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How Much Do You Need To Live In Krabi 2024

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    Krabi is a small and well-known province in southern Thailand. Over the years, many expats have wondered how much do you need to live in Krabi, and thus today, we will explore this popular question.

    How Much Do You Need To Live In Krabi As A Single Adult

    Krabi is an interesting province in terms of financial costs. It certainly is not as cheap as the northern cities of Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai. But, on the other side of the coin, it is not as expensive as other popular areas for expats such as Phuket / Koh Samui. Nonetheless, the prices may differ depending on an individual’s lifestyle.

    As a single adult living in Krabi, Thailand, the estimated costs you will need are $1000 – $1400 USD a month. (32,700 TBH – 45,8000 TBH). This amount includes the most significant expenses such as rental, transportation, food costs, and entertainment.

    However, the price above is an estimate based on independent data we have gathered regarding the latest prices averaged over the last several years. In other words, this amount does not include any luxury expenses such as weekend tours, etc. But it does include some everyday luxuries such as eating western food a few times a week.

    • Rent: 8,000 TBH – 15,000 TBH
    • Food: 8,500 TBH – 14,000 TBH
    • Travel /Transportation: 3500 TBH – 5500 TBH
    • Entertainment: 8000 TBH
    • Laundry: 3000 TBH

    Based on the estimated prices above, the total cost comes to a minimum of $950 USD. But prices may differ depending on which area in Krabi. Depending on your lifestyle, for example, you may find that crabby town is more cost-effective than living on one of the nearby islands of Krabi province.

    When calculating the estimated costs of living in Krabi as an expat, the wonderful thing is that there is a great deal of opportunity for cheaper living experiences in the province. Personally speaking, I found living in the town cheaper as there are more options to choose from. Therefore I could find an affordable alternative and visit the islands on the weekends instead of living on the island full time.

    In addition, during this current pandemic era living in Krabi as an expat is cheaper than in previous years; therefore, negotiation is often more likely in certain situations. Consequently, you may be able to live in Krabi as an expat much cheaper.

    To summarise: when looking at how much do you need to live in Krabi, it’s best to consider your living expenses. Nonetheless, the latest data suggest that an expat will need approximately $1000 – $1400 USD per month to live comfortably in Thailand.

    How Much Do You Need To Live In Krabi As A Family

    Similar to how much do you need to live in Krabi as a single adult, living as a family will also depend on several components, including the location in Krabi you live in and your family’s lifestyle.

    If you have a small family, it is best to budget a minimum of $2150 USD per month. But if you are looking to live more comfortably, including living in a large condominium/villa and enjoying the province’s luxuries, it would be much better to budget between $2500 – $3000 USD per month.

    This estimate is not essential if you and your family live a relatively quiet lifestyle. Some families can even live on much less than the original quote of $2000, but this will naturally depend on your family size and where you are planning to live.

    In addition, the price does not include any schooling fees. According to the latest statistics, the average school fee in Thailand is approximately $17,000 – $19,000 per month.

    Is It Possible To Living In Krabi On A Budget

    Many of the islands are incredibly large, and you will find many alternative options for those on a budget. Nonetheless, most often, you will find more options on the mainland, and therefore prices will be lower in this area.

    In addition, if you are looking to live in Krabi as a foreigner on a budget, it’s best to look at the most significant expenses while residing in Krabi and see how these will affect your life. For example, transportation is essential, but the good thing about Krabi is that it has a lot of public/private transportation options.

    So fundamentally, you will need to decide what is best for you and your situation. The most accurate advice I can give you is simply living like the locals. This phrase is overused from time to time, but it is essentially true, especially if you look at how much you need to live in Krabi.

    Due to the current pandemic era, prices across Thailand have fallen dramatically. At this moment in time, we are unsure when prices will return. They will likely slowly increase in the near future, but at this current moment, prices remain relatively low, and therefore this is one of the best times to live in Krabi as an expat if you are looking to save money or you are on a budget.

    Tips For Saving Money In Krabi Thailand

    So now that we have covered how much do you need to live in Krabi as an expat, it’s time to cover some additional questions such as how you can save money living in Krabi?

    If you plan to live in Krabi long term and time is on your side, this will give you a massive advantage when living in southern Thailand as cheaper agreements are often made long term. This includes your rent, your Internet usage, and many other living expenses of Krabi.

    The disadvantage of this method is that you will need to ensure that you fulfill the contract. If you need to leave before the contract, you may need to pay an exit fee or lose your deposit, so it’s best only to sign an agreement if you know you can fulfill it fully.

    Making friends with the locals is another helpful tip if you’re looking to save money in Krabi. As you are most likely aware, if you have previously lived in Thailand or have researched this beautiful country, price discrimination is common in some cases, and what locals pay can be very different from what foreigners pay. Therefore getting in touch with locals and building connections will help you find the best deals.

    Is Krabi A Good Place To Live?

    Krabi is a small province in the South of Thailand and is home to many digital nomads, retirees, and travelers worldwide.

    Most locals and international travelers see Krabi as a great place to live. Krabi has many advantages, including the unique town vibe and the beautiful nearby beaches accessible by local boats.

    When living in Krabi, it’s often wise to ask yourself what living experiences are you looking for? This will help you determine if Krabi is a good fit for your lifestyle. When living in Thailand, many expats are looking for a life with friendly locals, good food, and nearby beaches, and it’s possible to find these all easily within Krabi.

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