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How To Move To Thailand From Canada

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    Moving to Thailand from Canada is a dream for many Canadians. However, as pandemic lockdowns are easing and a brighter future seems to be on the horizon, many find themselves asking how to move to Thailand from Canada? And is there an official checklist to move to Thailand? These are very common questions that will be answered today as we break down moving to Thailand into three simple steps.

    How To Move To Thailand From Canada

    Step 1: Create Your Pre Thailand Checklist

    Previously we have spoken about a checklist for moving to Thailand, which I have attached above as your reference. Essentially, this includes all the items and areas of interest to focus on when looking at how to move to Thailand from Canada. The great thing is that many items can be purchased locally at an affordable rate.

    But creating your pre-travel checklist includes other areas of interest that are more applicable to you. For example, this could be anything from health coverage to canceling old vehicle insurance. your pre-Thailand checklist may be slightly different than others depending on how long you are going for and the reason for your travel (business, retirement, pleasure, etc.)

    To get you started on building your list when moving to Thailand from Canada, here are a few areas of interest that are worth exploring…

    • Cancel Old Subscriptions And Contracts
    • Copies Of Important Documents
    • Covid-19 Requirements
    • Emergency Funds
    • Inform The Bank You Are Moving
    • Insurance And Health Coverage
    • Medical Prescriptions
    • Moving Your Property To Thailand
    • Order Emergency Bank Card
    • Selling Unwanted Items

    If you are looking at how to move to Thailand from Canada and wish to earn income, spending time on your overall strategy is worthwhile… For instance, if you have a business managed in Canada by your team, what financial targets were your business need to meet, or what steps will you need to initiate before you can comfortably leave Canada to live in Thailand?

    Apart from your day-to-day living expenses living in Thailand, the emergency fund is another area of interest for many expats. We have previously spoken about the cost of living in Thailand on the website and the YouTube channel and broke down every type of cost. Often we recommend a budget of at least $2500 CAD. This should allow you (if budgeted correctly)  to live comfortably in Thailand for several months if the worst-case scenario happens.

    Step 2: Investigate Your Options In Thailand

    The next stage is very interesting as it allows you to research and investigate your options and potential avenues for your journey. Ottawa, for example, has several airports; after speaking to a reader, I did some research and found that he was able to save $350 CAD if he was willing to fly from a different airport.

    This is only one example, but it shows many options available when looking at how to move to Thailand from Canada.

    It’s also wise to have a backup plan or an exit strategy. Moving to Thailand is a unique experience, and life is fantastic. Still, if you are in one area for a long time, it is possible to become bored with the routine, so it is also a wise decision to strategize different options. Many expats who are moving to Thailand from Canada create their own pre-Thailand checklist and investigate their options simultaneously.

    Step 3: Visas & Actions

    At this stage on your journey, you will have created a checklist for moving to Thailand and investigated your options for your new life which brings us to the 3rd and final stage, which is visas and action.

    Depending on the type of visa you are obtaining, you may need to gather the relevant paperwork before leaving Canada to live in Thailand. This can include visiting a local embassy or applying online. At this moment in time, there are currently many different types of visas for Canadian citizens who are looking to live, study, or work in Thailand; thus, this will depend on your chosen visa.

    Previously we have spoken about your options if you want to live in Thailand long-term or permanently. This includes the process of citizenship in Thailand and other opportunities for those looking to stay long term but not permanently. I have attached this visa article above for your reference.

    In addition to obtaining the correct Thai visa, the latter topic is that action can take many different forms when looking at how to move to Thailand from Canada. Essentially, action often comes in the form of booking international flights and arranging to move possessions.

    It’s often recommended to book a flight at least two or three months in advance as this will give you enough time to get all the checklist research and other stages completed. When deciding how to move to Thailand from Canada, it is also essential to check each process step discussed above.

    But if something has been forgotten or left unchecked and you have already moved to Thailand, then in most cases, these errors can be easily fixed. For example, from speaking to expats who wish to move from Canada to Thailand, the most common mistake is not canceling subscriptions for services such as Netflix.

    Canda To Thailand

    Previously we have spoken about living in Thailand and covered the topics of tips and tricks, but to summarise this step by step process on how to move to Thailand from Canada

    First, a traveler will need to create a personal checklist. These are things that you may need to investigate or complete before traveling. This leads us to the next stage of the investigation of options. Once these two stages have been completed, the third and final stage is to make things official by obtaining the correct visa type and taking actionable steps.

    Owl of Asia posts regular updates about living in Thailand from Canada and many other topics; thus, if you prefer to watch, feel free to find out the latest information and updates on our official YouTube channel.

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    How To Move To Thailand From Canada