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Best Places To Sell Ebooks Philippines

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    Are you looking to sell an eBook in the Philippines? Or, are you a talented writer/entrepreneur looking to start an eBook selling business in the Philippines? Then, you have most defiantly come to the right place.

    Where To Sell Ebooks in the Philippines

    When it comes to selling an eBook in the Philippines, you have several options. You could sell through a global network, sell through Ebook publishers in the Philippines, or go the business-building route.

    1. Sell On Amazon Kindle

    Amazon kindle is the biggest online eBook platform in the world. So it’s no surprise that many writers are turning to self-publishing on amazon kindle. One question you may ask is, how much can I earn by selling an eBook on Amazon Kindle?

    Amazon advertises up to 70% royalty payment on sales for your customers who are based in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and more.

    2. Sell On Lulu

    Lulu is also a vast and fasting publishing company. They also currently operate a print-on-demand service. Lulu writers earn up to 80%.

    As the world’s largest independent bookstore, they also have maybe features and benefits. So feel free to head over and see their book calculation to see how much money you could earn with Lulu.

    3. Sell On Smashwords  

    If you are looking to publish your eBook in the Philippines but are not interested in print books, Smashwords could be perfect for you. Smashwords is a company that distributes to many platforms and retails.

    The downside is that some sources report that earnings are less than other eBook publishers in the Philippines / globally. However, you could reach a much larger audience, and they are connected with some of the biggest eBook giants in the industry.

    4. Sell On Kobo

    Kobo is slightly more technical with its eBook publishing service. They offer their writers deep analytics of sales and views, which can help start an eBook business in the Philippines.

    The Kobo network is continuously growing thanks to its affiliate program. Currently, they have millions of readings on their system. Recently they also launched Audiobooks.

    5. Sell On Tradebit

    Tradebit states, “It doesn’t matter if you are a poet or a technical writer – Tradebit enables you to publish your book/content within a few seconds so that you can start selling the file on eBay or your homepage immediately.”

    Tradebit also runs a similar affiliate program to Kobo, but one thing to note regarding payment is that payment must be made through PayPal (currently).

    6. Sell On Pressbooks

    Pressbooks is a little bit different from other eBook publishing in the Philippines / globally because they do not sell your eBook directly but help distribute your content similar to Smashwords.

    Pressbooks aim to reach the education industry and, therefore, a unique customer group who may be your ideal readers for your eBook.

    Ebook Publishers Philippines

    We also have eBook publishers and eBook sellers as well here in the Philippines. Even though these options tend to be smaller platforms company to other eBook companies, these may be appropriate for your eBook if you target Filipinos.

    7. Sell On Ebookhub.PH

    EbookHub states – An individual, publisher, academic institution, or professional organization representative must sign an Exclusive License to Publishing Agreement (ELPA) and a three-year contract between C&E and the licensor.

    The benefit of eBookHub is that the primary targets are Filipinos. So if your eBook is primarily for the Filipino audience, this may be an exciting platform for you.

    8. Sell On Anvil Publishing

    Anvil Publishing has an excellent section on eBooks and audiobooks suitable for a Filipino audience. Anvil Publishing has also been around for some time and now also covers audiobooks and provides additional services.

    9. Sell On BookBaby

    BookBaby is not a specific eBook publisher in the Philippines but covers southeast Asia in general. All languages are accepted on BookBaby except Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Tamil, and Malayalam.

    BookBaby also lets you distribute your book on many Ebook Reading platforms, such as several we mentioned, including the big giants such as Amazon Kindle.

    Other Ebook Publishing Options For The Philippines

    10. Sell On Shopee Or Lazada

    We recently spoke about how to sell digital products on Shopee. The great news is you can also sell your eBook on platforms such as Lazada! Both platforms have pros and cons, and the fee change; however, as an eBook is not a physical product, many traditional tasks and not needed, which saves time, effort, and money.

    11. Sell Using An Affiliate Program

    When building an affiliate marketing program for any book, the most important thing is that you are making enough profit. As mentioned, costs are relatively low, so typically, there’s enough profit to use for the affiliate’s commission.

    If you are unsure where to start, you could visit Fiverr as business experts help ebook writers and self-publishers design their very own affiliate program from scratch.

    Tips For Writing A Successful Ebook

    TIP: Avoid Filler & Provider Results

    Many ebook readers buy eBooks because they want to achieve a particular result. This result may be entertainment or education; however, there is always an outcome that the reader expects. Knowing your reader’s goal will help you write a successful ebook in the Philippines.

    One thing that is always seen in every successful ebook is that there is little or no filler. In other words, the information in the ebook is relevant and serves a purpose. As a result, many writers often turn to purchase smaller eBooks instead of more extensive ebooks, which is valuable information if you are looking to start an ebook selling business in the Philippines.

    TIP: Work With The Community

    One of the most undervalued skills I see in many businesses is that business owners do not utilize the community.

    The community is your buyers, so it’s a good idea to work with them to help them become your promoters. Of course, not everybody will be interested in your ebook; unfortunately, that is just how the cookie crumbles; however, speaking at events and getting your name and book out there will help you build publicity.

    As mentioned above, affiliate marketing is one of the best strategies for growing or starting an ebook selling business in the Philippines.

    TIP: Plan For The Long Term

    After speaking to many ebook sellers, we noticed that ebook sales often increase over time. As more people download your eBook, your reviews and your social proofing will start to increase. As a result, you often receive a ranking boost on many platforms, and your visibility increases (commonly called the snowball effect).

    Marketing is an essential part of any eBook business in the Philippines or globally but planning for the long term is also part of the overall marketing strategy.

    Is selling EBooks Illegal in the Philippines?

    It is not illegal to sell eBooks in the Philippines. However, if a reader were to share, copy, or profit from someone else’s eBook without permission, this practice would be illegal. The Philippines also has a copyright protection law governed by Republic Act no. 8293 as Amended by R.A 10372.

    Is Starting An Ebook Selling Business Philippines A Good Idea?

    If you can find the right eBooks, sell on the right platforms with the right price to the right customer, then starting an eBook bookselling business in the Philippines can be a good idea.

    Like any business in the Philippines, an eBook selling business has its pros and cons. However, selling eBooks is relatively cheap as they are digital products. Therefore, costs are lower, making it a good business in the Philippines in terms of start-up costs.

    On the other side of the coin, starting an eBook selling business also has many cons. Above, we learned that it is illegal to copy, share, and profit from other persons’ eBooks without permission. However, sadly, this practice still happens as a result; your business could suffer from illegal piracy.

    You also have a few different options when looking at starting an eBook selling business in the Philippines. Of course, the first option is selling your products, but you can also sell other people for a percentage of the profits.

    Many ebook readers across the Philippines frequently purchase eBooks; however, there are also many illegal downloads on Ebooks; thus, it should be an important area to think about when looking at how to start an ebook selling business.

    Where To Sell Ebooks In The Philippines – Take Away

    • There are many different eBook publishers in the Philippines, but some of the largest are overseas.
    • On average, ebook publishers pay anywhere from 50 to 90% royalty payments.
    • Ebook writers have other options to sell their eBooks in the Philippines, including platforms such as Shopee and Lazada.
    • It’s always essential to avoid any filler and have your readers’ goals in mind when creating a successful eBook.
    • Overall starting an eBook selling business in the Philippines could be an excellent idea if you can find a market for your products.
    • Piracy is a concern too many ebook selling businesses.
    • An ebook selling business in the Philippines often has low financial start-up costs compared to other businesses

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