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19 Best Investment Books Philippines

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    If you are looking for the best investment books in the Philippines, then you have come to the right place. Today we will be diving into categories such as; the best real estate investment books in the Philippines, stock market investment books, and finally, we will be going through some of the best investment books for beginners in the Philippines.

    Best Investment Books For Beginners Philippines

    The Turtle Always Wins By: Bo Sanchez

    If you want an inspiring but direct investment book, you can check out Bo Sanchez’s book named the turtle always wins. Bo explains ways on how readers can attain financial freedom from stock market investments. He also shares the most straightforward, safest, and best strategies to invest hard-earned money in stocks through the Turtle Strategy.

    The Total Money Makeover By: Dave Ramsey

    This book is one of the best investment books for beginners in the Philippines as it goes through debt and investment for the future. Dave was born and raised in the US; however, this book’s information can easily be applied to the Philippines as the information inside is very powerful on the road to wealth.

    Dave Ramsey’s tone is clear but calm for readers who feel hopeless and overwhelmed with their debts. He teachers how to create a plan to help readers recover from their debts and improve their mentality of just pushing forward and not giving up.

    Readers can realize the importance of repaying debts. They will understand that debts do not resolve independently and that they should not expect help from others. To do this, they will learn the debt snowball method. It means to pay the small debts first while making minimum payments to larger debts until all the debts have been paid. 

    Although this book is initially very debt-heavy, it later talks about growing your money and planning for retirement and includes some handy money growth hacks.

    Think Rich, Pinoy! By: Larry Gamboa

    If you want to earn passively through real estate investment, You may want to check out these real estate investment books in the Philippines. Larry Gamboa aims to change your perception of investing in real estate by sharing his personal experiences and knowledge about the real estate industry. He is also considered the Philippines’ Robert Kiyosaki. 

    The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life By: Alice Schroeder

    This Warren Buffett biography is quite a long read but very fascinating. The book narrates the childhood years of Warren Buffett, the 2008 stock market crash, and more events after that.

    The Snowball is more detailed compared to other biographies about Buffett. Aside from being a great investor, you could learn more that would make you admire him.

    The Intelligent Investor By: Benjamin Graham

    This book by Benjamin Graham is considered the ultimate handbook of value investors. Warren Buffett mentioned that this was the most remarkable investing book ever written.

    Since it was first published, it has been one of the most reputable investment books. The book focuses on the value investing philosophy, which prevents readers from making possible investment errors and guides them in creating long-term plans of action. As a result, you could learn how to make the right investment decisions and be successful.

    Arguably t could also be one of the best investment books for beginners in the Philippines. Nevertheless, it might not be a good idea for those who do not have background knowledge about investments. It is because there could be parts that were challenging to comprehend.

    Ang Pera Na Hindi Bitin: How to manage your money so God will entrust you with more By: Ardy Roberto

    Although this book is thin, it is filled with information and tips on saving money, giving and paying debts, living simply, investing, and becoming financially stable. In this handy book, Ardy Roberto’s approach is funny, comfortable, practical, and biblical in sharing how to handle money.

    This investment book in the Philippines is highly recommended to people who always borrow money and struggle to pay it back. The author also shares lessons about finances he learned from his experiences.

    Gusto Kong Mag-Invest…Pero Paano? By: Roselle P. Reig

    This fantastic book is one of the best investment books for beginners in the Philippines since it will come in handy for those who have no idea how or where to invest their money.

    Roselle Reigh explains the impact of inflation on your money, various investment opportunities people could consider in earning more, and how to succeed in investments.

    In this concise book, she described how each of the opportunities functions, such as Mutual Fund, Stock Market, and UITF or Unit Investment Trust Fund. She also gives tips on how to invest in each of them. 

    Security Analysis By: Benjamin Graham, David Dodd

    Another powerful investment book for the Philippines is by Benjamin Graham titled Security Analysis. This time he co-wrote it with David Dood, an author, financial analyst, and professional investor. It is a textbook used at the Columbia Business School located in Manhattan, US. The book discusses ways to create investments, even on businesses that are thought not to be secured.

    The Four Pillars of Investing By: William Bernstein

    One of the key takeaways of this book is to invest in something you have knowledge and understanding of when beginning. Also, it advises refraining from investing because it is on-trend. As stated, “People should not put their money on something they have not taken the time to understand.”

    9 Steps to Financial Freedom By: Suze Orman

    Suze Orman gives her secrets on how people can pay off all their debts and grow financially. Aside from learning how to manage money properly, the book teaches the reader how to invest wisely with some exclusive tricks of the trade.

    Kontento ka na ba sa kaPERAhan mo? How to Unleash the Highest Potential of Your Money towards Success, Happiness and Significance (Book 1) By:  Vic and Avelynn Garcia

    For readers who tend to feel a bit overwhelmed reading investment books in English, this book is excellent as it is written in “Taglish.” Vic and Avelynn Garcia give their ideas on how to handle finances. They also explain why money difficulties occur, different money manager types, self-control methods by Vic Garcia, and the difference between Filipino and Filipino-Chinese business owners.

    Kasusweldo pa lang, UBOS na? (Book 2) By: Vic and Avelynn Garcia

    The second investment book in the Philippines by Vic and Avelynn Garcia gives the possible reasons why people always borrow money and tips on staying away from debts.

    In part 2, they mentioned that the key to avoiding debts is to live within the means. To avoid having debts, they shared the 70-20-10 rule. This means 70% of the money goes to necessities such as bills, 20% goes to savings, and 10% goes to other expenses such as tax. There is a personal touch to this book because the content came from the authors’ experiences. 

    For Richer & For Poorer: Why The Rich Get Richer, and the Poor Get Poorer By: Chinkee Tan

    Many people wonder why the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. Chinkee Tan enlightens the readers on this phenomenon and what separates the rich and the poor in this book. 

    Chinkee Tan’s one way of explaining is that the rich put more importance on education than entertainment. But, on the other hand, the poor give more value to entertainment than investing in education. Therefore, a different mindset sets the poor from the rich apart. Having a poor mindset makes one poor, and thinking rich can make you one. 

    My Maid Invests in the Stock Market…and Why You Should, Too! By: Bo Sanchez

    In this book, Bo Sanchez shares how he helped three of his house helpers invest money in the stocks and save up for their retirement. He also taught them the 5-envelope budget system and explained how each envelope works

    . You could also feel inspired to invest money in the stock market and become a millionaire eventually. He lets the readers realize that if his helpers could do it, they could do it as well.

    Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits By: Philip A. Fisher

    You already know Benjamin Graham, but you might not have heard of Philip Fisher. In value investment, Graham is known for utilizing quantitative analysis. Nevertheless, Fisher is known to use qualitative analysis. This means using subjective judgment such as how strong research and development is to assess a business’ value.

    The book teaches how Warren Buffett bought cheap and reputable businesses. Therefore this could be one of the recommended real estate investment books in the Philippines as it touches on many financial secrets needed to maximize real estate investing. You could learn the scuttlebutt approach to investing. It means talking to all the people related to a company, even its competitors. 

    The Dhandho Investor By: Mohnish Pabrai 

    Mohnish Pabrai’s primary goal in this book is to remind his readers to invest in a business with low risk but high reward. The author is a great investor who won a bid to have lunch with Warren Buffett for $600,000. 

    The concepts he presented are about finding this kind of investment. You would see this concept repeatedly through different examples and scenarios he gives. The tone of the book is light and entertaining but straightforward.

    The Little Book That Beats the Market By: Joel Greenblatt

    Do you want to succeed in the market? In this book, Joel Greenblatt illustrates how he explained making investments to his 7-year-old son. Then, he created a formula to choose stocks, mimicking the way Warren Buffett picks his investments.

    You may wonder, does this formula work? There is a possibility. Nevertheless, you can succeed in the market eventually. It is because the book is based on logic and the principles of Buffett and Ben Graham. 

    How to be a Billionaire By: Martin S. Fridson

    Aside from being an author, Martin Fridson is the director of FridsonVision LLC. It is a well-known financial research office based in New York. This book can be one of the best investment books in the Philippines. Why? Because the book explains how self-made billionaires attained financial success. 

    Five Rules of Successful Stock Investing By: Pat Dorsey

    When it comes to investment topics, Pat Dorsey is an expert. Moreover, he is also the head of Morning Star’s Equity Research. This company has a 5-star scale rating on mutual funds and individual stocks. 

    Based on the title, this book gives five rules to succeed by investing in the stock market. This could be one of the best investment books for beginners in the Philippines since the concepts are not hard to comprehend.

    These five rules are doing your homework, looking for a competitive edge, having a safety margin, keeping passive investments, and determining when to sell. You could understand each of these rules from the explanation in the book. Therefore, you can learn about making suitable investments, differentiating good and bad companies, and stock analysis.

    Investment Books For The Philippines: Summary

    There are many different investment types in the Philippines, and reading is essential for a successful investment. Education is also a key component in building your investment portfolio. For more investment guides and where to invest, please take a look at our investment guides.

    Investment Books For The Philippines