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Jumpstart Your Journey to Winning with ACE Money Transfer’s Latest Offer for Filipinos

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    Are you a Filipino expat who routinely wants to send money to the Philippines to your family members? ACE Money Transfer provides a thrilling promotion exclusively for you in that case! ACE Money Transfer has begun a 3-month promotion just for its Filipino customers from June 1 through August 31, 2023. For both remittance senders and receivers, this promotion provides the opportunity to win fantastic rewards. You can take advantage of fee-free transfers in addition to entering to win one of three brand-new Honda Click 160 motorcycles for your loved ones or win one of 09 iPhone 14 Plus for yourself. Let’s go into the details of this wonderful offer to see how you may get your winning chances going.

    Transfers Without Fees

    The fee-free transfers provided by ACE Money Transfer are one of the campaign’s attractions. There are no costs associated with sending money to the Philippines during the campaign. This enables you to send your loved ones the maximum amount possible while ensuring that they receive every dollar you plan to donate. With fee-free transfers, you can save more while still taking care of your family back home since ACE Money Transfer recognises the value of your hard-earned money.

     iPhone 14 Plus for Senders

    Imagine giving money to your relatives while also receiving a brand-new iPhone 14 Plus in return! 9 iPhone 14 Plus smartphones will be given away by ACE Money Transfer to fortunate remittance senders. You may help your loved ones while also having a chance to win this highly prized smartphone by taking part in this campaign. Your remittance transactions get an extra boost of excitement because of this win-win situation.

    Brand-new Honda Click 160 Motorcycles for Recipients.

    The value of remittance receivers to ACE Money Transfer is equal to that of senders. The participants in this promotion have the chance to win three brand-new Honda Click 160 motorcycles. If you’re a sender and win a motorcycle in this promotion, you can choose a member of your family or another close friend to receive this fantastic gift in the Philippines. 

    This is a special gift from ACE Money Transfer that enables you to celebrate your success with loved ones back home. Your loved ones will not only get the much-needed cash assistance, but they will also get the chance to ride out on a brand-new motorbike.

    Check out the dedicated home page for the campaign on the ACE Money Transfer website to discover more about the Terms and Conditions of this promotion, including the eligibility requirements and prize distribution. 

    Campaign Duration:

    ACE Money Transfers campaign has been targeted at Filipino clients. Make a note of the dates June 1, 2023, through August 31, 2023, on your calendars. You have a fantastic chance with this campaign to send money at ZERO fee to your loved ones in the Philippines while also participating in the drawing for wonderful rewards.

    How to Take Part?

    Are you eager to join in this campaign, and are you thrilled about it? With ACE Money Transfer’s most recent promotion for Filipinos, here’s how you can get started on your path to success:

    1. Send money to the Philippines:

    You must use ACE Money Transfer to send money to the Philippines during the campaign time in order to be eligible to win. Keep in mind that every transfer is a chance to go a step closer to those amazing rewards.

    1. Choose a family member or close friend. 

    You have the option, as a sender, to choose which member of your family or other loved ones would get the Honda Click 160 motorcycle if you win. It’s a wonderful way to express gratitude and brighten someone’s day. Remember that the beneficiary must fulfil the requirements for eligibility listed in the terms and conditions of the campaign.

    1. keep an eye on the results

    After the campaign is over, ACE Money Transfer will choose the winners in a fair and open drawing. Keep an eye out for the announcement, and cross your fingers. 

    Why Choose ACE Money Transfer?

    Choosing a money transfer service to send money overseas can be challenging due to the many options available. Here are a few reasons why you might consider choosing ACE Money Transfer to send money to the Philippines:

    1. Competitive Exchange Rates: ACE Money Transfer often offers competitive exchange rates. This means that you can get more Philippine pesos for your money compared to other services. This is crucial when sending money overseas, as exchange rates can significantly impact the amount the recipient receives.

    2. ZERO Transfer Fees: ACE Money Transfer has waived transfer costs for overseas Filipino workers and expatriates. This can make it a more affordable option, especially for frequent or large transfers.

    3. Speed of Transfer: ACE Money Transfer often boasts quick transfer times. This can be particularly important if you’re sending money to someone who needs it urgently.

    4. Security: ACE Money Transfer uses secure technology to ensure your money and your personal information are safe. This can give you peace of mind when sending large amounts of money.

    5. Easy to Use: The ACE Money Transfer platform is generally considered user-friendly. You can send money online, which can be more convenient than going to a physical location. You can also track your transfer so you know when the recipient has received the money.

    6. Customer Service: ACE Money Transfer offers customer service that can answer any questions or concerns you might have about the process. This can be particularly important if you’re new to sending money overseas.

    7. Variety of Delivery Options: Depending on the location, ACE Money Transfer provides different delivery options, such as bank deposits, cash pickup, and mobile wallet transfer, which can be convenient for the recipient.

    8. International Reach: ACE Money Transfer has a wide international reach, making it easier for individuals in many different countries to send money to the Philippines.

    Please note that you should always compare the rates, fees, security, and services of different money transfer services before choosing one to ensure it fits your specific needs.

    The most recent ACE Money Transfer promotion for Filipino customers is a great way to help your family while also having a chance to win amazing rewards. This program aims to enhance your remittance experience by offering fee-free transfers, the chance to win an iPhone 14 Plus, and the chance to nominate a loved one for a brand-new Honda Click 160 Motorcycle. Send money right away using the ACE Money Transfer website to get your winning streak going!

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