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Best Boyfriend Gift Ideas In The Philippines 2024

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    The Best Boyfriend Gift Ideas In The Philippines: Finding the best boyfriend gifts in the Philippines can be difficult, but the perfect gift idea for your boyfriend is only a click away! Today we will focus on the best boyfriend gift ideas in the Philippines under 500 pesos, 500 – 1000, 1000 – 2000, and 2000 pesos plus.

    Boyfriend Gift Ideas In The Philippines Under 500 Pesos

    1. A Finger Sleeve For Mobile Gaming

    Are you out of ideas for gamer boyfriend gift ideas in the Philippines? This gaming finger sleeve can help your boyfriend rank up on his mobile game. Not only does it reduce friction, but it also increases touch sensitivity. So there is no need to worry about sweat and fingerprints messing up the screen input.

    The finger sleeve is made of fiber and spandex, allowing for a secure fit on the finger. With this 12-set piece of finger sleeves, this multipack will ensure uninterrupted gaming.

    2. A Unique French Press

    A coffee lover should enjoy their favorite brew no matter where they are. That’s made possible with this premium coffee French press. Its thickened borosilicate glass is safe for high temperatures. It is also guarded on the top and bottom to avoid cracks or breaks.

    The high-density double stainless steel filter makes for an effective filtration system. It’s the right size to make a solo cup (350ml) and comes in a bigger size (600ml) to make coffee for two.

    3. The Ultimate Food Processor

    This food processor makes meal prep easy for any home chef with its impressive 2L capacity. It comes with two grind modes to suit the ingredient for processing. Use slow mode is for softer ingredients and fast mode for firmer ingredients. In addition, its stainless-steel material provides a surface that’s easy to clean and disinfect.

    4. A Stylish Wine Aerator

    Whether it’s for a small get-together or a quiet night out, this aerator will improve any wine. It’s small enough to bring on a trip or a picnic. It also comes with a stand to keep it upright on the kitchen counter.

    Pour the wine into the aerator while holding it above the glass. The filter screen and intake holes will aerate the wine without any fuss. This will allow any wine with tannic acid to oxidize, reducing its astringency. This makes the wine smoother, improving its taste.

    5. Unisilver Time Watch

    UniSilver is better known for high-quality but affordable silver jewelry. They have since branched out to make timepieces that maintain their brand’s high quality. This Orvium Rivo Men’s Analog Watch is a sleek and stylish watch that every man should have in their wardrobe. It is modern but subdued, making it perfect for casual wear.

    Boyfriend Gift Ideas In The Philippines 500 – 1000 Pesos

    6. Hanging Toiletry Kit

    What do you get a jet-setting man? A compact travel toiletry case to hold all his essentials. This Travelon Hanging Toiletry Kit is lightweight and is water and stain-resistant. Its ripstop material keeps any rips or holes from getting worse.

    Inside it has two zip pockets and a main compartment for organization. As a result, it takes up little space in the bag when folded up. Unfolded, it can hang from any hook or bar. 


    7. Anti-Theft Sling Bag

    This Tigernu anti-theft sling bag looks stylish even with its anti-theft features. Its body is made of sturdy TPU material and is large enough to fit a 9.6″ iPad. It also has external USB A charging and earphone ports that connect to the device inside the bag.

    Soft polyester lines the inside, including the many pockets for organization. It also has a hidden RFID blocking pocket to keep cards safe.

    8. Beard Care Kit

    Here’s one of the unique self-care boyfriend gift ideas in the Philippines. For men who maintain a thick and lustrous beard, this 6-in-1 beard care kit is essential. It includes beard trimming scissors, a beard comb, and even a beard shaping guide.

    It has all the tools needed to trim and shape beards like a beard. The included beard brush uses top-grade fiber hair with a fine wood handle for ease and comfort. This kit also includes beard oil and balm to maintain the beard’s softness and shine.

    9. Car Dash Cam

    Nowadays, dash cams have become a necessity for car safety and security. This dashcam mirror integrates the dashcam screen and the car’s rearview mirror. This saves space and keeps the 4.3″ monitor out of the way.

    The dashcam shoots in full HD 1080p and has dual cameras for both the front and the back of the car. In addition, it has multi-lingual support for 12 languages and can accommodate a 32GB TF card.

    10. Wooden Alarm Clock

    This multipurpose wooden clock may look old-school and simple, but it’s hi-tech. It houses voice-activated technology that displays more than time. It displays the current date, indoor temperature, indoor humidity, and alarm clock functions.

    In addition, its display has three levels of brightness to adjust to different needs. With its classic aesthetics and modern functions, any man would be glad to have this in their home.

    Boyfriend Gift Ideas In The Philippines For 1000 – 2000 Pesos

    11. A Well Needed Air Fryer

    Gone are the days of unhealthy deep frying in inches of deep oil. This air fryer promotes a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing taste and texture. Get the perfect crisp with its 360-degree hot air circulation.

    This means it can handle cooking large batches with its 4L capacity. Its built-in functions mean no more standing around waiting for the food to cook. This Gaabor air fryer produces the perfect fry every single time.

    12. Unique Smart Watch

    A Haylou Smart Watch will help anyone meet their fitness goals. This smartwatch has 12 different sports modes allowing for exercise without restraint. Set the goal and let the watch collect data and track progress. All this functionality is accessible via a 1.4″ TFT LCD. The smart watch’s battery can run for 20 days, even with heart and sleep monitoring.

    13. A Business Fountain Pen

    Hand-written notes are not obsolete. Let your boyfriend write in style with this TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen in White. It has a large capacity built-in piston, so there’s no need to buy a separate cartridge or converter. Dip the pen in ink, screw back the end cap, and the pen will start filling up with ink. This model also comes in other colorways and nib sizes.

    14. Men’s Stylish Casual Jacket

    This distressed jean jacket hoodie from Nanjiren is lightweight and versatile. It is made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester for soft and comfortable wear. It has a lapel collar, single-breasted button closures, patches, and two false pockets.

    Though it is perfect for casual wear, it can be used for less relaxed settings with the right styling. This is because of its classic silhouette updated with mixed fabrics. 

    15. The Official Mamba Mentality

    Kobe Bryant is a basketball legend. He was known for his discipline and devotion to his craft. He had a unique way of playing the game, and it started outside of the court. Take a look behind the curtain of the career and philosophy of the Black Mamba himself.

    Boyfriend Gift Ideas In The Philippines For 2000 Pesos +

    16. Amazing Star Wars Shoes

    If your boyfriend is the kind of guy who will look up when “The Imperial March” begins to play, this is the gift for him. In other words, this is a great boyfriend gift for him in the Philippines.

    This Stormtrooper x Legion Men’s Lifestyles Shoes is a standout shoe. Its bound pad insole provides excellent cushioning that helps prevent heel shock. In addition, its microfiber lining is comfortable against the foot even after daily use. And, of course, there are Stormtroopers all over it! Ha-ha!


    17. Peak Design Field Pouch

    Peak Design produces high-quality camera bags, and this Field Pouch is no exception. With a 3L capacity, it is the right size to carry daily tech while still maintaining a sleek look. In addition, the 400D weatherproof canvas shell keeps tech-like phones and cameras dry.

    The liner is soft felt to avoid scratching or bumping around the items inside. Its leather fixtures have a gold rating from the Leather Working Group. It’s a tough bag that takes care of any delicate items inside.

    18. Logitech G435 Headset

    The LogitechG435 is a lightweight and versatile headset. Not only does it have excellent sound quality, but it also has a loud and clear microphone. At only 165g, it is comfortable to use all day, whether for work or gaming. It is also a CarbonNeutral product. Its plastic components are also made from recycled plastic.

    19. The Beautiful Osmo Pocket

    The Osmo Pocket can capture any moment and turn it into a cinematic memory. It is a portable and lightweight action camera with a 3-axis stabilizer. However, at only 116g, it is a heavy hitter shooting 4K videos at 60fps and 12MP still photos!

    It has many functions such as Time- and Motion-lapse and Active Track and Face Track modes. It has a 140-minute battery life and can support up to 256GB MicroSD.

    20. Moleskine Smart Writing Set

    This set contains the Pen+ Smart Pen, the Paper Tablet, and a variety of other papers from Moleskin. By tracking where the Pen+ is on the Paper Tablet, freehand notes are digitized in real-time. This allows for editing, organizing, and sharing. This item is among the most futuristic boyfriend gift ideas in the Philippines.

    Boyfriend Gift Ideas In The Philippines