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Are Thai Girlfriends Faithful

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    Are Thai girlfriends faithful? What a unique and interesting question! If you found yourself asking this recently, then you are not alone. This very question is one of the most popular questions searched for online using the keyword “Thai + Girlfriend”; therefore, we will be discussing this question in detail.

    Are Thai Girlfriends Faithful?

    One of the most challenging things when looking at the question of… are Thai girlfriends faithful… is that the answer is often generalized. A general answer to this question will not be appropriate. Many different types of women live in Thailand looking for many different things, including love, a family, and short-term romance.

    However, if we were to generalize the answer purposely…..

    In general Thai women are faithful in relationships because a growing population of women across Thailand has unfortunately been victims of marital affairs, leading to their understanding of how painful this can be. As a result, many Thai women, especially in traditional culture, go above and beyond staying faithful.

    As mentioned, this is a largely generalized answer. It may not be appropriate in every situation. Still, I have found that Thai girlfriends are often very kind, gentle, respectful, and faithful from my years living across Thailand and building friendships and networking with the female population.

    Are all Thai girlfriends faithful? The reality of the situation is people are people. Meaning that it doesn’t matter if she is from Thailand or a woman or not as people are people, and human behavior is complex. Even though there is a large part of the faithful population (this has a big part to play in the culture), some are not faithful.

    Additionally, being faithful has many different levels, and it can be a subjective question in some respects. To answer this in more detail, I turn to Thai sponsorship.

    It has been known for some women in Thailand to network with sponsors. These are usually very rich gentlemen and are happy to send money to their Thai “friend.”… it has been known for foreigners to date Thai’s and be unaware that they have sponsors. This is not common practice; however, it can be seen as unfaithfulness to some people.

    In my experience living and dating in Thailand, I have found that deep down, women are the same as anywhere else in respect to their desires. Of course, they want to feel loved, cared for, and attractive to a partner. But not all women (similar to men)  are looking for love which is very important to remember.

    Thai girlfriend –  Red Flags

    Even though we have discovered that Thai girls are often faithful, some red flags are to be wary of. Even though most women are respectful and amazing people, there are some online dating scams and many other red flags that foreigners should be careful of. Let’s take a look at some red flags to be wary of when dating in Thailand.

    • if your partner comes to your house carrying a suitcase full of clothes after only a few dates
    • if your partner insists on you paying for everything at all times
    • if your partner is overly affectionate in public (this is culturally unacceptable)
    • If your partner covers their phone when you are close by
    • If a dating profile is unverified, it may be a scam or a catfish
    • If they are continuously busy or have work emergencies at the last moment
    • if your partner continuously complains or is rude to strangers

    Here are a few common red flags that you may encounter when dating in Thailand. It’s challenging to predict, but it may be unlikely that a Thai girlfriend will be faithful if she shows many of these red flags.

    Imagine if you took your suitcase full of clothes after a few days to your partner’s house and then covered up your phone when she was close by … it’s highly likely that you had other things on your mind rather than romance. Thus it may be helpful to see her actions from a different point of view.

    When dating in a country like Thailand, it’s always essential to show honesty and respect to whoever you’re dating. In many cases, you may be the first foreigner your partner dates, and naturally, she might be slightly wary.

    Before writing, many locals I spoke to informed me that many Thai girlfriends would also be wondering if the foreign gentleman would be faithful or not, so it’s a great idea to put her mind at ease to strengthen the relationship.

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    Are Thai girlfriends faithful