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Gift Ideas Philippines For Men Women & Children

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    Gift Ideas In The Philippines: Finding the best gift ideas in the Philippines for men, women, or children can be challenging. Therefore, we have searched the web to find the best gift ideas in the Philippines. For more information on the gift, you could click on the title of each gift to be taken to the relevant product page.

    Gift Ideas in the Philippines for Men

    1 –  Gigaware Gaming Headphones

    These Gigaware gaming headphones are multi-functional because they are compatible with various platforms such as laptops, computers, tablets, mobile phones, PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox, among many others. In addition, the microphone has a noise-cancellation feature. It is also flexible and adjustable.

    Controlling the audio is easy because the volume control and mute button are located on the quality and durable wire for easy and quick adjustment. Because of its driver, this headset provides an immersive and realistic gaming experience. The bass is clear and clean, and the acoustic positioning is precise, making it perfect for playing games. 

    The design is made for comfort. The headband is retractable and padded, so it does not feel constricted. The ear cushions are wrapped with a synthetic leather cover, and the cushions are bigger and thicker, making them perfect for playing all night. This is one of the best gift ideas in the Philippines, ideal for gamers of all kinds. 

    2 –  BioFresh No-Show Casual Socks (3 Pairs)

    These BioFresh socks are invisible when worn with sneakers, loafers, and other shoes. Because these have antimicrobial treatment, they can remove bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause bad odor. That means these no-show socks can control odor and keep the feet fresh all day.

    The heel gel does not cause falling or slipping of the socks. These are durable and comfortable since the cooks are soft, absorbent cotton with spandex. Even after more than 50 washings, the socks are intact. There are also 3 pairs in a pack, and you can choose from black, white, and gray assorted. 

    3 –   Mi Band 6 Sport Band Smart Watch

    Compared to the Mi Band 5, Mi Band 6’s screen is larger and has a 1.56” AMOLED color screen. This watch has sharp and vibrant colors and is safe for the eyes. The health monitor tracks and records the user’s heart rate, blood oxygen information, and blood pressure. Users can know their health status anywhere and anytime. 

    A sleep monitor also tracks how long the user slept and analyzes sleep quality. The Mi Band 6 can help users make adjustments to achieve better sleep quality.

    It also supports 30 different sports modes such as cycling, basketball, and running to meet various exercise requirements. In addition, the smart reminder feature of this gift idea in the Philippines gives call, message, or social app notifications, so no crucial information is missed. 

    What you get from the package are the smartwatch, a special magnetic charging cable, and a user manual. The strap can be changed, but it is sold separately. 

    4 – Clinique Happy Men Inspired Oil-Based Perfume

    This Clinique Happy Men Inspired perfume has a crisp, cool, and a trace of citrus scent, making it refreshing men’s perfume. It also has a balanced fragrance of lightwood and sea air. 

    Because it is oil-based, the smell remains longer when worn. The smell can last for 8 to 12 hours. The perfume has a 25% oil concentration. Therefore, its scent is 99% similar to the authentic Clinique Happy. It comes in an 85 ml spray bottle. 

    5 – Professional Rechargeable Cordless Hair Clippers for Men

    This is one of the best gift ideas in the Philippines for men who like styling their hair. That’s because it has a strong, durable, sharp, and high-shear efficiency. The design is also compact, convenient, and stylish. In addition, these hair clippers come with 4 replaceable limit combs and a fast-charging lithium battery. 

    These clippers will not stop or drag heavy or thick hair because of their constant speed feature. They turn on easily with the light touch, and there’s no need to press switches or buttons. 

    The non-slip skeleton coats sharp edges and makes alignment easy. The blades are narrow-cut carbon steel T blades for styling, trimming, and shaving. To make it convenient to use, it is rechargeable and cordless.

    6 – Coffee Buddy Ph Whole or Ground Arabica Medium Coffee

    This Arabica medium coffee is purely grown in the mountain of Sagada, located in the northern part of the Philippines. The Coffee Buddy Ph arabica medium coffee has a little bittersweet aftertaste. Like the mountains where it was grown, the flavor can be described as light, airy, and sweet. 

    It comes in a 250-gram pack and is guaranteed fresh. You can see the roast dates in the packaging. This coffee can be brewed using espresso machines, coffee makers, French press, and many more. You can pick the type of grind that is ideal for your coffee maker from the store. 

    7 – Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

    This hot and cold vacuum insulated tumbler has a capacity of 1 liter. It is also available in 3 colors: black, silver, and coffee. Because of its double-vacuum insulation feature, drinks are guaranteed to go hot or cold for long hours. Food-grade stainless steel was used to make this product. 

    This insulated tumbler does not sweat, so users will not worry about leaving a ring of liquid on surfaces due to condensation. It comes in a leak-proof and stainless steel lid, making it possible to put in bags. In addition, its durable powder coating gives the tumbler a vibrant and texture finish.

    Gift Ideas in the Philippines for Women

    1 – David Jones Paris Travel Shoulder Tote Bag

    This David Jones Paris shoulder tote bag is made of quality soft PU faux leather. It comes with a fixed shoulder strap and a removable shoulder strap. The product has 2 zipper pockets in the front, 1 internal zipper pocket, 1 internal slip pocket for small items, and 1 zipper pocket at the back. 

    The bag claims to be durable and has an authentic design. It is made of flexible and soft materials with neat inner stitching and lining with no creases or folds. The bag is casual, so it is ideal for women who pack lightly. 

    2 – Short Sleeve Plain Silk Pajamas

    These silk pajamas can be sleepwear or loungewear. It is made from silk which makes these pajamas soft on the skin. It also feels cool to touch. The style details are embroidered, and it has a shirt collar neckline. 

    The sizes available are medium, large, and extra-large. There are recommended body measurements for each size. It is also available in many colors: black, gold, pink, and violet. 

    3 – Kayu Beauty Lipstick PR Kit

    This is one of the newly-released gift ideas in the Philippines. The Kayu Kiss lipsticks PR kit includes all the lipstick shades from Kayu Beauty. These lipsticks are soft matte, so the finish is somewhat velvety. The PR kit has 6 flattering shades: nude, brown, red, and peach. 

    The lipsticks are lightweight, non-drying, and creamy, so they color the lips and moisturize them. The PR kit also comes with Kayu Kiss stickers. 

    4 – Automatic Rotating Hair Curling Iron

    This TikTok famous hair curling iron has an automatic 360-degree rotating shaft. Users need to set the lock, and the hair will get wrapped automatically on the heat bar. 

    Its temperature ranges from 50 to 200 degrees, and it heats up fast. It uses a standard plug. This can be used on wet and dry hair. 

    There are 1 hair comb and 2 pink hair clips in the package. This hair curling iron utilizes ceramic technology. This feature can distribute heat evenly on hair and does not cause damage. It can also make all hair types more beautiful, healthier, and shinier. 

    5 –  420 mL Air Humidifier and Essential Oils Diffuser with 7 LED Lights

    This small humidifier can be carried around easily because of its small design. It is ideal for travel or home and office use. Some of the possible advantages of this product are that it can lessen skin peeling and moisturize dry skin effectively. Users can have ample skin hydration by using this product.

    When used as a diffuser, it has 2 modes. It can spray for 4 hours continuously or intermittently, meaning it will spray for 8 hours but 4 seconds continuously and stop for 6 seconds. It is also an atmosphere lamp because of the customizable 7 LED lights. 

    Because it is powered by USB, its power cable can be connected to the power port of mobile phones, computers, or cars. This humidifier and diffuser can operate quietly. When the water level is lower than the safe level, it will shut off automatically for safety. 

    There are colors available which are white, pink, and green. The package also comes with free essential oil. 

    6 – Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Maker 

    This Nespresso mini coffee maker can be one of the best gift ideas in the Philippines for coffee lovers. The machine has 2 programmable cup sizes that are simple to use and can make someone’s perfect cup of coffee.

    Even though it is small, it can create delicious coffee in a few minutes because of its quick heat-up system and high-pressure pump features. In addition, the package includes a complimentary welcome set with different Nespresso capsules with different aromatic profiles. It also automatically shuts off after 9 minutes.

    The product has a warranty of 2 years. The removable water tank has a capacity of 600 ml and a used capsule container capacity of 6. The 2 cup sizes are 40 ml and 110 ml. 

    7 –  Aloe Vera Shampoo or Conditioner

    The aloe vera shampoo comes in an 800 ml bottle, and the conditioner comes in a 700 ml bottle. Both cleanse and replenish hair to hydrate, especially those with dry hair. 

    Aloe vera extracts nourish hair deeply and restore its moisture. It has vitamin E and equisetum arvense leaf extract that makes hair shiny. Both the shampoo and conditioner are ideal for all hair types. People with color-treated hair can benefit from using these to nourish their hair. 

    Gift Ideas in the Philippines for Children

    1 –  Play-Doh Purple Slime in Can

    This Play-Doh purple slime is best for children 3 years and up. They can stretch, pull, and allow the slime to ooze out from their hands. This Play-Doh slime is squeezable and sensory. The recyclable containers come with a lid for easy storage and use of the slime.  

    2 –  Children’s Hooded Bathroom Towel and Cloak

    This hooded bathroom towel and robe is made of cotton and microfiber fabric. It also comes in different cartoon patterns, such as an astronaut, sailor, bunny, and mermaid. This children’s towel and cloak in one is easy to wear during bathing or swimming and on a beach or water park trip. 

    Because the fabric has superfine fabric, it is comfortable, soft, and has strong water absorption. No need to worry about fading or lint. Boys and girls ages 0 to 7 years old can use this. In addition, the towel is described as having reactive printing technology. This makes the fabrics fluffy and soft and patterns full.

    3 – Dancing and Voice-Recording Cactus

    This is one of the gift ideas in the Philippines that is TikTok famous. This toy can dance and record voices. The 3D effect of the cactus is due to its PP cotton and knitted fabric. The material is plush and non-toxic, making it safe for children to play with. 

    This toy cactus also has a night mode. In this mode, it plays soft music and creates deep sleep sounds. Rechargeable and portable, it is easy to carry and travel with. 

    4 – Erasable LCD Screen Writing Board

    This is a gift in the Philippines children and adults can appreciate. This 8.5-inch drawing board can be used by children learning how to count and read and adults who often take notes. Using it can save at least 1,000 pieces of paper since users can scribble on it repeatedly. A button is used to erase, so no connection or charger is needed.

    The high-tech LCD screen can make lines with various thicknesses similar to how you write using a pen and a piece of paper. It also does not harm the eyes. The package includes 1 LCD writing board and 1 plastic stylus.

    5 – Soft Plush Toy

    People of all ages can appreciate this soft plush toy as a gift in the Philippines because it can be used as a toy or a large pillow when napping, studying, or watching TV. The material is also high-quality short plush plastic with PP cotton filling. It is safe for kids since everything in this plush toy is attached and sewn. The zipper design provides convenience when the pillow needs to be washed.  Great gift Ideas in the Philippines.

    6 – 2-in-1 Slide Set

    Fun and exercise are what this 2-in-1 slide set can provide to children. Youngsters can use it to slide, shoot, or ring toss. The slide has a small body, so it does not take much space. Its load-bearing capacity is 40 kg. The structure is also non-slip and flexible. Its rounded corner prevents children from bumps and injuries.

    Gift Ideas In The Philippines