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7 Ultimate Passive Businesses Philippines

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    Passive businesses Philippines: Previously we have explored passive income ideas and released a full guide on passive income opportunities within the Philippines. Still, today is slightly different as we will be diving into passive businesses in the Philippines.

    Similar to investment, not all passive businesses in the Philippines are completely passive. There may be work needed at the very beginning or regular maintenance. Nevertheless, if you can create a system, these businesses are fantastic passive income businesses that can generate monthly income.

    Passive Businesses In The Philippines

    1. Create A Blogging Website

    Did you know that reading this website is a win-win situation? I’ve spent several days researching data to provide you with the best information on passive businesses in the Philippines. But I also receive an income from the advertisement that you may see on this web page.

    Even though this post will be updated regularly, it will still earn me passive income whether I choose to update the post or not (as long as it is ranking highly on Google and there is traffic). Of course, this is focused on advertisement income, but there are also several other ways a blog can be turned into a unique passive business idea in the Philippines.

    Previously we have covered how to start a student blog in the Philippines and explored a full blogging guide for beginners in the Philippines. We spoke about the opportunities and passive income ideas once your blog has grown. However, it can take a year or two before you can start to gain big traffic, which can be off-putting for some.

    2. Start A Passive Youtube Channel

    As a content creator, you will discover that some content is very effective on one channel while others are more effective on another. Additionally, YouTube has some unique opportunities and niches that allow YouTubers to gain online authority much quicker than a blog.

    YouTube is a fantastic passive business in the Philippines, and there are many different types of passive YouTube channels that can be created. If you can grow a successful YouTube channel, you can even outsource the content. A good friend of mine who has a channel showing funny reviews does this. As there is no voice on the videos, he outsources all tasks.

    But there are different types of passive businesses in the Philippines in terms of YouTube. Outsourcing the tasks is one option, but if you are willing to become more hands-on, you can create a passive income channel on YouTube very simply. Similar to a blog, it’s best to think about the niche and the audience. You must be appealing to your audience while also ensuring that the channel is fully optimized.

    3. Launch A Podcasting Series

    Starting a podcast in the Philippines is a unique opportunity in this current time, and some experts believe over the next 10 years, podcasts will become more popular in the Philippines. So with this being said, is starting a podcast a good passive business idea in the Philippines?

    Podcasting is a new form of online content; therefore, it’s not as easy to monetize as YouTube is. Nevertheless, there are still many options available for those looking to turn a podcast into a passive business in the Philippines. One of those ways is by selling your products, but this is only one idea out of many.

    If you are looking to create content full-time and turn this passive business in the Philippines into a full-time career, then it’s recommended to redistribute your content. For example, how about setting up a camera to publish your podcast on YouTube?

    4. Start A Vending Machine Business

    Previously we have spoken about the full steps of setting up a vending machine business in the Philippines. This article explores the process and what we need to know about this passive business in the Philippines. But is starting a vending machine business a good idea, and is it completely passive?

    Like other ideas on our list today, starting a vending machine business in the Philippines is not completely passive as they will be ordering, maintenance, and other required tasks. However, you can earn pesos while you sleep, which is one of the desires of many who seek passive income in the Philippines.

    One disadvantage which is worth mentioning is that costs can be slightly high. Entrepreneurs will often need to purchase the machine, stock, and pay rent on the location. All of which can result in a fairly expensive passive income business in the Philippines. Alternatively, other passive income businesses in the Philippines, such as YouTubing, can be started for free.

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    5. Become An Affiliate Marketer In The Philippines

    Becoming an affiliate marketer in the Philippines is a fantastic passive income business in today’s modern world, as word of mouth is incredibly powerful. Many corporations have seen just how powerful affiliate marketing can be, and thus, many opportunities to earn money from affiliate marketing have developed.

    Affiliate marketing works best for YouTubers and bloggers. In other words, if you have built a loyal audience, you have an opportunity for affiliate marketing. Moreover, affiliate marketing is primarily online, and this is why affiliate marketing is a great option if you are looking for online passive ideas in the Philippines.

    There are several different types of affiliate marketing programs that cover several industries. However, from research and feedback, it appears that highly profitable industries such as cryptocurrency offer the best affiliate programs. In addition, we found that some companies were willing to pay affiliates regular income based on their referrals.

    6. Create An Online Course Business

    Making money from online courses in the Philippines is not a new concept, but it is a fantastic passive business idea for those with specific knowledge or skills to share.

    As a passive income business, you could work with other businesses such as Skillshare or Udemy. Alternatively, you could start selling online courses from your very own website. Platforms such as teachable make this option possible.

    Aside from maintenance, advertisement is often needed for this passive income business in the Philippines. However, this is often something that requires a lot of time and analysis, and therefore, this may not be the best option if you are looking for a hands-off business opportunity.

    7. Bookselling In The Philippines

    Not only is selling books providing valuable information to the public, but it’s also a great passive business idea in the Philippines. Aside from marketing, bookselling is a fairly passive business idea. If you wish to make this business even more passive, you can work with publishing companies.

    Naturally, there are many pros and cons to starting this passive business in the Philippines. Writing a book is not the easiest, and in the very beginning, the task is not passive at all (unless you outsource this to a ghostwriter); therefore, if you are looking for something completely passive, you may wish to investigate other options that are available in the Philippines.

    What Is The Best Passive Income Business Philippines

    The best passive income business in the Philippines will depend on how hands-on you wish to be. Some passive businesses in the Philippines are 90-100% passive, while others are semi-passive. Nevertheless, if you have time on your hands, creating online content is perhaps one of the easiest passive businesses in the Philippines.

    Online content can cover many different topics, and as long as you are entertaining or provide value to your audience, you can be successful. With online content, maintenance work will be needed to build your channel, which tends to be more blog posts or more videos. Still, as you grow, compounding takes its effect, and you will find that your channel will organically grow as long as you please the algorithm and the audience.

    If, however, you have some disposable income, you may decide to invest in a more physical passive business idea in the Philippines, such as opening a vending machine business. Unfortunately, as this is more physical, more startup and maintenance costs are needed; however, if you can plan and execute successfully, it may be a lucrative passive business.

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