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6 Super Hacks To How To Get Clients For A BPO

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    How to get clients for a BPO is one of the most common questions asked in the outsourcing industry. The good news is that the BPO industry is continuously growing. This growth means that there are a lot of opportunities to find clients for a BPO.

    We will be going through 6 essential hacks on how to find new clients for a BPO Centre. These include some modern and unique strategies. On top of this, we will also be showing you the core reasons why businesses choose a BPO service, which can help when signing a deal with new BPO clients.

    How To Get Clients For A BPO Call centre

    1. Niche Down & Be The Expert

    Adding a personal touch can be crucial in obtaining clients. For example, in the BPO industry, clients often prefer working with a team specializing in a particular field, such as the travel industry, food industry, etc. In addition, the client needs the outsourcing center to be an asset to their business rather than a liability.

    Therefore, researching what the company is about and its needs could help seal the deal. It’s always wise to see the client’s vision, principles, and direction of their business as it allows you as a BPO business owner to focus on how you can better meet their needs.

    To illustrate, a BPO company could analyze the aspects of the client’s operation that need improvement. By doing this, it could reflect the attentiveness and thoroughness of the BPO company. 

    Another good option is to niche down on a particular county. For example, if your customers are US-based, spending time learning about the legal requirements for their industry/county can be a fantastic unique selling point, well looking at how to find BPO clients.

    2. Highlight Why You Are Essential

    It is often common practice for BPO companies to propose how their expertise could benefit the client. This is usually accomplished by offering a solid proposal. But so often, companies send out standard proposals. (Not a good idea if you are looking at how to find clients for a BPO)

    When I was looking for the services of a BPO company, I was sent many proposals that I could have found online, meaning that they were basic templates. The one that hit me the hardest and attracted me the most was a personal proposal that highlighted the benefits of their service. However, they added charts and visuals about precisely how my business and their business would operate.

    As a visual learner, I was thrilled to see this information, and it was amazing to see. The benefits were not any different, but the way the messages were delivered was extraordinary.

    Most companies would have already identified the need to outsource from BPO companies. Thus, to go a step further, suggesting solutions or improvements that the clients would not have identified can give a BPO company the edge. This is also an excellent opening for up & cross-selling.

    3. Consider Giving to Get

    An effective way to convince clients of a BPO company’s expertise is by showing instead of telling. This marketing strategy is effective for BPO companies as it often has many perks.

    For example, if you are a new BPO business owner/manager and are looking at how to find call center clients, you will most likely need to test the operations on a particular part of a business. Offering a free service or trial is a great way to gain new clients for a BPO center and help test the internal processes.

    Showing the client how you operate and what you can provide is a great way to make an official agreement with new clients.

    4. Address Their Main Worries

    Clients who have not tried outsourcing previously can often worry about the risks associated with working with a BPO company. Some of these could be:

    • Paying & Not Receiving What Was Promised
    • Processes Become A Liability
    • Delayed Tasks Affecting Business Operations
    • Poor Communication

    There are also many more, but the most important thing is to address these pain points and worries. This is because these worries can become a barrier for a potential client. So if you are wondering how to get clients for a BPO, then addressing the worries is an important step.  

    Making formal agreements with payment terms before any work is started may help with any concerns they have. In other words, getting rid of the risk factors could be the key to making the client feel more comfortable working with your outsourcing company. 

    5. Calculate Your Costs

    A budget Is often one of the most common concerns for clients. Therefore, BPO companies need to calculate their services carefully. This can include offering a better service or a better price. There is an old saying about the business, and it goes, “Either be first or be the best.” So the question is, can you be the best in terms of service or cost?

    Nevertheless, it is best to ensure that the rates would not gravely compromise the company.  Sadly some companies spend more time cutting prices rather than increasing value. This is so critical when looking at how to get clients for a BPO.

    Monitoring the market trend and the competition’s prices could also help BPO companies as it will help gauge a reasonable rate that would benefit both parties. An additional tip for call center business owners is to allow a customer’s attention to focus on the savings that He/she can receive from your service. 

    6. Finding Their Real “Why”

    • Less Internal Work

    A company would not need to monitor and assess the performance of its employees when it outsourced. Instead, it could concentrate on the more essential aspects of the business. As a result, it could give the company a competitive edge and improve its value. As a result, in due time, the clients for BPO could have increased profits and better customer relations.

    This is one of the biggest reasons why clients choose to outsource. If you are looking at how to get clients for a BPO/call center, then this is one area to focus on. Pressing on this desire will help you show the client the value of your service.

    • Work Quality 

    “BPO companies could focus on a specific work type. “It would be fantastic for the non-core tasks of a business to be outsourced.” That is what one customer said in a recent review of a call center based in the Philippines. BPOs could also install the latest technologies and specialize in processing. This could help businesses increase their capacity and improve core work accuracy.

    If your call centre/BPO offers a particular service, which would result in improved work quality for a client, then highlighting this is another great way to get clients for a BPO.

    • Full Coverage

    Some BPO companies provide services 24 hours a day and even in different languages. This gives BPOs an advantage in various countries. Outsourcing could also help minimize the need to establish different departments for the client.  There are also many other BPO types of coverages that you could offer to help increase your value.

    • Results

    Guaranteeing benefits to the client could entail a lot of pressure for the BPO company. Some of these expected benefits could be:

    1. Improvements In Processes
    2. Better Customer Service 
    3. Flexibility
    4. Fewer Expenses 
    5. Reduction Of Risk Factors 

    There is an old business saying, “People pay for results” the growth of the business needs to overdeliver where possible. But, it is imperative to add clarification into the contract.

    By making the expectations clear and documenting the work, the vendor and the client could establish trust. The client could delegate work and set deadlines. Then, the BPO partner would have the opportunity to reach and surpass the client’s expectations. This is a fantastic way to find new BPO customers.

    Where Do BPO Companies Get Clients?

    Before diving into ways to get clients, where could BPO companies search for clients? Most BPO companies could get clients, big or small, from referrals. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a relationship with clients by clearly communicating with them. 

    Other clients for BPO could come from quotation requests or direct messages from the website or through social media. Therefore, having an excellent online presence could play an essential role in getting clients. 

    Where To Find BPO Clients?

    As you can see from the list above, there are many areas to find new clients for a BPO. But what about the problematic clients and situations? How best to deal with these is the subject of the next section.

    Deal With Difficult Clients & Situations When Finding Customers

    Uncompromising Clients

    Some clients could demand a particular service or requirement. However, some of these clients might not assist in helping the BPO piece together what they truly need or want. The clients could inform the BPO without consideration and expect them to deliver optimal output. Therefore, any change could be unacceptable to them. As a result, this kind of client could miss the chance of building a possible good working relationship. 

    As mentioned, the BPO partner and the client could be flexible. Instead of being too rigid with the service contract, a good client would understand that open communication, respect, and trust could be the key to a successful professional relationship.

    How Best To Deal With This Situation? BPO companies could assure and show related experience and collaborations.  This could result in the client understanding how the business would benefit. It could also help to offer added value that the client would not expect.

    Having Non-Existent Or Ineffective BPO Management Staff

    There could be a lot of miscommunications and misunderstandings in this industry. In the long run, the success of the partnership could not be measured nor defined. Even though the client has a BPO management team, it could be ineffective in giving further assistance. This team could solely and entirely concentrate on controlling the expenses. Also, the team might not be open to discussion if there were challenges. 

    How Best To Deal With This Situation? Advising the client that the BPO company would need a team that could back it up regularly may help. The BPO support staff of the client would consist of people who could be experts on subject matters. This staff could also be responsible for training and determining the client’s issues and risks. To put it more simply, they could be the core of the partnership. 

    In turn, the BPO company could report or give updates as this could be expected in any collaborative work. There would be no negotiation on how vital support and communication are. 

    Overly-Controlling Clients

    Some Clients naturally have that desire to control every operation of their BPO partner. Nevertheless, if this were not communicated, this could result in conflicts and tensions. These could affect the financial aspect. Worse, it could also lead to negotiation or terminating the contract completely. 

    There could be instances that clients push the expectation too far. It is understood that the BPO company and the client want to earn money. Nevertheless, some clients can not fully gauge the balance of costs and services.

    How Best To Deal With This Situation? For clients to trust a potential partner, they must understand what the partner could deliver clearly. Therefore, it could be crucial for BPO companies to interpret this issue by presenting some related successes in the past.

    Reserved Clients

    This could be one of the toughest clients since they could expect the BPO partner to accomplish everything without providing additional information and further communication with them. When clients would not give ample information or offer open communication, the outsourced projects might not succeed. The key to effectively doing the outsourced work could be in the client’s processes. Some examples would be a business organization or difficult areas. 

    When a client is more transparent with the information needed, the BPO company has a better understanding of what the client’s aims are. Therefore, the client would have a better understanding of what would be done. As a result, the professional partnership becomes strong.

    How Best To Deal With This Situation? Aside from explaining how BPO strategies could help reduce costs, BPO companies could also show strategies for enhancing communication with their clients. Furthermore, they could include providing excellent quality and work to the strategy.

    Finding Customer For A Call Centre Business

    BPO companies give numerous advantages by providing clients with a chance to work more on the core processes of the business. Finding the why’s the client is an excellent way on how to get clients for a BPO. As you can see, the ways on how to get clients for a BPO are not too severe; it may just require a different approach as technology continually improves.

    If you are looking for more information, We have recently published our full guide for investors and business owners. This covers how to set up a call centre in the Philippines and some extra tips on managing a BPO!

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