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How To Buy A Domain Name Philippines 2022

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    How to buy a domain name in the Philippines does not need to be complicated. However, it can seem slightly challenging if you’ve never purchased one before. Therefore, we are going over a step-by-step process on how to buy a domain name in the Philippines and cover some extra information such as how much domain names cost in the Philippines and how you can choose your domain name.

    How To Buy A Domain Name In Philippines

    1. Choose Your Domain Registrar

    One of the most important things to know when you’re buying a domain name is that you do not always have to choose the same company for web hosting as you did for your domain name.

    Bluehost Domain + Bluehost Hosting = Website


    Go Daddy Domain + Bluehost Hosteling = Website.

    In other words, it’s possible to connect your domain name to a web hosting service. For example, if you target Filipinos, you may benefit from using a local hosting service in the Philippines, such as the one provided by Dot.PH. However, if your audience is overseas, it would be best to use a larger hosting service such as Bluehost.

    But what domain registers are there in the Philippines?

    1. Dot.PH (The Official Domain Name Registry of the Philippines)
    2. Bluehost
    3. Godaddy
    4. HostGator
    5. NameCheap
    6. GoogleDomains
    7. Hostinger
    8. Name
    9. SiteGround
    10. DreamHost
    11. Enom
    12. DynaDot

    As mentioned, if you are looking for a.PH, then a domain registrar such as Dot.PH will be more suitable. However, if you are looking for other extensions such as “.com,” you will find a great deal of success with Bluehost.

    I use Bluehost for my web hosting service as they are fantastic, and I get incredible speeds for the Philippines; however, I have also transferred domain names in and out with no problems.

    2. Check Its Availability

    The next step on how to buy a domain name in the Philippines is to check its availability. This step is very similar to every platform. Each domain registrar makes purchasing a domain very simple, so you can easily see if your domain name is available and how much it will cost.

    3. Confirm The Details And Checkout

    Many domain names operate on a yearly subscription, which means you pay a set fee each year. This is often a very low amount, such as $20; however, it can be a lot higher. Some domains registrars allow you to pay every three months or every six months, which is an excellent option if funds are tight.

    At this stage, it’s critical to check the spelling of your domain as well as the extension. It’s not possible to change a domain at a later point. Once it’s been paid for, then it is yours.

    Tip: Remember to auto-renew your domain name to not expire at the end of the year. Most companies add this feature automatically.

    4. Connect To Your Hosting Service

    The last step in buying a domain name in the Philippines is to connect your new domain name with your web hosting service.

    As we mentioned, once you have a domain name and a web hosting service, you will then access your website, and so will everybody else.

    We have spoken about the best web hosting services in the Philippines in our most recent article, so it’s highly recommended you take a visit if you are looking to make your site effective and super quick.

    How To Choose A Domain Name?

    Choose A Domain With A Hot Keyword

    One popular search engine optimization trick used in the past is choosing a domain name with a hot keyword inside. For example, says the following “A keyword domain is a domain name with keywords in it (example,”

    This works because if you type in buy widgets into a search engine such as Google, you are more likely to see a website with this keyword in its domain name. Of course, this is not always an essential part of a domain, but it can help your overall search engine optimization and increase your future website’s growth.  

    Choose Domain Suitable For Your Audience

    When choosing your domain name, it’s always essential to choose a suitable domain for your audience.

    We used to be called BlogSchool PH because we talked about blogging and other topics. We share information, case studies, and advice on how you can earn money blogging in the Philippines. As a result, If you are a new visitor to us and have only seen our domain name and our extension (.ph), you will likely guess correctly that we are a website that helps Filipinos build and grow that blog.

    When you create your domain name, remember it’s something that your audience will continuously see, so it’s a good idea to have something attractive and something a searcher will click on.

    Choose The Right Domain Extension

    Extensions matter. In several interviews over the last several years, Google has mentioned that extensions of a domain name matter. For example, suppose you have a domain name that ends in.PH, you are more likely to be seen by a Filipino audience than an audience in India.

    P.s! Here is awsome a list of top domain extensions from DomainesInfo Statistiques

    1. .COM: 82.01 million
    2. .DE (Germany): 13.05 million
    3. .CN (China): 12.55 million
    4. .NET: 12.42 million
    5. .UK (United Kingdom): 7.83 million
    6. .ORG: 7.79 million
    7. .INFO: 5.24 million
    8. .NL (Netherlands): 3.5 million
    9. .EU (European Union): 2.98 million
    10. .RU (Russia): 2.31 million

    If your audience is overseas or blogging about a general topic, then “.com” is the leading domain extension.

    Choose Shorter Domains If Possible

    Webfx states the following “Generally speaking; the shorter and more concise your URL is, the better. A shorter URL is easier to remember, fits easily on printed material, and is more likely to “stick” in someone’s head so it can be recalled.” Therefore, when choosing your domain name, one crucial area to focus on is your domain’s length. Domains with one short name or two small words often perform much better than domains longer in length.

    Choose A Domain Name That Is Easy To Remember

    There are two reasons why you may remember a domain name. The first reason is that it is a big corporation such as Google, Amazon, or Facebook. The second reason is that you recognize a domain name that is easy to remember or has something special about it.

    Have you ever been on youtube and wished you remembered that video you watched the other day but can’t think of the name? If yes, you may think of how easy it would have been if the channel’s name was easily rememberable, and the same is true for domain names.

    How Much Do Domain Name Cost In The Philippines?

    On average, a standard domain name will cost around 250 pesos – 1000 pesos per year. However, this price can change depending on the registrar, the domain extension, and the domain name itself.

    When looking at how much domain names cost in the Philippines, it’s also essential to consider if the domain is new or existing. Existing domain names often have a higher domain authority and other factors, which results in them being more valuable and more expensive.

    Should I Buy New Domain Or An Existing Domain Name?

    When looking at how to buy a domain name in the Philippines, the common question is, should I buy a new domain or an existing one? And the answer depends on your budget and how comfortable you are researching the old domain name.

    Unfortunately, some domains that are being sold have been used previously for content mills or spammy purposes, and some can even be blacklisted. Therefore research must be conducted on a domain name before purchasing it few tools can help you conduct this research.

    Additionally, Google has a fantasy guide on what to watch for when buying a used domain.

    Key Points When Buying A Domain Name In The Philippines

    • Domains are paid on a renewable yearly basis.
    • When looking into how to buy a domain in the Philippines, remember that there are many domain registers to choose from.
    • Dot.Ph is the official domain registrar for the Philippines.
    • It’s essential to do a background check if buying a used domain.
    • Most domains can be purchased for under 1000 pesos a year.
    • When looking at how to choose a domain name in the Philippines, try to keep it short, memorable, and simple.

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