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What To Take To The Thailand Checklist

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    Moving to Thailand as an expat is a dream for many. Still, one question you may be asking is what to take when moving to Thailand? In today’s article, we will be exploring Thailand’s checklist, which includes what to take when moving to Thailand, other considerations, and finally, some simple tips covering the general process of moving to Thailand.

    If you are a retiree, you may be interested in looking at Thailand’s vs Philippines guide; alternatively, we have previously spoken about life in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phuket, and other regions. I have added the links above for your reference.

    7 Items What To Take When Moving To Thailand

    Power Adaptor  

    When moving to Thailand, the first consideration is the electrical format. The power plugs in Thailand are type 0, and thus you will often need a power adapter in Thailand. This is perhaps one of the essential pieces of equipment you may need to add to your checklist for moving to Thailand.

    Compression Socks

    Interestingly compassion socks have been a talking topic in the travel industry for quite some time. Recently, scientists found clinical evidence from studies that compassion socks for long-haul journeys (such as those to Thailand) do work and are beneficial. As always, we recommend doing your research into this and other topics mentioned.

    Earplugs & Blindfold

    Moving to Thailand as an expat is often a delightful and eye-opening experience, but the initial journey and the first few days can be pretty challenging. In addition, situations such as sleeping on the plane or battling your body clock can be difficult. Thus, earplugs and blindfolds are highly recommended for those who prefer silence and darkness in order to sleep well.


    Sunscreen can be purchased locally, but in my experience, it is often an expensive product. Thus, you may find it financially beneficial to buy sunscreen before you travel. In addition, the sun in Thailand can become scorching. It’s even very possible to burn during cloudy days, and this is why many local Thais often apply some sunscreen or moisturizer on their skin.


    Money belts have many purposes, and they are not just used for security reasons. For example, suppose you are traveling around the markets in Thailand or around the beaches. In that case, you may accidentally drop some cash or misplace your valuables (this is extremely common). Therefore, moneybelts are often very useful and are often a great item to add to your checklist when moving to Thailand.

    Lightweight Backpack

    Backpacks are essential when living in Southeast Asia as most parts of Asia have a mixture of experiences from beautiful white beaches to high mountain tops. Through these experiences, a lightweight backpack is often recommended, and this is especially true for Thailand.

    Suitcase Locks

    One of the great things about locks is they can be used for just about anything, including suitcases. Many expats use suitcase locks on other items, such as the lightweight backpack we mentioned a moment ago. If you are on the beach and wish to take a swim, it’s recommended to have a small lock on your lightweight backpack for security and safety reasons.

    Other Checklist Areas To Consider When Moving To Thailand

    Health Insurance

    Health insurance in Thailand can be obtained for foreigners. However, you will need to decide when moving to Thailand as a foreigner is whether you want to buy local or international health insurance. Although there are pros and cons to both personally, I believe local to be best as it’s often cheaper and much more convenient if you need to claim.


    Depending on the medicine in question, some medications can be pretty expensive in Thailand, and if you do not have any health insurance, you may pay a higher than average price. Therefore, it’s generally recommended if you do need medicine, bring this with you to Thailand.

    Home Comforts

    If you are planning to move to Thailand long-term, many considerations will need to be made, and today, while looking at what to take when moving to Thailand, we have covered some essential items, but one priceless item that you may wish to bring is home comforts. It may not seem too big of a deal short term, but those home comforts are priceless during the long term.

    Other Forms Of Identification / Important Documents

    When living in Thailand as a foreigner, you may decide at some point that you wish to purchase a condominium or a brand new car or even start a job as an English teacher! Whatever direction you take, you may need to have several forms of identification and essential documents. Thus, one consideration to make is to bring a small folder of crucial documents.

    An Emergency Fund

    Should you add an emergency fund on a checklist for moving to Thailand? Absolutely. It’s recommended to start with a small emergency fund between $1000 – $2000 in the first few months to avoid any unpleasantness.


    Virtual private networks are designed to create private and protected internet connections when surfing the Internet. However, these private networks have been under a fair amount of criticism over the years as some experts believe they are not as secure as the companies claim. Nonetheless, if you are embarking on any business or financial matters, you may wish to keep your network safe.

    Download Relevant Apps

    In Thailand, there are a few different apps that are very popular and useful. When looking at a checklist for moving to Thailand, downloading apps are not essential, but there are one or two that you may wish to download before you travel. One of these is called Grab. This app is the Uber of Thailand and is very cost-effective, especially with airport transfers

    Checklist Tips On What To Take & Moving To Thailand

    1. Shop Via Amazon Or Similar Online Market Places

    Some of the links that we have used today will show you products listed on Amazon. We’ve taken a look at a few different marketplaces, but ultimately, Amazon is the cheapest and most convenient. There are also other marketplaces that you may wish to visit, but we found Amazon to be the best for consumers in our research.

    2. Focus On The 5 Most Important Tools

    When looking at a checklist for moving to Thailand, we explore what to take when moving to Thailand but what items are suitable for you? I would recommend creating a small list of five items that are essential for your lifestyle in Thailand. The checklist above includes necessary items that just about everybody will need, but you may find some extra items that are more suitable for your lifestyle.

    3. Always Have A Financial Safety Net

    A financial safety net is often a great idea if you plan to move to Thailand as a foreigner, as just about anything can happen in our modern world. As mentioned above, a small safety net of at least $1000 is recommended, but ideally, a few month’s living expenses is an ideal target.

    4. Create An Exit Plan

    One area to consider is not what you should take to Thailand but instead a plan or an exit strategy. When we think about a plan B, we often think about the worst-case scenario because plan A didn’t work, but it’s not always negative. Instead, you may be offered a unique experience that you cannot refuse, and thus, an exit strategy or a backup plan is often a great idea.

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