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11 BEST Investment With Monthly Returns Philippines

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    Investment With Monthly Returns The Philippines: Today in our jam-packed post, we will be looking at investments with monthly returns in the Philippines. In this article, we will look at what investments offer the best returns in the Philippines based on a month-by-month basis.

    Suppose you are looking to assess your investments. It would be best to use a specific financial formula to find the monthly returns of Investment in the Philippines. The process has been added to the link above for your reference… Nonetheless, to simplify things, we have taken the investment returns per year and divided these by 12 so that we have a basic average.

    In other words, the prices below are based on an average. The difficulty when assessing investments with monthly returns in the Philippines is that several different factors impact the Investment. There are also several different types of Investment. For example, there are over 9,000 cryptocurrency investments. Many of these have different returns of Investment per month.

    Due to the recent pandemic, price fluctuations in the Philippine’s domestic markets have occurred. Therefore today, we have focused on historical data, including the recent unprecedented times of the pandemic.

    Investments With Monthly Returns The Philippines

    Philippines Stock Exchange: ROI 0.84% P.M

    The Philippines stock exchange is a fantastic investment, and historically (excluding this year), the Philippine Stock Exchange has an average return of 8-12%. Unfortunately, the Philippine Stock Exchange has dived due to the recent pandemic. However, some stocks are recovering and look to bounce back as we look to the near future.

    There are several different types of investments within the Philippines Stock Exchange. This is important to consider if you are looking for an investment with monthly returns in the Philippines. For example, mutual funds are a popular investment for investors looking for a monthly return in the Philippines.

    Mutual funds are a mixture of different stocks and investment types, including bonds and cash. Due to the type of Investment the fund is investing in, mutual funds can be high risk with high reward. It’s not uncommon for a mutual fund to outperform the average yearly returns of the Philippine Stock Exchange.

    Previously we have spoken about how to invest in blue-chip stocks in the Philippines, how to find stock brokerage for those who want to invest, and so much more, and I’ve attached these full guides above for your reference.

    Farming Investments In The Philippines: ROI 0.41% P.M

    Farm investments in the Philippines have become a popular side investment for many investors. Fundamentally farming Investment is just as it sounds. Investors invest in a small local farm. This investment capital goes toward the tools, seeds, and materials needed for farming. Once the product has been grown and sold, investors will receive their investment returns with monthly returns in the Philippines.

    There are several different types of farming investments, and some will pay investors their returns as soon as possible, while others operate on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. So it depends on the terms and conditions of the company you are using to invest with and the farm itself.

    In this example, we are focusing on seed and crop farming investments. However, other farming investments have monthly returns in the Philippines, such as livestock farming (pigs, chickens, eggs, etc.). Some livestock farmers state a return of Investment of up to 400% per quarter; however, we cannot verify this investment claim from research.

    In recent years the agricultural industry has taken a slight hit, and some local farmers are finding it difficult to grow their farming businesses. Thus as an investor, you may wish to look at other investments with monthly returns in the Philippines.

    Cryptocurrencies: ROI 2.08% P.M

    Cryptocurrency can be a fantastic investment depending on the project and purchasing price. However, the world of cryptocurrency is still very new, and now with the advancements of nonfungible tokens and the metaverse, the crypto world looks to expand. But is cryptocurrency a good investment with monthly returns in the Philippines?

    Unlike buying and holding stocks, investors cannot receive dividends from cryptocurrencies; however, many advantages can include farming, mining, and offering liquidity. All of these processes can lead to financial gain and result in an investment with monthly returns in the Philippines.

    The challenging task of calculating the returns of Investment from cryptocurrency in the Philippines is that so many projects exist in the cryptocurrency space. Historically some cryptocurrencies have made 100,000% or more returns. However, at the same time, other cryptocurrency projects have been scams that have had 99% of the liquidity removed.

    Despite this uncertainty, cryptocurrencies currently offer one of the best returns of Investment. However, due to their being high rewards, there are also several high risks. Therefore, it’s often recommended to fully research your cryptocurrency investment project if you are looking for an investment with monthly returns in the Philippines.

    Index Funds & Banking Products: ROI 1% P.M

    Index funds are slightly different from mutual funds, and we have explored the differences and how you can invest in our most recent article. But to summarise, index funds tend to be pegged to the Philippine Stock Exchange. Index funds can also be purchased with most local banks in the Philippines, making the Investment much more convenient.

    Similar to all types of Investment, there are naturally fees involved, and this will depend on what type of index funds you are investing in and what type of bank you are using. However, over the years, there have been some high-performing index funds, some of which have returned investment returns of over 20% annually.

    In addition to local index funds in the Philippines, investors also have several other investment products available with most mainstream banks. For example, most banks are now encouraging beginner investors by offering start-up investments that can be started for as little as 1000 pesos. But, if you are an experienced investor, you may find it more appropriate to invest in other products outside of banking products.

    Real Estate: ROI 0.51% P.M

    Another market that has had its highs and lows in recent times is the real estate market. Real estate can fall under many categories, including commercial real estate, land, and residential real estate. Additionally, the location of the real estate has an impact. In other words, both the property type and the location can impact investment returns in the Philippines.

    As the Philippines real estate world has been developing over the years, several types of investment options have emerged for those investors looking to invest in real estate. Real estate crowdfunding and investing in real estate through stocks have become common investment types.

    Over the years, we have seen great expansion in certain locations such as Cebu City and Metro Manila. However, due to the ongoing developments across the country, there are now exciting opportunities to invest in all types of real estate. My personal favorite is the Mindanao area. From the region’s developments, I’ve seen some exciting opportunities in the real estate world.

    Gold: ROI 0.40% P.M

    Gold has been a common investment in the Philippines for many years but has gold seen its day? Some experts now believe that due to the advancements of technology, there is little value in gold, and some financial experts have even added that there is no room for gold in the (possible) cryptocurrency future.

    Whether you believe these financial experts or this is just speculation, the Investment of gold is still available and common across the world, so does gold offer monthly returns? Unfortunately, gold itself does not, but in theory, if you are selling parts of your gold, this can be an investment with monthly returns in the Philippines.

    Additionally, gold is just one type of Investment with monthly returns in the Philippines. This is because gold falls under the category of a commodity. There are several different types of commodities, many of which can be invested in, so we will explore your investment options below in more detail.

    Other Investments With Monthly Returns In The Philippines

    NonFungible Tokens

    NonFungible Tokens (NFTs) have become an extremely popular investment topic recently. Nonfungible tokens are very similar to cryptocurrencies. Meaning that some are very valuable while others are not. In our full beginners guide on NFTs in the Philippines, we looked at how to make money from this type of Investment in the Philippines and answered some of the biggest questions investors ask.

    Other Commodities

    If you are a beginner investor looking at Investment with monthly returns in the Philippines, you may be surprised how many commodities are on the marketplace. Here are the most common tradeable commodities.

    • Aluminum
    • Cocoa
    • Coffee
    • Copper
    • Corn
    • Energy (Gases/Oils)
    • Gold
    • Lead
    • Livestock/Meat
    • Palm Oil
    • Platinum
    • Rapeseed
    • Silver
    • Soybeans
    • Steal
    • Sugar
    • Wheat
    • Wool

    One disadvantage is if you are looking to invest in commodities in the Philippines, they, unfortunately, do not offer a monthly return of Investment unless you are selling part of your Investment. However, if this is your investment strategy, then, in theory, commodities can technically offer a return of Investment each month.

    Foreign Markets

    The most common question we often get asked is how to invest in foreign markets in the Philippines. This can be done through several platforms. I use Etoro, but other options depend on what type of market you wish to invest in. As you are investing in a foreign market such as the Singapore stock exchange, US, etc., monthly investment returns can be made.


    As we know, insurance is essential throughout life, But can insurance be used as an investment product? Fortunately, yes, and many types of investment insurance can be purchased. Sun Life offers a common insurance investment product which I have linked to if you are looking For more information.


    If you live outside of the Philippines, you may wish to explore the opportunity for Fiat currency exchanging. In other words, the Forex market. This type of Investment offers monthly returns. Fundamentally it is the process of buying Fiat currency and exchanging it for another with the expected aims of making a profit through each transaction.

    What Investment Offers The Best Monthly Returns In The Philippines?

    Historically and statistically, cryptocurrencies have offered the best returns of Investment in the Philippines and globally. However, even as the cryptocurrency world has developed, there are still opportunities for unprecedented returns in the cryptocurrency market.

    High risks are not always common in investments with high rewards. However, this is true with cryptocurrencies, as there are some extremely risky investments in the marketplace. Still, depending on your strategy and financial goal, investors can profit greatly in a short amount of time. However, some experts would argue that this is not investing but gambling.

    There are several investment markets in the Philippines; smaller categories within those markets. You will find that many investment opportunities in the Philippines have several additional investments within the categories. Your financial goal, risk tolerance, and strategy will all impact what Investment is best for you if you look for monthly returns from an investment in the Philippines.

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