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Phuket Pros And Cons For Foreigners

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    Phuket is officially the largest island in Thailand, and many expats move to Phuket each year due to its enticing scenery and friendly locals. But every island is different, and some areas are more suitable for some individuals than others. Thus today, we will be exploring Phuket pros and cons and be answering the ultimate question of should you move to Phuket Thailand?

    Phuket Pros And Cons

    Pros Of Living In Phuket Thailand

    Current Sandbox

    In July 2021, international travelers who are vaccinated can enter Thailand without the need for quarantine. Of course, this may not be applicable in the future, but at the current moment, the sandbox feature in Phuket is welcomed by visitors, especially those returning to Thailand.

    There have been some interesting developments, reports, and questions regarding the current sandbox situation. Attached above are some references for those of you who are looking For more information.

    Higher Level Of English Proficiency

    One great thing about living on a tourist island such as Phuket is the higher level of English proficiency due to the interaction between locals and expats. Statistically speaking, Thailand does not have the highest level of English proficiency nationally; however, certain areas such as Phuket are where many Thai English speakers are located. Thus, it is more unlikely a communication barrier will occur.

    Accessible Locations

    Phuket is a beautiful island, and it’s the biggest island in Thailand. There are so many things that can be seen! For those looking at Phuket pros and cons because you are moving to the island, it’s recommended to purchase or rent a motorbike as this will help you get around as some landmarks are spread across the island.

    Multi-Cultural Foods Available

    You may discover when moving to Phuket just how popular the island is with expats worldwide. Personally speaking, I found many Russians and Chinese living and visiting the island. In addition, some international expats who live in Phuket full-time then decide to open restaurants on the island, including some delicious food from their home country.

    Great Place To Meet New People

    When looking at Phuket pros and cons, one significant advantage is that it’s straightforward to meet all kinds of people as the island is popular with locals all across Thailand. In other words, many Thais visit Phuket for holidays. In addition, many singletons use dating apps to find Thai singles, but a simple walk on the beach can be all you need to meet some great locals.

    Cons Of Living In Phuket Thailand

    Moderate To High Levels Of Reported Scams

    Scammers are so common on islands such as Phuket that many prominent names in the travel industry, such as, Phuket101, and others, have previously documented common scams and how best to avoid them. In addition, you may be interested in looking at some of the most common online dating scams.

    Prices Can Be Higher Due To The Level Of Tourism

    Phuket pros and cons list would not be complete without mentioning one considerable disadvantage, and that is the overall price. Due to the high levels of tourism, prices can be extremely high, especially during peak season. As a result, it’s not uncommon for some prices to be higher than the capital Bangkok!

    Can Become Overcrowded With Tourism During Peak time

    There are many different things to do if you are planning to move to Phuket. During my experience, I discovered new places every week! But one of the most noticeable disadvantages of living in Phuket is how busy some places can be. This is especially true in the downtown area and the beachfront. But again, this does depend on when you’re going and the general location.

    Accounts Of Police Corruption 

    As we’ve mentioned above, when looking at Phuket pros and cons, scams are common on the island, but in addition to this, there have also been accounts of police corruption. Unfortunately, corruption is standard on many different levels in Thailand, which local and international sources have well documented.

    Fewer Choices For Transportation

    Lastly, on our list of Phuket pros and cons, you may find fewer choices for transportation on the island than in other areas. For example, grab is a cheap and highly accessible service across Thailand, but you may find that private and public transportation prices are 2 or 3 times higher than those outside Phuket.

    Should You Move To Phuket Thailand?

    If money is not a barrier and you are an individual who enjoys beach life and meeting new people, then you will most definitely enjoy the island of Phuket. Personally speaking, I found the island relatively modern with a diverse range of activities and a great place to party. After looking through Phuket pros and cons, we found a significant range of advantages and disadvantages of living in Phuket. Still, just like every destination, it depends on the overall lifestyle you are looking for.

    Some individuals who move to Thailand, for example, enjoy a simple life where there is much less tourism, much lower prices, and a more relaxed vibe. However, if you are looking for a simpler and quieter life, you may be better situated in the northern cities of Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai.

    If you are wondering should you move to Phuket Thailand, it’s always recommended to take a visit for yourself as you will often discover very early on whether the island is suitable for you or not.

    Previously we have spoken about the cost of living in Chiang Mai, the cost of living in Bangkok, and the overall feel of life in Thailand. I have attached the articles above for your reference. For those looking for more information about Phuket pros and cons, head on over to our official YouTube channel for the latest.

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