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Best Dating Apps & Websites In Thailand 2024

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    As a Singleton, you may have some questions about the best dating apps in Thailand, such as…  is Tinder popular in Thailand?, what dating apps are used in Thailand the most?, or perhaps, what is the best Bangkok dating site? All of these questions and many more will be addressed today.

    Besides going through the best online dating websites in Thailand, we will also be covering the best dating apps in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Phucket. We will finish off this article by sharing the complete list of popular dating apps used in Thailand.

    What Is The Best Dating Apps In Thailand?


    Tinder is the best dating app in Thailand because it has a unique selection of members ranging from those looking for short-term dating all the way to those looking for something serious.

    Due to the vast number of members, both male and female, Tinder comes on top when looking at the best dating apps in Thailand.

    Tinder is a free application; however, if you are interested in upgrading, which includes seeing who liked your profile and being able to super-like many more matches, you can do so for a minimal fee.

    The prices for Tinder range slightly depending on the location of the App Store. Meaning that if you upgrade in Thailand using a phone purchased in Thailand, it would cost you less than a phone purchased in America, for instance.


    Bumble is also one of the best dating apps in Thailand that includes a vast number of members. Bumble is a close competitor of Tinder; however, looking at the statistics of dating apps in Thailand, it seems that fewer members are on bumble than on Tinder.

    Bumble is more beneficial for those individuals looking for something more long-term. Many of the members from my experience and others’ feedback are that those on bumble tend to look for a serious relationship.

    Coffee Meets Bagel

    Coffee Meets Bagel is a unique dating app in Thailand that promotes that over 86% of its members are looking for something serious.

    When I first came across this company, I researched Chiang Mai dating apps for an up-and-coming article and new YouTube video; thus, I downloaded the application and found the user experience very friendly and straightforward.

    On the Google App Store, Coffee Meets Bagel has over 6000 reviews. It has a marvelous average of 4.7 out of five stars. One thing I liked before using this application was the developer’s feedback on problems that some users experienced.

    What are The Best Dating Websites In Thailand?


    Understandably ThaiFriendly is one of the best dating websites in Thailand. At the time of writing, ThaiFriendly has over two and a half million members and markets itself as the best dating website in Thailand.

    ThaiFriendly is popular in many areas, but of course, it is one of the best dating sites in Bangkok due to the vast number of users concentrated in the city.

    ThaiFriendly also has an app that can be downloaded for free. Even though there is a premium service, ThaiFriendly allows its users to send and receive messages for free; however, there may be a short waiting time between messages.


    ThaiCupid is another one of the best dating websites in Thailand. ThaiCupid has over 3,000,000 members and markets itself as the largest dating website in Thailand at the time of writing.

    You may have come across other similar websites that are part of this corporation, such as Hong Kong Cupid, Indonesian Cupid, Russian Cupid, etc.

    ThaiCupid allows its members to review their matches for free. Still, it has minimal features unless members upgrade, which allows you to interact much more, increasing the likelihood of success.

    Asian Dating

    Asian Dating is a part of Thai Cupid and many other platforms that this corporation operates. With an impressive 4.5 million members, Asian dating markets themselves as the largest Asian dating website.

    We often get asked about the best Phucket dating apps, Chaing Mai dating apps, or Bangkok dating sites, so we had a look for members in these areas on Asian Dating, and we found plenty of singletons that were online and ready to chat.

    What Are The Best Bangkok Dating Apps / Websites?

    Tinder / Grindr

    Tinder is one of the best Bangkok dating apps. Often Tinder is compared to the iPhone of the dating world. In other words, it might not have all the features as others, but it is what most people use. Grindr is another popular dating app in Bangkok that’s marketed to the LGBT community.

    Both applications are top-rated and are some of the best dating apps in Thailand. They also have a dating website that can be accessed in Thailand; however, these businesses were made for mobile devices. You will obtain a better user experience using the app than dating on their official website.

    Facebook Dating

    Surprisingly one of the best Bangkok dating apps in Thailand is Facebook dating. Facebook Dating has been around for quite some time now, and one reason many choose Facebook dating is that they tend to have members not just in the big cities but also in the smaller, less touristy cities.

    If you do not speak Thai, you may find that slightly fewer members on Facebook dating speak English which could cause a problem with communication; however, that being said, there are still many members who speak excellent English.

    Coffee Meets Bagel

    When we first reviewed Coffee Meets Bagel several months ago, we found it to be one of the best dating apps in Thailand with a great user experience. The Annual Renewal is $179.99 (equivalent to $14.99 per month), but they also offer 1,3, and 6 monthly subscriptions.

    We found this app to be excellent in Bangkok, with lots of members ready to talk. We have not tried this in other less known areas, for instance, some of the islands in the South or the mountains in the North; however, in Bangkok, the app seemed to be just as expected.

    What Are The Best Chiang Mai Dating Apps / Websites?

    Facebook Dating

    If you’ve ever been to Chiang Mai, you will know that it has a slightly different feel than any other area in Thailand. Chiang Mai locals are known to be some of the most friendly people in Thailand, but why has Facebook dating won our list of the best Chiang Mai dating apps/websites?

    As we know, Facebook is a colossal Corporation, and it seems that just about everybody has a Facebook profile. Adding Facebook Dating to users’ profiles has made it very easy for locals to interact, allowing Facebook Dating to become one of the best dating websites for Chiang Mai.

    Additionally, some dating apps in Thailand have been known to be full of spam and fake profiles. As Facebook Dating is connected to an individual’s profile, the likelihood of a fake profile is much less.


    As we know, looking at the best free dating apps in Thailand, Tinder is the biggest and most popular.

    One reason Tinder is popular in Thailand is that it is an app that is widely used by members looking for a non-serious relationship. However, there is a mixed bag of members on this platform in my experience which is also confirmed by global statistics. This and more sets a comfortable dating app in Thailand if you are unsure what you are looking for.


    Bumble has become more popular over the last several years and has risen to be one of the best free dating apps in Thailand, and one of the reasons for this is that women get to make the first move.

    If within 24 hours a woman has not spoken, she and her match will be unmatched (unless they extend for another 24 hours, which is part of the paid service). This gives women more control of who they are talking to, resulting in increased members across Thailand, including Chiang Mai.

    What Are The Best Phuket Dating App / Websites?


    ThaiFriendly is one of the best Phuket dating apps and websites. I’m not sure why this is, but there seem to be many members in the Phucket area on Thaifriendly.

    Unfortunately, this number has slightly changed due to COVID-19. It is suspected that as this is a tourist area, many businesses closed, resulting in singleton’s moving back to their families or to another city.

    With this being said, there is a vast number of active members and live on that friendly platform in Phuket.


    Badoo is also another increasing Phuket dating app used more and more in the western world and has also increased its popularity across Asia.

    The app is user-friendly and allows you to see a huge list of available singleton’s. Like Tinder, Badoo includes a mixture of members looking for something serious and looking for something more short-term.

    There have been some reports that there are many spammy and fake profiles set up on apps on Badoo; however, with the verification process is Badoo hopes to eradicate this.

    Asain Dating

    Asain Dating is very similar to ThaiFriendly, Asain Dating has a large selection of members in the Phuket area at the time of writing. This makes sense as the platform hosts over 4.5 million singletons worldwide, and this platform is continuously growing.

    However, many features can be accessed to really benefit from the unique platform Asain Dating offers; it may be a wise investment to look into their upgraded subscription plan.

    The Best Free Dating Apps In Thailand


    We’re back again with Tinder! A common question we get asked is, is Tinder popular in Thailand? Tinder is the most popular dating app in Thailand, and it is also one of the leading free dating sites In Thailand.

    Another common question asked is, is Tinders premium plan worth it? If you are looking to talk to many different people and want to know precisely who matches you, then a Tinder premium plan may be worth it. Still, a free Tinder subscription offers its members a lot of valuable services.

    In other words, members will be able to talk completely free and have no problems whatsoever, so there may be little reason for upgrading.

    Facebook Dating

    One of the reasons Facebook Dating takes our number two place of the best dating apps in Thailand is because it is a free dating app in Thailand and a massive selection of singletons nationwide.

    The only drawback with Facebook Dating is that you cannot rewind. In other words, if you accidentally select no on a profile, you will not see their profile again. Apart from this minor drawback, Facebook is a growing free dating website in Thailand and can also be accessed via the Facebook app.

    ThaiFriendly & ThaiCupid

    In all honesty, I had a challenging time in concluding in terms of features and price, and they are slightly similar. Both sites offer some level of free service (even though this is limited), but one reason they have made our list is the high number of genuine members looking for love.

    If you are looking for a more serious and long-term relationship, you will find just the type of people you are looking to meet on these websites as they are more long-term, which shows very clearly in the application process.

    Full List Of Dating Apps In Thailand

    After looking at Thailand’s free dating apps and some of the best dating websites in Thailand, we have put together a complete list of dating apps in Thailand.

    • Asian Dating – A Leading Asian Dating Sites With Over 4.5 Million Members.
    • Badoo – A Social Dating Application With Over 400,000 New Members Each Day
    • Bumble – The Dating App That Lets Woman Make The First Move
    • Coffee Meets Bagel – A Growing App That Focuses On Long Term Relationships
    • Date In Asia – A Free Dating App That Includes Millions Of Members Across Asia
    • Facebook Dating – A Way To Find Love Locally On The Facebook App
    • Grindr – A Dating Platform Marketed To The LGBT Community
    • Happn – An App Where You Match When You Physically Cross Paths In Real Life
    • Hornet – An App That Focuses On Being The Biggest Homosexual Social Network
    • Match – A Worldwide Leading Dating Website That Has Over 21 Million Users
    • Ok Cupid – A Free Dating App Used Worldwide For Long Term And Short Term Relationships
    • Plenty Of Fish – A Complete Profile-Based Dating Platform
    • Thai Cupid – A Thai Specific Dating Website With Over 3 Million Members
    • Thai Friendly – One Of The Best Thai Dating Websites With Millions Of Members
    • Thai Match – Marketed As One Of The Fastest-Growing Thai Dating Apps
    • Tinder – A Free Dating App In Thailand That Has A Global Membership Of Over 57 Million

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