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How To Monetize A Podcast Philippines

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    Are you a Filipino podcaster and looking at how to monetize a podcast in the Philippines? Then, you have defiantly come to the right place! Through this guide, we shall be diving into the world of making money from a podcast in the Philippines.

    6 Ways How To Monetize A Podcast  In The Philippines / How Do Podcasts Earn Money

    1. Sponsorship For Your Podcast

    When looking at how to monetize a podcast in the Philippines, one cost-effective way is sponsorships.

    There are a few different ways Filipino podcasts can find sponsorships for their podcast.

    A. You find sponsorships yourself by approaching businesses that would be interested in sponsorships.

    It is a good idea to have a business proposal ready and potential clients you can approach. When finding clients and customers to be your sponsor, try to look over your podcast niche and think about what kind of businesses you would like to get exposure to your listeners.

    Approaching businesses yourself has pros and cons, but you may decide to find your podcast sponsorships via an advertisement network if your time is limited.

    B. Sign Up To An Advertisement Network.

    There are many different advertisement networks available. However, two are currently making noise across the Internet either because of their fantastic service or through their rapid growth.


    Podcorn is a recommended advertisement network for monetizing a podcast in the Philippines because it is best for smaller podcasts in size. It allows podcasters to search through sponsorships and send a proposal directly to the sponsors.

    Here are some things to remember when signing up to podcorn in the Philippines …

    • They accept podcasts of all sizes, so there is no minimum download limit
    • Currently, there are over 32,000 podcasters on the podcorn platform
    • Signing up is free
    • There is a 10% commission rate that goes directly to podcorn

    Midroll Media

    Midroll media prides itself on being the biggest podcasting advertising network in the world. Midroll Media was purchased by Stitcher a few years ago, which is a well-known podcasting network.

    The process to join Midroll Media is simple. They have an online application form sent directly to the talent team, who will contact you if you have been successful with your application.

    Even though there is limited information about the process and requirements of Midroll media on their official site, many sources indicate that they specialize in popular and in-demand podcasts and therefore may not be the best option for new podcasts compared to other companies such as Podcorn.

    2. Affiliate Marketing On Your Podcast

    If you are looking for the latest affiliate marketing strategies and tricks, visit our full affiliate marketing guide in the Philippines. Alternatively, we shall be covering how affiliate marketing works on a podcast in the Philippines below.

    To summarise, affiliate marketing is a way of selling other people’s products or services in exchange for a commission. The great thing about affiliate marketing on a podcast is that you do not need any equipment and advertising is relatively risk-free if you have an audience.

    Suppose you are looking to grow your podcast. In that case, I suggest that you try the product yourself or only advertise products you feel personal are valuable. If you advertise something that you do not feel passionate about, it may be clear in your voice and may not convert into a sale.

    We have spoken about an official affiliate marketing guide for the Philippines, which can be used for blogs, YouTube, and podcasting. The great thing about this page is that all of the networks can be used in the Philippines, even ClickBank!

    Personally speaking, I’ve spoken to many bloggers and podcasters over the years, and one massive portion of their income streams is from …. affiliate marketing. So, if you are looking to increase your online income and make money from your podcast in the Philippines, it’s suggested to look at affiliate marketing options.

    3. Selling Products Or Services On Your Podcast

    You can also sell your physical products, digital products, or services by using affiliate marketing on your podcast.

    Like affiliate marketing, it’s always important to match your products and services with your audience. Suppose you are trying to sell sneakers for a marathon. In that case, this product may not be applicable if your audience is pregnant moms, for example.

    Some of the most straightforward products to sell are downloadable products including an ebook, a cheat sheet, music, etc. However, it depends on your audience and your podcast niche.

    Selling products and services from a podcast in the Philippines is not the easiest task; however, as you control the product and the price, this option could be one of the most profitable.

    4. Selling Premium Content Episodes

    When looking at how podcasts earn money, you will most likely come across the option of premium content. Even though this is a great option, it is possibly not the best option for beginner podcasts.

    Premium content works very well when the podcaster has built a loyal audience and has so much desire for their podcast that they are willing to pay for something extra and exclusive.

    if you were a listener to your podcast, what content would you pay for… The Internet is full of free content, so with all this in mind, what content would drive you to hand over your pesos … this open thinking can allow you to decide what content would be considered premium and what podcast content can be monetized.

    Sites such as Podbean are becoming increasingly popular as they allow podcasters to offer their podcast at a premium rate.

    5. Offering an Audio Course / Series

    Are you speaking about a specific topic, or are you educating your audience? If so, audio courses may be a great option to monetize your podcast in the Philippines.

    Audio courses are very similar to premium content. However, they have a specific layout, which usually creates a solution to your listener’s issue or external problem.

    Courses have become a popular income stream for bloggers for many years now. Many bloggers turn to platforms such as teachable, which allows bloggers to monetize their blogs; however, this can also be a reliable monetization stream for podcasters.

    Selling audio courses is a great way to increase your income for your podcast. Still, in many cases, an audio course works best once you have built a loyal audience.

    How do you know when you have built a loyal audience? When you first start a podcast in the Philippines, you may get one or two downloads or maybe even 10 in the first week; however, once you have built a loyal audience, you will publish an episode, and within a few hours, you will already have tonnes of downloads!

    6. Accepting Donations On Your Podcast

    The last option on how to monetize a podcast in the Philippines is through donations. Many payment systems have taken donations online easily; however, often, PayPal is the easiest and most transparent service.

    Donations are hard to gauge; however, from speaking to the podcasting community, most donations are normally made if you can deliver high-quality value for free or your podcast has an emotional element to it.

    In many cases, we are moved to action because of emotions. So if something has struck an emotion, you will be more likely to donate, which is basic human psychology.

    As mentioned, donations are hard to gauge. Furthermore, they are not regular; therefore, donations can be a nice added extra to your podcast but should not be your primary income stream if you are looking to make money from a podcast in the Philippines.

    How Much Do Podcasters Earn?

    Podcasters typically earn $15-$25  (720 – 1200 pesos)  per 1000 downloads. However, this amount fluctuates depending on many factors, including the listeners, the audience, and the topic.

    The above example is based on sponsorship payments only; therefore, if you are affiliate marketing, selling your products, or accepting donations, the amount could be much higher.

    How Much Can You Earn Podcasting In The Philippines?

    How much a podcaster can earn in the Philippines depends on that stream of income, audience, etc. However, based on the above predictions, you can assume that 1000 downloads = 1000 pesos (1 = 1) as an estimate.

    DownloadsPayment (PHP)

    As mentioned, there are so many things to consider, this is an estimate, and no one knows the exact amount. Still, for sure, the more downloads and listeners you have, the more options and possible money you can earn.

    One thing to remember is that just because you have a podcast in the Philippines does not mean you need to have listeners in the Philippines. My podcast has reached over 27 countries worldwide and is continually growing; therefore, your audience may sometimes be in other areas such as the US, UK, Europe, etc.  

    Is Podcasting Worth It In The Philippines?

    Podcasting can be a very enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Thanks to monetization and affiliate marketing podcasting in the Philippines, it is also financially rewarding.

    Podcasts similar to YouTube and blogs can also take up a large part of your time. Therefore, podcasting in the Philippines is worth it for those who have a specific goal in mind, whether financial or awareness.

    How To Monetize A Podcast  In The Philippines – Takeaway

    • When looking at how do podcasts earn money in the Philippines, we can see that there are many options available even if your audience are not Filipinos.
    • Sponsorships are among the first types of monetization streams that podcasters turned to when looking at how to monetize a podcast in the Philippines.
    • How much podcasts earn in the Philippines typically depends on several factors; however, an industry rule is between $15 to $25. As an average, we have suggested around 1000 pesos per 1000 downloads.
    • Donations are also an everyday income stream for podcasts in the Philippines; however, donations are unpredictable and should not be the primary income source if you are looking to make money from a podcast in the Philippines.

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