many options to earn income online in the Philippines through freelancing platforms.

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