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Best Gifts for Mom in The Philippines 2024

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    Best Gifts for Mom in The Philippines: Your mom plays a big role in your life, and one of the great ways to show that you appreciate her is by giving her an amazing gift. But, because we celebrate countless special occasions here in the Philippines, you might have a hard time thinking about what to give your mom. But, fear not as because here is the list of best gifts for mom in the Philippines. 

    Best Gifts For Mom In The Philippines

    1. Ceramic Mug With Intelligent Temperature Heater

    A good cup of hot coffee is always a good idea, especially for busy people like moms. Between the household chores and the homemaking that they do, they barely have the time to enjoy their coffee. This ceramic mug with a temperature heater makes an amazing gift for your mom. For only Php269, you can keep your mom’s coffee from getting cold.

    2. Hawaii Home Full Body Head And Neck Back Rolling Pillow

    Massages are heaven-sent, and this rolling neck massage pillow will make your mom’s relaxing session even better. Aside from the neck, it can also be used in other body parts like the back, waist, legs, and buttocks. This pillow massage weighs 1 kg which makes it portable and travel-friendly.

    3. Poetry Book: Magic Of The Modest By R.C. Perez

    Stress is real for moms so that a good book can be the best company. With so many things moms have been juggling, this Filipino poet’s poetry book will surely bring great vibes and inspiration. This paperback includes on-point selections that are well-loved by many Filipino readers too! 

    4. Air Humidifier And Essential Oil Air Humidifier

    Among the best gifts for a mom in the Philippines, give your mom something that will make her feel calm, relaxed, and well-rested. This air humidifier and essential oil diffuser will not only help your mom sleep calmly. Since it is tiny, it can also be used in the office or anywhere else in the house. Its light glow also works as a night light which is perfect for decorating. 

    5. Wowhappy 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

    If your mom already has a humidifier, then this therapeutic grade essential oil is also a great gift to your mom in the Philippines. There are 21 variations to choose from, so you can pick the scent your mom loves the most. Essential oils are beneficial to the health and well-being of a person, and giving them as a gift to your mom is extra special and worthwhile. 

    6. Nordic Woven Rattan Flower Basket

    These high-quality, environmentally-friendly flower baskets are the perfect addition to her in-house collection. You can choose from minimalistic colors such as green, khaki, white, and orange. You can also top-up and add decorative flowers. 

    7. Pastel Colors Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife And Scissor Set

    This kitchen knife set includes an 8-inch bread knife, 8-inch small cleaver, 3.5-inch paring knife, scissors, and ceramic peeler. Its blades are superior X30CR13 stainless steel with pastel, durable coating, preventing tarnish and rust. They are also easy to clean.

    8. Hanabishi Coffee Maker For 6 Cups

    Spare your mom from manually mixing instant coffee. What makes this one of the best gifts for mom in the Philippines is that it looks stylish and will make a great addition to your mom’s appliance collection at home. In addition, its illuminated on and off switch makes it easier to determine if it is still running or not, even from a distance. 

    9. Gaabor Air Fryer With 8 Cooking Functions

    Make your mom’s life easier and get her the Gaabor Air Fryer. Its oil-free cooking feature is not only healthy but will spare your mom from accidental hot oil splashing in the kitchen. Its stylish appearance is both sleek and elegant.

    10. Some By Mi Snail Truecica Miracle Starter Kit

    Moms also deserve to be pampered, and one of the best gifts for moms in the Philippines is a self-care kit. Some By Mi Snail Truecica Miracle Starter Kit provides moisture and builds up a strong skin barrier to create healthy skin that is not easily sensitive. Skincare is one of the best forms of care, so giving this as a gift to your mom will make the perfect gift.  

    11. Foot Spa Foot Bath Massage With Heat Bubbles

    Spoil your mom and give her the ultimate self-pampering experience at home with this foot spa foot bath massage with heat bubbles. Moms always have something to do, and with all the work they do around the house, they do not have the time to go to the spa and get themselves pampered. This Php699 foot spa foot bath massage is an extremely convenient way of making your mom feel special and well-cared for. 

    12. Mikana Birth Flower 18k Gold Plated Necklace Collection

    Make your mom feel extra special by giving her a special jewelry necklace. This 18k gold plated pendant necklace looks elegant. It comes in 12 variants, representing the 12 birthstones, which is also one of the best gifts for moms in the Philippines, especially during birthdays. The package includes the necklace, a jewelry box and pouch, a card, and a pamphlet.

    13. 3 In 1 Home Breakfast Machine

    Save time with the ultimate breakfast machine that comes with a coffee maker, electric oven, and a toaster. Within thirty minutes, you can have the perfect cup of coffee, fried eggs, hotdogs, and bread. It’s perfect for small kitchens, considering that it is only 45.5*18*20 cm, and it is made in aluminum, ensuring good quality. It comes in three colors: black, pink and blue. 

    14. Timex Z6 Series Black Leather Watch For Women

    If there is one best gift of all, it is time. You can give your mom time by gifting this Timex Z6 Series Black Leather Analog Quartz Watch. It looks classic, minimal, and elegant. This is best, especially if your mom loves nice and simple things. It brings together classic elements using modern materials perfect for everyday wear. 

    15. Philips Gc300 Iron Steamer

    This Philips GV300 Iron Steamer can make your mom’s life easier when it comes to keeping her clothes neat. It is also very compact, making it travel-friendly, so your mom can also take it with her if she is about to go on an out-of-town trip. 

    16. Deerma Ultra Quiet Vacuum Cleaner

    Home cleaning has never been easy, and another one of the best gifts for mom in the Philippines is to make her chores easier. This Deerma Ultra Quiet Vacuum Cleaner can do the job, designed to clean the house more efficiently. With this gadget, your mom will have more time to take a break and relax because she has the tool to aid her in cleaning the house more quickly. 

    17. Flat Screen High-Definition Tv

    A lot of moms in this country love watching afternoon and primetime drama. So this Hug Slim Led TV Flat Screen is a logical gift for that, making it the best gift for mom in the Philippines. It has an HD resolution of 1280x720p so your mom can see her favorite actor’s face. It can also be connected to a Smart TV box, and your mom can also watch her favorite Netflix series on this TV.

    18. Oppo A16 Android

    If your mom is fond of connecting with her friends via social media, this Oppo A16 Android phone is also an amazing gift for her. It has 4G RAM and 64G storage which is great if she likes watching YouTube videos, Netflix, or Tiktok. What’s more, its triple camera feature allows good capture of photos and videos, great if your mom likes taking pictures and videos for TikTok. 

    Best Gifts for Mom in The Philippines