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Feng Shui Bracelet Philippines

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    Feng Shui Bracelet Philippines: Finding the best Feng shui bracelets in the Philippines can be a challenge, but today we have researched the web to find the best Feng shui bracelets in the Philippines to support health, wealth, and happiness. Clicking on the title of each Feng shui bracelet will take you to the product page.

    Feng Shui Bracelet Philippines

    1 – Five Elements with Black Onyx

    This five elements bracelet shows the color representations of the five elements. For example, the transparent bead represents metal, blue represents water, green represents wood, red represents fire, and yellow represents the earth.

    The five elements bracelet can help make relationships better, bring wealth and prosperity, and have endless happiness and good health, so it’s claimed. The bracelet can also bring balance to the person wearing it. It can re-align the wearer’s different life aspects, making it ideal for those experiencing life out of balance. 

    The bracelet also comes with a reusable organza pouch with printed instructions and descriptions.

    2 – Piyao and Agate Mantra Lucky Charm

    This lucky charm has Pi Yao. A mythical winged lion believed to ward off evil spirits. It can protect wearers from travel accidents and other adversities. It is also believed to bring wealth and prosperity to businesses. Aside from the good fortune, it can also attract good feng shui and protect the wearer and their homes. 

    The agate stone can foster harmony, generosity, creativity, wealth, strength, love, security, and creativity. The mantra charms can also protect against bad energies such as losing money or getting into an accident. It can also promote love, health, and a good career. The effectiveness of these charms depends on the wearer’s life practices.

    3 – Elephant with Jade and Agate Bracelet

    An elephant is considered one of the eight holy and precious animals. The elephant in this bracelet symbolizes prudence, wisdom, strength, and the other qualities of a moral and good leader. This element is believed to bring the wearer good fortune.

    The jade stone is for longevity, wealth, and health. The jade stone in this feng shui bracelet Philippines is also for courage, balance, love, harmony, and humility. It can also provide a steady, gentle pulse of healing energy. This bracelet cleanses negative energies and thoughts, making it good for the physical and spiritual senses.

    Cleansing and stabilizing the aura by eliminating or changing negative energies is what the agate stone of this bracelet can do. In addition, it can help maintain good relationships since agate is known as a fidelity stone. Agate also helps make the body stronger and connected to the earth. It can increase the wearer’s energy and enhance healing by bringing various elements in harmony to the wearer’s body.

    The coral element represents life and blood energy. The dark red coral stones heat and stimulate the bloodstream, while the pink helps restore harmony in the heart. Because of this coral element, the bracelet can provide much growth in various life aspects, stimulate adaptability and imagination, and help with sensitivity. Furthermore, it aims to promote cooperation within the self and others because coral is known for its group binding energy. 

    The bracelet has jade and agate stone quality with 10k gold balls. It comes in a free ordinary box. 

    4 – Jade Citrine Rose Quartz, White Quartz Natural Stone with Real Gold Piyao Success and Health Bracelet

    Philippines’ feng shui bracelet has citrine beads thread on a durable elastic nylon string for hassle-free wear. Citrine is known as a wealth and business stone and prosperity and wealth magnet.

    This bracelet can grant acumen chi energy, and significant success in business to those who wear it. It can also neutralize and repel negative chi energies. The gold Piyao is considered the number one mythical creature in feng shui. 

    This all-in-one bracelet can protect the wearer from during travel and from envious people, bad spirits and karma, and evil.

    The bracelet also comes in different sizes. 15 cm is recommended for extra small wrists and teenagers 13 years old and above. Women with the average build can opt for a 16 cm bracelet. The bracelet is also elegant because it is not made from low-quality materials.

    5 – Evil Eye Bead Feng Shui Bracelet for Men and Women

    This evil eye glass bead bracelet symbolizes the blue evil eye or lucky eye. A known amulet in the Mediterranean protects against the evil eye or people who are envious of others or hold bad intentions to others’ family, fortune, and achievements despite giving compliments and praises.

    The bracelet is believed to protect and prevent negative energy and keep envious people away from the wearer. It can also do many miracles for the wearer.

    The great design of the bracelet makes it a perfect fashion accessory or gift.

    6 – Citrine Feng Shui Money Catcher and Protection Mantra Feng Shui Bracelet

    This feng shui citrine stone bracelet is blessed by the monks to protect the wearer from misfortune, accidents, and illnesses. In addition, the bracelet can attract good fortune and keep all the negative energy away. The beads have a circular shape that signifies endlessness to provide luck, prosperity, and balance. 

    The citrine stones in this bracelet can be a powerful wealth generator bringing businesses much abundance and good fortune. Also, the bracelet can have additional power to prevent a business from getting cheated, robbed, or losing money. 

    Quality and affordable, the bracelet can be given as gifts for family, friends, and loved ones. The simple citrine beads and elastic string make it easy for anyone to wear them comfortably. In addition, the bright yellow beads bring out the beauty of the citrine’s natural hue. 

    7 – Black Obsidian Natural Stone Piyao Blessed Feng Shui Bracelet

    The black beads you see in this black obsidian feng shui bracelet Philippines are carved from obsidian. Obsidian is a precious black stone and is one of the 7 treasures of Buddhists.

    The bracelet can have very intense protection power. It is also believed to remove negative energies in feng shui. Aside from bringing in good energy, it can continuously bring wealth to the wearer, attract wealth energy, and protect finances in times of confusion, grief, or stress. 

    This feng shui bracelet can also help in improving physical and emotional strength. The beads have 6 Tibetan words which are Om Ma Ni Pad Mi Hum. Put more simply. These words mean to purify one’s ego, jealousy, desire, prejudice, greed, and hatred. 

    This bracelet claims to be hypoallergenic and non-fading. It is available in various sizes, and a stretchable and durable double nylon string threads the stones, so people of all sizes can easily wear it.

    8 – Amethyst and Citrine Piyao Mantra Healing and Wealth Bracelet

    This bracelet can promote healing and wealth because of amethyst and citrine stones. In addition, the purple stone of the bracelet can serve as a healer that promotes inspiration, luck, courage, and tranquility, among many others.

    It also has the Tibetan 6 words for purification and dealing with stress by fighting headaches, migraines, and skin issues, boosting the immune system, and enhancing protection and perception of the wearer. The vibrations of this bracelet can bring peace and happiness. 

    The bracelet is made from 24K Bangkok 3D gold-plated material that does not tarnish. It is made of stretchable and durable nylon string and comes in many sizes, ideal for teenagers up to men with an average build. 

    9 – Natural Gold Magnet Health and Anti-Radiation Feng Shui Bracelet

    According to alternative medicine professionals, magnetic bracelets have a lot of health benefits. So that’s what can be expected from this feng shui bracelet Philippines. It can give magnetic therapy, which is good for the wrists, hands, and fingers. 

    It can also improve blood circulation, make the healing process faster, boost energy, and improve sleep quality naturally. This bracelet’s magnetic energy can relieve chronic or severe discomfort in the hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, and arms. It can also protect from radiation exposure

    Aside from health benefits, the bracelet can also bring luck to the wearer by attracting money. The design of this bracelet is simple yet stylish, making it great for personal use or as a gift.

    10 – Agate Stone Mantra Beads Protection for Health Wealth and Luck Feng Shui Bracelet

    The bracelet is made from quality quartzite jade to promote loyalty, prosperity, happiness, health, safety, and love. Its quartz jade stone can help wearers improve their performance in their careers and enhance their body’s vitality. In addition, the stone can boost the body’s resistance and immunity and help wearers to stay fit. 

    Available in 4 colors, the bracelet is stylish for every individual. Whoever wears it can look more confident and noble. Every bracelet is unique because it adds personality to the wearer. It also feels heavy when worn, so it does not feel cheap. It can make the skin look better, making it ideal to be used at work or travel. 

    11 – Jade with Wu Lou with Swarovski (Class A) Lucky Charm Bracelet

    In English, the Wu Lou or gourd or calabash is believed in Feng Shui as a protector and promoter of health. Even though the main jewel stone of this bracelet is jade, every bracelet has a Wu Lou charm. 

    Its jade stone is for wealth, longevity, and health. It can also help in wisdom, emotions, balance, stamina, harmony, peace, and love, among many others. The bracelet can also remove negative vibes and thoughts because of the gentle and constant healing energy pulses. Therefore, it’s good for the physical and spiritual senses. 

    The bracelet is available in different birth years, such as ox, tiger, and snake. It has an authentic jade stone quality. The beads are not plastic since they are Swarovski Class A beads.

    12 – Aventurine Stone Jade Dragon Road Pass Feng Shui Lucky Charm Bracelet

    The dragon charm of this bracelet is believed to provide self-assurance, success, and vitality. The wearer can feel more confident and attractive with this bracelet. Since there is jade, the bracelet can protect wearers and maintain a good career, academics, love, and family life.

    Considered the stone of heaven and opportunities, the aventurine stone also helps attract success and love. In addition, it can increase optimism and boost self-confidence. All these elements are included in all the 3 designs available for the bracelet. In addition, the plated pendant is made from Thailand gold, and the bracelet is described as hypoallergenic. 

    13 – Tiger with Red String Feng Shui Bracelet

    The tiger element of this feng shui bracelet can attract luck or wealth in business, attract love and harmony, and give protection from evil and negative energies in the new year. Moreover, because tigers represent power in feng shui, the bracelet can take its power, and the wearer can use it in their lives. 

    The red string threading the tigers can protect finances and strengthen energies to avoid darkness and misfortunes caused by the evil eye.

    The bracelet is available in 1 tiger, 2 tiger, or 3 tiger designs. The tiger charms are made of Bangkok gold and threaded in an adjustable cotton thread red string. 

    14 – Tai Sui Piyao Kirin Leather Lucky Charm Bracelet

    This bracelet is primarily designed for Tai Sui. Tai Sui is regarded as the god of the year who takes control of all the fortunes of a specific year. Before shipment, the bracelet is said to be blessed and cleansed. Therefore, people born in the year of the tiger, pig, monkey, and snake can benefit more from wearing this bracelet.

    The bracelet also has 2 styles. One is Kirin which is believed to attract good health and happiness. The other one is Piyao which is believed to attract good fortune. The adjustable rope is quality leather, and the 14k gold-plated accessories would not fade.

    15 – Purple and Black Striped Agate Healing Lucky Charm Bracelet

    The striped agate of this feng shui bracelet is known as a luck, health, and wealth stone. The bracelet can bring a gentle energy to balance and stability when worn to the wearer’s life. The mind and body of the wearer can be in harmony because the bracelet can remove mental pressure and tension and balance positive and negative energies. 

    Because it is a curative stone, this bracelet can assist in promoting a better digestive system, especially for those who have stomach pain. It can also help people who are sickly or recovering from an illness. Every order comes with a gem and jade identification certification. The certificate also shows the product number and a QR code.

    Feng Shui Bracelet Philippines