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9 Unique Chiang Mai Date Ideas

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    Chiang Mai date ideas? After living in Chiang Mai for over five years, I have personally visited the best and the worst dating venues in the city. Today we will be looking at  Chiang Mai’s dating ideas and venues, which will surely impress your lucky date.

    Best Chiang Mai Date Ideas

    Feed The Animals In The Botanical Garden

    This place is phenomenal if you or your date is an animal lover as it has a host of animals such as rabbits, deers, horses, and buffalos that can be fed freely. Additionally, there are lots of beautiful Flowers and hedges around the gardens.

    The official Thai name is สวนพฤกษศาสตร์ทวีชล which may be needed to find on Google Maps. If you’re reading this from your mobile, the name may have already been auto-translated to English; thus, you can find the garden by searching botanical gardens in Google Maps. You will find this North of the city near Inthara Chitchai Village.

    Typically opening times start at 8:00 am and close at 5:00 pm every day. Due to certain holidays and local changes, it is advisable to contact the establishment beforehand.

    View The City From Doi Suthep

    Doi Suthep is one of the most popular attractions in Chiang Mai, but there is so much to discover on the journey up the mounting to Doi Suthep other than the temple.

    Many national parks nearby and beautiful viewpoints overlook the city, making a great Chiang Mai dating idea, especially if you are traveling on a motorbike. The drive up the mountain is pleasant and has lots of scenery.

    Furthermore, this Chiang Mai dating idea is entirely free! At the time of writing, covid is still a slight concern; there is no fee to pay into the temple; however, this will likely change once tourism returns.

    Before you start the mountain trail, you will see a small army checkpoint that usually blocks the road from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm every day; however, this is not always practiced.

    Go For A Splash At Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon is one of the best Chiang Mai dating ideas as it has the thrills of water sports and provides an excellent trust-building day that is needed during dating in Thailand. Grand Canyon is simply a water park featuring many different slides and hurdles, including inflatable blobs and waterbikes.

    Additionally, other venues are within walking distance of Grand Canyon. If you are interested in water sports such as water skiing, you will find the perfect venue at the same place as Grand Canyon. A few minutes’ walk will take you to a separate Canyon field with the sports canoeing/kayaking.

    Opening times start at 10:00 am and close at 7:00 pm every day. Due to local changes and holidays, it is recommended to contact Grand Canyon water park before embarking on your journey.

    Hike Up The Famous Monks Trail Of Chaing Mai

    Monks trail is located in the Doi Suthep area of Chiang Mai. The entire journey can take anywhere between 25 minutes to one hour depending on an individual’s pace; however, it can be completed in under 40 minutes in many cases.

    The trail is a comfortable and enjoyable track up and around the side of the mountain. At the top, you will reach a temple. Recently, some added features such as a small garden and flowers have been added so that you can relax and admire the beautiful wildlife.

    This is also an enjoyable dating idea in Chiang Mai, and it is also completely free. There is a small opening for cars and motorbikes before you enter the monk’s trail.

    The monk’s trail often does not have a closing time. The gate is sometimes closed, but it is effortless to enter; nonetheless, it is advisable to only hike during sunlight to avoid injuries.

    Visit The Area Of Hmong Village

    This beautiful village is home to a local tribe that sells traditional arts and crafts. Besides seeing how the tribe lives, you can also walk around the beautiful gardens and landscape, admiring the scenery.

    Prices are often very low in terms of souvenirs. Near the tribe, they also have a small shop for clothes and lots of food and drink establishments.

    The city is a medium-length drive, but it makes for a great dating idea in Chiang Mai. You can enter the village at any time. However, many attractions will not be open to the public. It is best to come after 10:00 am and before 4:00 pm.

    Stroll Around The Prestigious Royal Park Rajapreuek

    The Royal Park is one of the most prestigious areas in the city. Initially, the park was very popular and used frequently, but fewer locals visited this beautiful area as time passed.

    Prices at the Royal park are slightly higher than some of the other Chiang Mai dating ideas on our list today; however, it is still very affordable. Thai prices are slightly lower than foreign prices currently.

    The royal park is typically open every day from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm; however, it may be closed due to Royal celebrations, holidays, or festivals. Thus it is recommended to contact the Royal park before visiting.

    Take A Long Walk Around The 700-Year-Old Park

    The 700-year-old park is a majestic part of Chiang Mai and makes for a great dating idea in northern Thailand as it has a lot to offer for a medium-sized park.

    The park includes a trap that wines around the grassland of the area. There is also a gym at the park, which is entirely free to use and includes free weights. Additionally, some sports and classes take place at this park, including badminton and Zumba.

    Chiang Mai 700 years park (official name) is not to be confused with the 700-year-old athlete stadium in a different location. The park itself is open every day from 6:00 am until 9:00 pm. However, the closing time may soon change as developments to the park are ongoing.

    Explore The Markets At Phae Gate

    The markets at Phae Gate are some of the largest and most enjoyable experiences in the city. If you are looking for a Chiang Mai dating idea that is relatively relaxed, this may be perfect.

    There are often many street performers, foods, desserts, beverages, clothes, accessories, and many more. Prices a relatively inexpensive for many products; however, if you are purchasing items, it is always best to haggle, especially clothing items.

    The main street and neighboring streets also include many restaurants and bars that are perfect if you are looking to move your date forward.

    The Tha Pae Sunday Walking Street starts every Sunday from 5:00 pm until 10 / 11 pm.

    View The Art At The Gallary Seescape

    Gallery Seescape Is one of the most thrilling galleries in the city. The gallery at Seescape includes contemporary and modern art that local artists produce. Many pieces of art are also expressed in different formats, including more physical formats and video formats.

    Currently, the gallery is open every day except Mondays. Normal opening times start from 11:00 am until 8:00 pm however this may differ slightly; thus, it is recommended to contact the gallery beforehand.

    Chiang Mai Date Ideas

    Aside from the unique and romantic Chiang Mai dating ideas we have mentioned above, there are also many other exceptional venues around the city. If you are looking for Chiang Mai dating ideas that do not cost any money, you also have many different options, including museums, parks, and free activities.

    Nimman area in Chiang Mai has a host of free activities in the mornings and the evenings for sporty individuals. Still, a simple walk around this area is also a common dating idea for many living in Chiang Mai as there is so much to do!

    Additionally, the Nimman area is close to Maya mall, which has a host of different dating ideas in Chiang Mai, including an exclusive rooftop bar containing many cocktail beverages and alcohol-free drinks. Chiang Mai Date Ideas.

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