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Gifts for Husbands Christmas Philippines 2024

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    Best Gifts For Husbands On Christmas In The Philippines: We are quickly approaching 25th December; Christmas is on the horizon. Buying the perfect gift for husbands in the Philippines on Christmas is not the easiest task, but today we will be going through some of the best options to suit all budgets.

    So let’s take a look at the best gifts for husbands on Christmas in the Philippines

    Best Husbands Gifts Christmas In The Philippines: Under Php 500

    Tablet Case (Php 267)

    Best Gifts for Husbands on Christmas in The Philippines 2021

    This is the best gift for your husband on Christmas in the Philippines if someone special is a techie. The tablet case is a great gift if he regularly uses his tablet daily or at work. Your husband will benefit a lot from the casing because it is shockproof, which gives ample protection to his gadget. This silicone tablet protector also has a stand which makes it more convenient to use.

    Wooden Photo Frame (Php 49- Php 160)

    best xmas gift husband philippines

    A wooden photo frame of you and him together may be simple, but it is heartfelt. This wooden photo frame is made of high quality and versatile. It is a great decorative piece because of its minimalist and modern design. The cream and wooden brown colors make it perfect for homes and offices. 

    Seed Kit Set (Php 198-Php 288)

    Best Gifts for Husbands on Christmas in The Philippines 2021

    Did the pandemic introduce your husband to gardening? Since many people have been into new interests such as plants, a seed kit set is another best gift for a husband on Christmas in the Philippines. You can help your husband develop his passion through this seed kit set. This includes everything he needs to grow his garden, such as grow mix, plant nutrients, and neem grow, pulp paper pots, tomato, pepper, or basil seeds, and a growing guide, among many others. 

    Insulated Bottle (Php 239-Php 319)

    best gift for husband cheap philippines

    If your husband loves going outdoors, you could consider giving him an insulated bottle. The insulated bottle should be durable and keep his drinks warm or cold for a long period. This is a great husband gift idea in the Philippines because of the humid weather. Reminding your husband to stay hydrated shows that you care.

    This insulated bottle is sustainable, functional, and aesthetic. It is also made of quality stainless steel. There are also many colors to choose from, and you can pick a 530-ml or 750-ml bottle. 

    Security Credit Card Wallet (Php 477)

    Best Gifts for Husbands on Christmas in The Philippines 2021

    A wallet is common but one of the best gifts for husbands on Christmas in the Philippines. However, this security credit card wallet is different from most because it has an RFID blocking feature. Because of technology, some hackers can obtain credit information by simply scanning bags. This wallet type aims to prevent this from happening. 

    Aside from the RFID blocking feature, it also has 36 card slots perfect for keeping IDs, business cards, and bank cards. It can also fit many phone sizes. 

    Best Husband gifts Christmas in The Philippines: Php 500 to Php 1,000 

    Memory Foam Pillow (P945)

    gift ideas for husband Christmas philippines

    If your husband works or travels a lot, his neck and shoulders are likely in pain. This memory foam pillow can help him have a better sleep because of the 3 sleep aid curves. Therefore, the ergonomic design of this pillow fits the curve of the head and the neck well. In addition, the slow rebound feature of this pillow provides great support.

    Bluetooth Shower Speaker (P599)

    gift ideas for husband Christmas philippines

    If singing while taking a shower is one of your husband’s hobbies, a Bluetooth shower speaker like this can be a good gift for him. He can easily play his favorite songs and sing along to them from his phone via Bluetooth. In addition, it has an impressive sound feature due to its powerful bass.

    Personalized Art Frame (Php 545-Php 1,309)

    gift ideas for husband Christmas philippines

    A framed art print is one of the best gifts for your husband on Christmas in the Philippines if you want to be more sentimental with your gift. A well-framed art print is a caricature of a photo you like. This personalized caricature service can do that with real photos. It comes with a frame and a special glass. You can also choose the size you prefer. 

    Film Camera (Php 899)

    cheap xmas gifts philippines

    You can make your special someone feel nostalgic on Christmas with a film camera. In addition, your husband can use this in places with low light because of the built-in flash. Finally, using this camera is a great way to document your Christmas memories. 

    Best Husband Gifts Christmas In The Philippines: Php 1000 To Php 2000

    Men’s Gift Set (P1,163.39)

    Best Gifts for Husbands on Christmas in The Philippines 2021

    A men’s gift set is great to give all your man’s essentials. This men’s gift set has a buckle belt, keychain, wallet, wristwatch, pen, and sunglasses. These are all packed in an elegant gift book.

    All of the pieces are versatile because he can use them in casual and formal events. The belt and the watch are adjustable, making them a good gift idea for men and boys. 

    Wireless Headphones (Php 1,803)

    Best Gifts for Husbands on Christmas in The Philippines 2021

    Wireless headphones are useful when listening to music and attending meetings. These have become more convenient since many people have worked from home. These wireless headphones are comfortable to be used throughout the day because of the breathable and soft ear cushions and over-ear design. The buttons integrated into the ear shells also allow users to easily control their music player from their phones. The battery life also lasts up to 55 hours.

    Airpods Case (Php 1,140)

    Best Gifts for Husbands on Christmas in The Philippines 2021

    If your husband enjoys music with his exercise, giving him an AirPods case for Christmas is something he will appreciate. This AirPods case has a sleek look because of the knit fabric and black color. In addition, your husband does not need to worry that his case can get dirty or scratched because the inside is made of soft microfiber. 

    The open and raise feature of this AirPod case makes it easier to get AirPods. He can also conveniently hang his AirPods on his bag or pants because of the black key ring. 

    Air Fryer (Php 1,999)

    gift ideas philippines husband

    Do you want your husband to cook healthier meals? An air fryer is great for husbands who enjoy cooking. Frying french fries, chicken wings, shrimp, and other take-out favorites using this air fryer is easier and more fun. It may look simple, but it has many features. For example, it has a digital touchscreen panel where he can choose from 8 pre-set cook modes. He can also try his baking skills with this air fryer. 

    Clothes Steamer (Php 1,389)

    gift ideas philippines husband

    Useful gifts are sometimes the most significant kinds. If your husband is particular with his appearance, a clothes steamer is a practical gift for him. This clothes steamer has a StemPlus Intelligent feature that heats fast but does not damage clothes. He can straighten out most clothing fabrics using this without complicated operations. Since it uses dry steam, clothes will not get wet. 

    He can also bring it with him without any hassle because it is compact, portable, and light. 

    Best Husbands Gifts Christmas In The Philippines: Php 2,000 +

    Weighted Blanket (Php 2,394)

    best gift for husband on christmas philippines

    A comfortable weighted blanket is a good substitute for your usual cuddles at night if you and your husband are in a long-distance relationship. This gray weighted blanket’s pounds feels like a warm hug. Weighted blankets are also beneficial for those who want to ease their insomnia and relieve stress and anxiety. 

    Coffee Maker (Php 2,199)

    best gift for husband on christmas philippines

    If you have a husband who enjoys brewing his coffee, you can consider giving him a coffee maker. This handy coffee maker is a good gift because he can brew his espresso, Americano, or cold brew anywhere he wants. It also has a smart design that makes cleaning a breeze. Aside from making great coffee, it is compact, durable, and lightweight. 

    Swiss Army Pocket Knife (Php 2,650)

    best gift for husband on christmas philippines

    Depending on the model, the Swiss Army knife has various functions. What makes this Swiss Army pocket knife unique is that it easily fits in a wallet. Your husband would enjoy 10 different functions, including a screwdriver, scissors, and emergency blade. It also has a pressurized ballpoint pen. 

    Watch (Php 4,000)

    husband gift philippines

    A great timepiece such as this mechanical watch is an ideal gift for any man. That is because it is functional and makes them more fashionable. In addition, the synthetic sapphire glass gives sophistication to the watch.