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5 Tips On How To Approach A Girl In Thailand

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    Have you ever wondered what the best ways how to approach a girl in Thailand? Today, we’re going to be looking at a few examples and go through five simple tips on how to approach a girl in Thailand. Additionally, we will also be going over some feedback from the locals about what tips and tricks they would recommend for foreigners dating in Thailand.

    How To Approach A Girl In Thailand


    Ask A Easy Question About Your Surroundings

    One of the simplest and most effective ways to succeed in your communication is to ask open-ended but easy questions about your surroundings. One thing that’s often forgotten about when approaching women in Thailand is that English is their second language. They may still be learning English, so it’s always best to ask simple questions to avoid confusion.

    There are also many different types of ice breakers that you can ask, but something open and friendly about the surroundings is often best. If you are in a shopping mall and see somebody you would like to approach, you could ask where a shop is or if they know the best place to find some coffee.

    Relax  And Keep An Eye On Your Body Language

    Approaching women in different surroundings can be quite a scary experience. Still, relaxing can make a difference in how you feel inside. Additionally, how you feel subconsciously will affect your body language.

    One thing that you will notice when approaching Thai girls is that they are incredibly bright. When approaching a girl in Thailand, she could be shy as well, but if the guy is also shy, she can feel very uncomfortable very quickly.

    Thus relax, make your move, be aware of your body language, and accept that not every opportunity will succeed but pat yourself on the back to handle it like a real man.

    Keep The Conversation Non-Erotic

    This is also a big red flag for single women in Thailand. I’m fortunate to have many friends in the single pool. They continuously tell me just how many foreign guys speak inappropriately, especially on dating apps and websites.

    But what’s more, is that some guys can use a naughty conversation to try and pick up women. This approach will fail 99% of the time in Thailand. Even if the girl is looking for fun, if a guy comes across as too eager and erotic, it’s immediately a turn-off for many Thai women.

    Dress Well To Impress A Thai Women

    In the best dating apps in Thailand and the Thailand kissing culture articles, we mentioned how important it is to dress well in Thailand.

    Our brains are wired so that even the most non-judgmental of us can at times judge individuals due to their looks and appearance. In Thailand, fashion is of greater importance than many foreigners know.

    Women know that if they see a man in a club, for example, wearing a vest he is most likely backpacking and just looking for some fun… even if this is not true, that will be her impression of him due to the way he is dressing.

    Be Nice And Friendly And Keep The English Simple.

    As mentioned when you are looking to approach a girl in Thailand, it’s important to keep the conversation pleasant and friendly but simultaneously plain and straightforward.

    Many people in Thailand speak fluent English; however, compared to countries such as the Philippines, English is on a different level, so it’s always recommended to keep the English simple. If you speak Thai, then that is 100 times better!

    Tips From The Locals On How To Approach Women In Thailand.

    One of the essential things for foreigners is to be sincere. And don’t do any naughty talk, especially when I have never even met you before. It is such a turn-off.

    What impresses me is if a foreigner tries to speak the Thai language even if he doesn’t speak it well, I’m impressed that he’s making an effort, making me want to get to know him more.

    Many foreigners have asked me out on a date, but my English conversation is not good, and when I first speak to them, they talk very quickly, and I don’t always understand what they’re saying. It is better if foreigners speak slowly, especially if the girl is like me.

    Please smell good. Sometimes people think that foreigners smell. In the West, it’s normal to have 4-5 showers a week, I think but in Thailand is normal to have two showers a day.

    Most girls in Thailand are very shy, and so dirty jokes are not a good idea if a guy is speaking naughty things to me, especially if he’s just approached me, which has happened, and I just think he is an idiot.

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    How To Approach A Girl In Thailand