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Top 10 Best Business Books In The Philippines

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    Top 10 Best Business Books In The Philippines: The world knows about the most popular and in-demand business books that have ever been written, but what about the best business books in the Philippines that were written by Filipinos? In today’s article, we will be taking a look at some of the most insightful and helpful business books in the Philippines written by Filipinos.

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    Best Filpino Business Books In The Philippines

    1. How To Build A Strong Financial Foundation By The Thrifty Pinay

    The thrifty Pinays book on building a strong financial foundation in the Philippines is available directly on the website (hyperlink above) in paperback and ebook form. As we’ve seen over the years, crises can come out from anywhere, so how can our financials and business be saved in a disaster? This book goes through the process. This book has received a five-star rating and is highly recommended.

    2. The E-Hustle By Mio Borromeo, Monica Padillo, Pancho Dizon

    If you are looking for the best business books in the Philippines and operate an online business, you definitely need to check out this handy guide. The E-Hustle explores how the biggest online businesses in the Philippines make their money by sharing tips, tricks, and insider secrets.

    3. My Maid Invests In The Stock Market By Bo Sanchez

    This handy business book has been one of the most popular business books in the Philippines for many years. Even though the book’s focus is on investing in the Philippines stock market, several rules and tips can be applied to business and overall money management.

    4. Reimagining The Filipino Organization By Pancho Dizon, Monica Padillo & Roselin Manawis

    This book is a lifesaver whether you are an entrepreneur managing a small team or an HR director. I would most definitely reread it. The book covered many questions, queries, and situations human resources have faced in the last few years. If you are looking to navigate the field, this book will be extremely helpful.

    5. The Creative Innovation Launchpad By Mario Domingo

    This fabulous book is centered around the idea of innovation and how important it is for Filipino businesses to innovate in this ever-changing world. One of the reasons it is one of the best business books in the Philippines is because it also taps into design thinking, pitching to investors, and raising finances.

    6. How To Overcome Financial Stress By Jpaul Hernandez

    One of the biggest problems for business owners in the Philippines is the topic of finances. Therefore, many of the best business books in the Philippines speak about how to grow finances. This book focuses on the growth of finances and largely covers how to overcome the stress of money. Let us check out the other business books in the Philippines

    7. 8 Habits Of The Happy Millionaire By Bo Sanchez

    Some entrepreneurs invest in the stock market while others start their own businesses. Whatever your financial goal, some habits, and disciplines need to exist so that you can reach your journey. 8 habits of a happy millionaire is a productive book shedding light on financial management in the Philippines.

    8. Abroad Me: 22 Success Strategies For Young Overseas Filipinos By Anne Quintos

    Strategies for overseas Filipinos is a 140-page book covering several tips and tricks to help Filipinos make the most of their overseas experience. Even though this is not a business book specifically, several tips and tricks are very helpful for financial management and business growth that can be applied to overseas Filipino workers.

    9. Learn The Simple Ways Of Starting A Business In The Philippines By Rowena B Cequena

    If you are looking for a book on starting a new business in the Philippines, you have found it with this handy guide. Learn The Simple Ways Of Starting A Business In The Philippines goes through the step-by-step process and the simple ways of how you can start a successful business in the Philippines in the modern world.

    10. 8 Secrets Of The Truly Rich By Bo Sanchez

    One thing many successful business owners have is free time to recharge their batteries and achieve financial success. So what do they know that everybody else doesn’t? What are the secrets of the truly rich? The book explores wealth management and has several tips and tricks about business which is why it’s one of the best business books in the Philippines for investors and entrepreneurs.

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