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7 Powerful Ways How To Impress A Thai Women

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    How To Impress A Thai Woman: So what is the best way to impress a Thai woman? You may be surprised to discover that many different actions can seriously impress a Thai woman and improve your chances in the dating scene.

    How To Impress A Thai Women

    Speak In Thai Or Try To Use Thai Phrases

    Speaking in the Thai language is not necessarily essential as many of the population (especially those looking to date foreigners) speak some level of English. Nonetheless, if you want to stand out in front of the crowd and impressed a Thai woman… using the Thai language or simple Thai phrases will help build communication and leave a lasting impression on your date.

    Always Be Respectful Especially Of Cultural Differences

    Even after a short time in Thailand, many foreigners understand the importance of respect in this culture. Respect includes respect for cultural differences. Criticizing/degrading the culture and views will not impress a Thai woman. It’s completely normal to share your opinion, but if your goal is to impress, always be wary of barriers and show respect.

    Dress To Impress, In Thailand Fashion Is Extremely Important

    If I could give one tip to foreigners looking to impress a Thai woman, that would be to dress appropriately for the situation. It’s not necessary to dress in a three-piece suit to have a simple coffee date; however, smart clothing sets you above the rest.

    Avoid Any Public Shows Of Affection

    As we’ve spoken about this previously in similar articles, we won’t cover this subject in too much detail; however, to summarize, public affection is a big NO-NO and should be avoided at all costs. Showing respect and courtesy to your date will surely impress her and show a level of understanding of cultural differences.

    Be Funny And Playful

    There is an old saying about the female population: girls just want to have fun. This is very true, especially in Thailand. If you’re looking to impress a Thai girl, it is best to be funny and playful. Avoid overstepping the boundaries but at the same time aim not to be too serious, relax and have some fun.

    Don’t Be Creepy Or Sensual

    Aside from public affection, which we spoke about above, this is perhaps another area to avoid. If you can avoid being creepy, you automatically impress your Thai date as so many men in this modern world are incredibly creepy. If you behave creepily, she will put you into that category with all the other men, not what we are aiming for.

    Pay Attention To Her And Show Her That You Care

    This may seem obvious to some, but it is overlooked, especially after several dates. Speaking to Thai women, one of the occurring worries they have is that their date does not like them and that they believe that the date didn’t care about them. Showing your date that you care about will leave a lasting impression, especially by giving extra effort.

    Impressing A Thai Women: Summary

    In the culture of Thailand, money, fast cars, and big houses are not things that impress genuine Thai women. Showing respect, paying attention to her needs, dressing to impress, and being playful will undoubtedly impress a Thai woman. Material possessions may impress some in the short term; however, this will unlikely last long term.

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