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Official Thai Friendly Guide For Foreigners

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    Whether you’re in America, Australia, Canada, The United Kingdom, or even in Thailand itself, you have most likely heard of Thai Friendly as it’s one of the leading dating websites in Thailand but…. is Thai Friendly legit, and can you find love on Thai friendly?

    These questions and more will be covered today as we go through the official Thai Friendly guide, which covers some essential tips for foreigners using Thai Friendly and my own honest and independent Thai Friendly review. If you have not come across Thai Friendly before, let’s briefly explore the basics of the platform.

    What Is Thai Friendly?

    Thai Friendly is one of the most popular and well-known dating platforms in Thailand. If you are a foreign gentleman looking for Thai women, you will find many options across Thailand. Thai Friendly has been around for many years now, and over the years, the platform has grown and developed. It is now easy to filter through your preferences to find a perfect match.

    Thai Friendly has a free version and a premium version. The free version covers basic needs but has some limitations. One limitation is that the popular members are uncontactable without a premium subscription. But this only really applies to top-rated members. On the other hand, premium membership gives members more power and more privacy, and the return on investment is often high compared to free membership.

    Thai Friendly is suitable for members who desire to narrow down their searches and preferences. With Thai Friendly, you can find members with their advanced features, including sexual orientation, employment, level of English, and so much more. At this moment in time, Thai Friendly is currently approaching nearly 3,000,000 members.

    How To Get Started With Thai Friendly

    Opening a Thai Friendly account is very simple. First, a new member will need to sign up with either a Facebook, apple, or Google account. Alternatively, new members can also sign up with a telephone number. In addition, Thai Friendly has an application that can be downloaded on the Apple store or Google Play.

    Once you have signed up, it’s recommended to fill in as much information as possible, as this will help you with visibility on the site and help you stand out from the crowd.

    When signing up, one of the most critical areas is to create genuine and flattering photos of yourself. Unfortunately, many Thai women do not reply without a photo. You may even have women saying this on their profiles. The good news is that uploading photos, essential information, and an introduction is often straightforward.

    Suppose you are looking to open up a Thai Friendly account, but you run into problems… In that case, it’s recommended to sign out & back in on either another device or on the website directly. The platform is often updated, which can sometimes cause a few bugs if you happen to sign up just as they are updating the platform.

    In addition, from the feedback of others, it seems that once a member opens a new account with Thai Friendly, there are a few checks that will need to be made to protect other members; this includes making sure that the profile is genuine and falls under the terms and conditions thus many find success by waiting 24 hours to overcome any bugs.

    Nonetheless, if you do run into any problems when signing up to Thai Friendly, it is recommended to look at their FAQ sections or reach out to the Thai Friendly team.

    Is Thai Friendly Legit

    If you’ve never come across Thai Friendly before or you have not used the platform, the common question is, is Thai Friendly legit, and does it work?

    Thai Friendly is a legitimate dating website and application with millions of members across Thailand and overseas. The Thai Friendly platform is one of the most well-known and popular dating websites in Thailand.

    When signing up to Thai Friendly or any dating website in Thailand, I always recommend that you thoroughly investigate the company and terms of service before signing up. Nonetheless, in my experience, I found Thai Friendly to be an extremely legitimate platform to meet Thai women all across Thailand.

    Can You Find Love On Thai Friendly?

    One of the benefits of signing up to Thai Friendly is that many members on the platform are looking for love. Although I was initially unsure what to expect… I found that Thai Friendly is a legitimate platform and is often used to find love in Thailand.

    When signing up to any dating websites in Thailand or globally, one must be aware of typical fake profiles and catfishing accounts. Thai Friendly to their credit has done a great job in reducing fake accounts, but it’s very challenging to verify if an account is real or if the photos have been stolen.

    This is why it’s essential to always lay on the side of caution, but a few bad apples do not spoil an apple tree. There are plenty of legitimate members on Thai Friendly for those looking for dating experiences and love.

    We have spoken about online dating scams previously, and if you are looking to sign up for Thai Friendly or are looking to find love in Thailand, it’s recommended to look at this article. For more information on potential dating scams that are common in Thailand. I have attached the article on the red link above for your reference.

    My Thai Friendly Review

    I found the Thai Friendly website more user-friendly. In addition, I found it much faster to find a member who was looking for similar interests to myself. Nonetheless, I did not find any bugs or issues with the application version, but I found it much more suitable to use the online version, primarily due to my lifestyle.

    There are plenty of members who are super friendly and enjoyable to talk to on the platform. However, I did run into several fake profiles (or at least I suspect they are fake profiles), but this wasn’t so much of a big issue as I could choose to block or move on from them and go on to the next potential match.

    The next part of my Thai Friendly review revolves around functions on the Thai Friendly platform. The free version is indeed a great experience, but as a member, you are limited, especially if you want to talk with popular members. It isn’t easy to build a connection quickly when you have to wait between messages, which is one reason why a premium version is the best way forward.

    A Thai Friendly review would not be complete without sharing my results! At the time, I lived in a popular city in Thailand, but I did not live in a big city such as Bangkok or Chiang Mai, but still, I was able to find plenty of members in my local area. The majority of members I found and wanted to find are those looking for a serious relationship; however, plenty of members are also looking for fun only.

    Nonetheless, I managed to find some great experiences. Sadly I had to leave Thailand due to the pandemic but continued on the platform and strangely found more enjoyment through online meetings, which is a good option for other members who do not currently live in Thailand.

    Thai Friendly Tips & Tricks

    Through the Thai Friendly guide, we have answered the ultimate question of is Thai Friendly legit, gone through my Thai Friendly review, and now we have reached the last section, which will cover Thai Friendly tips and tricks.

    1. Ditch The Naughty Talk. Inappropriate conversations often do not work well on these kinds of dating sites. In addition, in Thai culture, these types of conversations very rarely work.

    2. Be Patient. Setting up a dating profile, meeting the right match, and moving on to the next part of dating takes time. Every day, thousands of new members sign up to Thai Friendly; therefore, you may find that a little bit of patience often does the world of good when using dating websites in Thailand. In addition, most popular singletons usually have a busy life and are worth the wait.

    3. Be Different But Well. It’s always important to stand out but for the right reasons. This is a good philosophy for life but also works very well when dating in Thailand. Many singletons believe they need to act weird or random to get attention, but this is not true. Being a confident, positive, and a driven individual will often serve you well when dating in Thailand.

    4. Show The Real You. My passion is learning about online psychology and understanding why we say the things we say online? Showing the real you is recommended, but it’s always important to stand on the side of caution as online conversations are without tonality and can take the message away from the sentence.

    5. Don’t Take It Personally. Many singletons at timewasters. We have all met these characters. Some are looking for followers or attention or just bored. Thus it is wise to bounce back and not take anything personally when dating in Thailand or using Thai dating apps such as Thai Friendly.

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