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Foreigners Guide To Life In Trat Thailand  

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    Moving to Trat. Have you been recently thinking about taking a trip to Trat, Thailand? Trat is a fantastic area for travelers and is becoming a hotspot for local tourism, but how to get from Bangkok to Trat? If you decide to go to this region, the ultimate question is, is Trat worth visiting?

    Today we will be exploring these questions and more by covering the official foreigner’s guide to life in Trat in Thailand.

    What & Where Is Trat

    Trat (Also spelled Trad) is a small province located in the eastern part of Thailand on the border of Cambodia and Thailand. Over the years, the area has been known for many reasons, including mining and trading. Still, travel influences have also visited the area in more recent times, and it is becoming more well known.

    How To Get From Bangkok To Trat

    There are several ways to get from Bangkok to Trat. The most convenient is to fly directly from Bangkok airport to trade Trat. However other options include using the bus service or private transfers.

    Currently, prices from Bangkok to Trat by air are around 2000 Thai Baht, including taxes and luggage. The bus service from Bangkok to Trat costs 280 Thai baht (depending on the operator).

    Some also decide to use a private taxi, and negotiation is key to avoid any high expenses. For the purpose of this article, we spoke to several taxi firms to get an estimated price. These averaged out between 3000 to 4000 Thai Baht for a standard vehicle and between 5000 to 8000 for a high-quality vehicle.

    Is Trat Thailand Worth Visiting

    Trat is a beautiful province that is a hidden gem and well worth a visit. Due to its continuous development and unique feel, Trat is the perfect getaway, especially if you are located in busy areas such as Bangkok.

    One thing to remember when visiting Trat in Thailand is that it is a province and lacks some comforts that you may be used to if you live in a big city.

    As it offers a quieter way of life, Trat is certainly worth visiting for those who live a hectic lifestyle, and it is also very attractive to those who enjoy the beach life.

    Many famous spots are located within this area, such as the popular Koh Chang.  

    You may wish to make some considerations around the May to October time. This is because the weather in Trat, Thailand, tends to be wet and stormy, so the best time to travel to Trat is between the months of November to April.

    What Is The Vibe Of Trat

    The beautiful atmosphere of Trat is quaint. There are many beaches located in the province of Trat, which are some of the most beautiful in Thailand.

    Many of the beaches are picturesque because, unlike other beaches such as those located in Phuket or Koh Samui, the beach fronts located on Trat are unspoiled and often unoccupied, resulting in a pleasant and relaxed vibe.

    The people of Trat are also incredibly friendly; many locals have more traditional jobs, such as farmers and miners. Thus, the atmosphere is somewhat traditional in the town compared to modern life in areas such as Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

    Is Trat Thailand Expensive

    As Trat is a province area in Thailand, the area itself is incredibly cost-effective. However, if you decide to visit Koh Chang, you may find that prices are slightly higher due to the popularity in recent years. Trat, however, remains a cost-effective region of Thailand.

    Many locals who are living in Trat live a very comfortable life purchasing local products and services; therefore, if you are looking to purchase items that are not commonly purchased in the area, you may find that prices are higher, but this is also the same for many parts of Thailand outside of Trat.

    There are several resorts across the province, and similar to other provinces, you will find that western food is more expensive than local Thai cuisine.

    As a foreigner visiting Trat, you will find the experience very cost-effective, especially if you have lived in cities previously.

    Living In Trat Thailand

    If you are planning to live in Trat, it is possible to do so. Still, there will be some disadvantages compared to living in the city. One of the most common is that you will not find any high-rise condominiums located in the region of Trat. However, there are homestays and apartments available for long-term living.

    Life in the province of Trat is often what people expect, which means that the overall area is fantastic for a holiday or short stay but may not be best if you are an entrepreneur or work online. This is why many of those who stay in Trat visit short term rather than long term; however, both options are available.

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