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7 BEST Investment With Compound Interest Philippines

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    Investment With Compound Interest Philippines: We often get asked many questions about investing in the Philippines: Can compound interest make you rich, where can I invest in compound interest earnings in the Philippines, and so on. Therefore, we are going through an ultimate guide of the best investments with compound interest in the Philippines.

    Below, we list the best and most unique investment opportunities in the Philippines that use compound interest. However, if you are new to compound interest, then fear not, as we have included a section about what is compound interest in the Philippines and how you can make money with compound interest.

    Investments With Compound Interest Philippines

    1. Earn Compound Interest With Banks In The Philippines

    One of the great things when earning compound interest in the Philippines is that there are several options with the majority of the mainstream banks in the Philippines. Over the years, banking products have taken many forms, and we will be speaking about several of these different investment vehicles below in more detail.

    A common option is a time deposit. A time deposit account is simply a way that investors can lock up their funds for a specific term. This can be as short as 30 days or as long as one year. Investment can normally be started with as little as 1000 pesos, and the investment rate will depend on how long you invest.

    The disadvantage is that banks that offer compound interest investments in the Philippines often offer a low-interest rate, which means that investors who are willing to take a higher risk may find a more profitable compound interest investment outside of their local bank.

    2. Invest In The Philippines Stock Exchange

    Investing in the Philippines Stock Exchange is one of the best investments for long-term investors. Compound interest works especially well with long-term investors and the Philippine Stock Exchange; therefore, using the power of compound interest with the Philippine Stock Exchange can be very powerful.

    Owning stock in the Philippine Stock Exchange will not allow you to earn any interest; however, investors looking for compound interest in the Philippines have the option to reinvest their dividend payment. Dividends are a way that companies can reward their stockholders. Investors can then reinvest this reward and utilize the power of compound interest with the Philippines stock exchange.

    Previously we have spoken about how to invest in blue-chip stocks, how to buy Jollibee stocks, SM stocks, Alaya land, and so much more. These simple beginner guides go through the process of investing, which is perfect for investors looking for investments with compound interest in the Philippines.

    3. Open A High-Interest Savings Account

    High-interest savings rates have not been as high as in previous years. Still, despite this, it is possible to earn compound interest with high-interest savings accounts in the Philippines, and many banks nationwide offer opportunities for investors.

    Cimb bank offers a current interest rate of 2.6% p.a, PNB offers a rate of 0.025%. Therefore, you will find several different interest rates depending on your chosen bank. Similar to other banking products, if you are looking for a higher rate of return on your compound interest investment in the Philippines, there are other options available.

    4. Mutual Funds And Index Funds

    Mutual funds and index funds are very similar as they share similar properties; however, there is a difference. If you are looking to invest in mutual funds, you can invest via the Philippine Stock Exchange. To do this, you will need a stock brokerage.

    Index funds are often advertised as an investment banking product with most banks nationwide. These investment funds are pegged to the Philippine Stock Exchange, and similar to mutual funds, there are different types of index funds with different returns and risks.

    Compound interest with these funds tends to be automatically reinvested into the fund. This will, in turn, help your investment grow. But this will depend on the bank or company you are using to invest. I’ve added a full guide on purchasing funds on the links above if you are looking for more information.

    5. Compound Interest With Cryptocurrency

    If you’re looking for an investment with compound interest in the Philippines, you will find plenty of opportunities within the cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrencies have become a popular type of passive income for investors globally, and now some cryptocurrency projects have been developed so investors can earn a monthly return and utilize the power of compound interest.

    CakeDefi it’s one of the best cryptocurrency platforms I have ever used, and it is a great way for me to earn compound interest from my Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This can be achieved by lending my bitcoin, staking Dogecoin, and mining other cryptocurrencies.

    Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency marketplace, and they have several options for investors looking to earn compound interest to maximize their cryptocurrency gains. Alternatively, a unique platform specifically designed for cryptocurrency compound interest is called compound, which I’ve added a link to for your convenience.

    6. Invest In Peer To Peer Lending

    Vidalia Lending, Kiva Philippines, and SeedIn are common companies with investors who look to invest in peer-to-peer lending.

    Suppose you are new to peer-to-peer lending in the Philippines. In that case, fundamentally, it is the process of lending money to one person or business. Investors will then receive an interest rate from their investment.  

    Naturally, this is a great investment with compound interest in the Philippines, but there are several risks and important factors to note. For example, some companies will have a minimum investment threshold. Additionally, investment companies will also take a small cut from each transaction.

    One common question asked about peer-to-peer lending in the Philippines is the investment returns? Average investment returns are fairly high, but this will depend on the term length and how much you are lending. Using the power of compound interest to reinvest your profits can be a great way to increase your profit from this type of investment.

    7.  Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)

    So what is a real estate investment trust in the Philippines, and how can you make money from this type of investment?

    A real estate investment trust is a trust that includes different types of real estate assets that a company manages. You can find out more about the legal requirements and laws of such a company by looking at the Republic Act 9856.

    But the most important question is, how can you earn money from real estate investment trusts in the Philippines? This is similar to stocks as REITs are listed on the Stock Exchange. Once you have a broker, you can purchase your shares of the REIT.

    Once profitable, companies often reward their stockholders, you will receive your interest, which is often paid by dividends. These dividends can be reinvested, and you can utilize the power of compound interest in the Philippines.

    What Is A Compound Interest Investment In The Philippines

    Compound interest is the interest you earn on your interest. For example, let’s say you have an investment with your bank of 100 pesos. The bank gives you interest (extra cash for investing with them) of 1% a year. So next year, instead of investing 100 pesos, you will invest 101 pesos, and the 1% interest you earned is now earning you more interest.

    In another way, think about compound interest in the Philippines as a snowball. You, as an investor, are at the top of the hill, and you are pushing down a snowball of cash. As your ball of cash gets bigger and bigger, it will catch more cash. So the bigger your snowball, the more cash it will catch as it’s rolling down the hill. This is a very loose definition, but the principles are similar.

    If you are only investing a little bit of cash or using compound interest for only a short period, your snowball will naturally be small. Nevertheless, your compound interest will increase with added cash and increased time.

    Naturally, compound interest is not a magic formula to be rich, and some ask the question, can compound interest make you rich in the Philippines? It’s important to answer this question fully…

    …compound interest can be a fast track to wealth; however, several factors include your compound interest investment and the domestic markets. These elements and more can affect one’s compound interest investment, resulting in either a good or bad investment.

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