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Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends Philippines 2024

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    So with Christmas 2022 only moments away, you may wonder what the best Christmas gifts are for boyfriends in the Philippines? Today we will be answering this question by going through a selection of different gift ideas to suit all budgets! Let’s take a look at the best Christmas gifts for boyfriends in the Philippines for 2022

    Best Christmas Gifts For Boyfriends In The Philippines: Under Php 500

    4-in-1 Charging Stand (Php 484)

    This Christmas gift for a boyfriend in the Philippines is a universal and useful gadget. He might not be unboxing the latest iPhone model, but he will be thrilled when he receives this 4-in-1 charging stand. This charger also prevents his gadgets from being overcharged because of the automatic cut-out feature.

    Waterproof Phone Case (Php 486.94)

    The Best Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends in the Philippines

    Smartphones are not cheap, so they are considered an investment. However, you can consider giving your boyfriend this waterproof phone case for a boyfriend who loves going outdoors. This case can protect and keep his phone safe and dry when he is out on a trip or lounging by the pool. Aside from protecting his phone from water, dirt, and dust, the case also provides a level of protection when dropped. 

    Insulated Bottle (Php 239-Php 319)

    Staying hydrated is important for health, so an insulated bottle is a good Christmas gift for boyfriend in the Philippines. This insulated bottle is sturdy and keeps his drinks cold or warm for many hours. This is also useful considering the hot weather in the country. Aside from being functional, it has a simple design and is made of quality material. Some of the colors you can choose for him are white, black, dark blue, and green. 

    Ice Silk Pants (Php 289)

    Ice silk pants are very comfortable to wear. They can also be versatile. This pair of ice silk pants are good enough to be worn when exercising or working out. They are also breathable so that he can wear them in summer. There are many sizes to choose from. The colors available are grey, black, and navy blue. Stylish these pants are also easy. 

    Whiskey Flask (Php 470)


    A whiskey flask is an ideal addition to the man set any boyfriend or husband has. When you give him this whisky flask set, he will receive a 7 oz quality stainless steel flask, a funnel, and 2 matching shot glasses packed in a beautiful and luxurious box. He can also bring this easily with him wherever he goes because he can slip it into his pocket. In addition, he will not lose the cap easily if he drops this rust-resistant flask because it has a hinged screw-top. 

    Best Christmas Gifts For Boyfriends In The Philippines: Php 500 – Php 1,000

    Duffel Bag (Php 996)

    Being able to hold stuff is the main function of duffel bags. If you want to give one this Christmas, it is recommended to pick a bag that can keep clothes, toiletries, electronic stuff, shoes, and many others. Another important thing to look at is durability. A gear bag should last for many years even though it will be kept in the trunk of a car for a long time. This duffel bag is multifunctional and has polished and durable hardware. It is also ergonomic because of the adjustable strap design. Therefore, users will not suffer from tired shoulders when they carry it.

    Pet Portrait (Php 500-Php 1,600)

    If the receiver has a dog or cat, their phone’s gallery is likely full of pictures of their fur babies. Giving a loved one a pet portrait like this is a unique way for them to look at their lovely pets. They can hang it and turn their portrait into a wall decoration.

    Drone Camera (Php 998-Php 1499)

    The Best Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends in the Philippines

    A good Christmas gift for boyfriend in the Philippines is a drone camera. Some drone cameras are tech toys, but this drone camera is good enough to take pictures and videos because of its 4k dual camera. Moreover, users can switch these cameras freely to get the perfect shot with the help of the 50x feature. In addition, because it is made of ABS plastic, this camera has better resistance when dropped. 

    Display Adapter (Php 965)

    Many men enjoy watching series or movies using their smartphones or laptop. A display adapter can be a nice gift for them on Christmas. They can use one to project the show or movie into their television. This display adapter can support video resolutions up to 1080P. It also works with other resolutions, and they can mirror audios and videos with it. It can also support wireless and wired connections such as Wifi connection, USB or USB type C wired connection.

    Shades (Php 681)


    Anyone will look cooler when they are given a pair of shades like this. The metal frame is durable, hypoallergenic, and light. It also has a UV protection coating which protects their eyes from the harsh sunlight when outdoors. The UV blocking lenses with additional polarization reduce glare and maintain color integrity. This pair of shades is also shatterproof.

    Best Christmas Gifts For Boyfriends In The Philippines: Php 1,000-Php 2,000

    Apple AirTag (Php 1,690)

    Going a little fancy, an Apple AirTag is another neat Christmas gift for a boyfriend in the Philippines. That is because this compact tracker can be attached to virtually anything. Then, with just a touch of a button, users can find the item the tag is attached to through Find My App on their phone. 

    Even though this is a little pricey, this small piece of gadget is easy and helpful. There is also no need to worry about misused location tracking since Apple worked on this gadget’s privacy. 

    Whiskey Set (Php 1, 506)

    The Best Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends in the Philippines

    For a boyfriend who is a gentleman whiskey drinker, getting him a whiskey set like this one would make him enjoy his drink more. It comes with quality and durable whiskey stones that chill warm drinks. Moreover, he can better enjoy his drinks because the flavor will not be thin. Aside from the rocks, there are also additional drinking glasses. The premium and the reusable wooden box make this an ideal present. 

    Survival Kit (Php 1,110)

    A must-have for a guy’s trunk is a survival kit because of its uses in many situations. You can check out this survival kit if you consider giving it on Christmas. The kit comes with 250 pieces which include medical items for emergencies and combat and survival essentials. It is also convenient to bring for daily activities. All the items meet the standards for OSHA. The molle system compatible pack comes with nylon straps and a connecting buckle, so attaching the kit to the belt is easy. 

    Leather Boots (Php 1,899)

    Practical leather boots will protect and make anyone look stylish for many years. These leather boots are classy, durable, and comfortable. Working or not, any man will appreciate getting a pair of boots like this. They are made from genuine cowhide leather and have an antislip sole that makes them ideal for outdoor activities such as climbing. 

    Wireless Earbuds (Php 1,249)


    If you want to get earbuds as a Christmas gift, getting a pair with noise isolation, long battery life, and can be used for work is recommended. Some models fit almost every audio need. These vibrant earbuds have powerful sound because of their 5.8 mm driver. Its case is also convenient and beautifully designed since it can charge and provide 16 hours of uninterrupted music. The buds are also ergonomic, so they would not hurt the users’ ears. There are controls located on every earbud.

    Best Christmas Gifts For Boyfriends In The Philippines: Php 2,000+

    iPad Air (Php 31,990)

    You can give the benefits of a laptop into a tablet when you give an iPad Air this Christmas. This is a good option because it is sleek and light. Best of all, it could do everything needed with a laptop. 

    It also has an all-screen display and easy, secure, and quick Touch ID. Speed is also great because it is powered by a14 Bionic, 40% faster than CPUs. This tablet can also take quality pictures and have quality video calls because of the front and back cameras. Its USB-C port allows him to connect his display, cameras, and others fast. Internet connectivity is amazing, with up to 60% WiFi 6 and LTE speeds. 

    Massage Gun (Php 3,099)

    The Best Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends in the Philippines

    Getting someone a massage gun is a trendy but beneficial fitness tool that prevents injury and aids in recovery. This massage gun comes with four different massage heads that provide much comfort. Users could also conveniently bring this anywhere with them since it is lightweight. There are also 3 speeds they could choose from to get the ideal pressure to relieve their muscle pain. 

    Coffee Maker (Php 43,432)

    A coffee maker like this can be the perfect gift for people who cannot start their day without coffee. Because it is handy, they can bring this anywhere. In addition, it is sturdy, light, compact, and easy to clean. 

    Gaming Chair (Php 2,579)


    A gaming chair is very useful and versatile because it can be used for work and entertainment. Giving this gaming chair on Christmas will make the receiver concentrate better at work because they are comfortable. Its features are a durable and thick chassis, removable armrests, comfortable backrest extension, and a soft pillow.

    Home Projector (Php 3,999)

    You can take entertainment to a different level when you give this home projector on Christmas. This is also a more affordable option for a big TV. When you want to have a movie date outside, you can take this portable projector to your garden. Connection is easy because it can be wired or wireless. It comes with remote control, a built-in microphone, and volume control.