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Top-Selling Online Products In The Philippines

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    Top-Selling Online Products In The Philippines: Whether you’ve started drop shipping or opened an e-commerce business in the Philippines, you are likely wondering what are the best top-selling online products in the Philippines. Therefore today, we will go over 16 high-demand products in the Philippines. You may be wondering how we found these high-demand products?

    To complete this article, we researched local product trends (Google Trends, Moz Pro, etc.) and compiled data from the most reviewed products across several e-commerce stores in the Philippines. With this information, we comprised a list of the top-selling online products in the Philippines. Please note this list is in no particular order.

    High Demand Products In The Philippines

    1. Cheap Smartphones Under 5K

    iPhones are still incredibly popular in the Philippines, but they come with a premium price tag, so there is a great market in the Philippines for cheap smartphones. We found several keywords and key phrases such as “Smartphone under 5K Philippines” – “Cheap smartphone 2022 Philippines,” – “Best affordable smartphones Philippine,” and much more.

    Sales and reviews of smartphones in the Philippines are high, making them one of the top-selling online products. In addition, phone accessories such as screen protectors and cases are high-demand products to sell in the Philippines.

    2. Women’s Dresses And Fashion Accessories

    One of the most in-demand products sold in the Philippines is women’s dresses. From research, we found that even products with low reviews sold well. Some sellers even sold a total of 200,000 + units, resulting in a top-selling online product in the Philippines. But not all dresses are equal. Rare styles and unique fits (such as plus size) often perform well during research.

    Additional products that sold very well in the Philippines were women’s accessories. This can be anything such as a necklace, hair accessories, belts, rings, etc. We found many of these products have been purchased from China. We were then able to find some of the original products listed for sale on platforms such as Alibaba.

    3. Vehicle Care Products

    When we looked into the vehicle industry, we found that some products were more popular than others. For example, we believed that the most popular would have been vehicle parts such as spark plugs, but in reality, vehicle care products such as cleaning products, car wax, etc., were the most popular.

    One disadvantage is that not all vehicle care products were of high value. Thus, unless they were selling many orders, it is unlikely that the product would have been their winning product. Nevertheless, vehicle care products are high-demand products in the Philippines.

    4. Cheap And Cheerful Products

    Cheap and cheerful products are a mixture of different products across all industries. These are incredibly popular on platforms such as Lazada and Shopee. Fundamentally, these are products under 100 pesos and can be transported easily. Therefore, the seller will likely sell these in high volume to reach a good level of profitability.

    • Face Masks
    • Fans
    • Hats
    • Kids Small Stuffed Toy
    • No Brand Sandals
    • Screen Protectors And Phone Cases
    • Small Clothing Accessories

    Above are a few examples of products we found. Many of these products were incredibly popular and received thousands of reviews.

    5. Men’s Oversize Wear

    Over the last few years, oversize wear has become increasingly popular in the Philippines. But I’ve noticed that the trend focuses on the younger crowd than the older crowd. For example, tight jeans and tight gym clothes were once fairly common, but now some generations are seeking oversize wear.

    One thing to consider when selling online in the Philippines is the climate. Tight clothing can make you feel incredibly hot, and it can also show more sweat marks. On the other hand, wearing something a little more oversized looks fashionable and has many benefits.

    6. Covid Care Products

    Of course, over the last few years, the world has been dealing with Covid-19. This has opened up the business doors for many products, resulting in high demand for products in the Philippines in 2022, 2023 and will likely continue for the perceivable future. But what products are the most popular in the Philippines?

    Of course, face masks are one of the most high-demand products in the Philippines. Two types of face masks that are incredibly popular online are 1. Bulk facemasks 2. Designer/Colourful masks. Additionally, antibacterial hand wash also spiked several times, and it’s still a popular product sold in the Philippines.

    7. Baby Clothing

    In terms of the highest number of products sold, baby clothing is definitely in the top 5. Some sellers have sold millions of units of baby clothing, but why is it such a popular product online in the Philippines? There are several reasons, but two common reasons are that they are incredibly cheap (often under 100 Pesos), and there is often an emotional reason for buying.

    But baby clothing is not only the only type of baby product popular with Filipinos. We found an increasing number of product terms related to babies. For example, baby wipes and breast pumps have had spikes which is interesting to know when looking at the top-selling online products in the Philippines.

    8. Coffee Equipment

    I’ve followed this trend for some time in the Philippines, and there is a future in coffee within the Philippines. Over the last 10 years (apart from 1 year in 2019), coffee consumption in the Philippines has increased, and now with more and more Filipinos working at home, coffee brewing equipment is in high demand.

    There is a massive market for small kitchen appliances in the Philippines. Many of these products are high-demand products in the Philippines which are fantastic for selling. But coffee machines and manual coffee equipment have steadily increased over the years, and this trend looks to continue as we look into the next 10 years.

    9. Finger Sleeves

    Finger sleeves are often cheap products both to buy and sell. But over the years, they have become increasingly popular, and there have been several spikes in popularity for this desired product. Similar to other low price products, finger sleeves need to be sold in large quantities to reach a good financial outcome.

    As technology evolves, so is the equipment we use to enjoy technology. For example, finger sleeves have only recently started gaining popularity in the Philippines. Therefore, the industry holds some unique opportunities for online sellers looking for top-selling products in the Philippines.

    10. YouTube Camera

    YouTube is one of the most popular websites and apps in the Philippines. Over the years, more Filipinos are becoming creators, opening the doors for new business opportunities. Keywords and phrases such as “Youtube camera Philippines” and “Best vlogging camera cheap” are common, and sales have skyrocketed.

    During our research, we found popularity in both cheap YouTube cameras and more expensive cameras. Due to COVID-19, more and more people stayed at home. As a result, Youtubers had more exposure and earned more. This could be one of the reasons why premium equipment is also as popular as cheap equipment, but this is based on theory.

    11. Cheap Makeup

    If you look for the top-selling online products in the Philippines, you will not go far wrong when investigating makeup. Cheap makeup refers to any makeup sold for under 100 Pesos. And believe me, there is a market for this! Makeup, in general, is a high-demand product in the Philippines. But one downside is that some products can be fairly expensive.

    Therefore alternative options and cheap makeup has grown in popularity. If you want to think about selling makeup in the Philippines, you may wish to investigate the cosmetic law we discussed when looking at how to start a skincare business in the Philippines. I have added the link above for your reference.

    12. Pet Accessories

    Even though pet accessories is not a product, it covers many of the Philippines’ top-selling products. For the investigation, we found that dog muzzles, toilet training products, and pet beds are the most popular pet products in the Philippines.

    Naturally, there are several popular pets in the Philippines, and each pet has different needs. Therefore, this is a unique niche market with several options available. If you are looking for a niche market in the Philippines, you may wish to consider the pet niche.

    13. Branded Sneakers

    Sneakers have been a popular product sold in the Philippines for many years. Naturally branded footwear is the most popular. Across South East Asia, cheap branded sneakers have become one of the most popular products sold on Lazada and Shopee. But are Nike and Adidas the only branded products that seem to be popular in the Philippines?

    Interestingly there has been a demand for different footwear styles, but Korean footwear seems to be a popular favorite. We found several sports sneakers that were Korean style that performed well in e-commerce stores in the Philippines and suggested that these types of sneakers are the top-rated products in the Philippines.

    14. Computer Chairs And Gaming Chairs

    When going into your local store, you may find that computer chairs and gaming chairs are expensive. So it’s no surprise that many Filipinos are turning to online stores when purchasing computer chairs for a low price. This has resulted in this product being a high-demand product in the Philippines, perfect for sellers.

    Gaming chairs are an interesting product as it’s not always popular, but we’ve seen a steady increase in product trends over the years with certain spikes. Interestingly some e-commerce stores appear to be pushing this product to consumers.

    15. Products Not Found In The Philippines

    Interestingly one high-demand product in the Philippines is a product that involves many. These are products that are difficult to find in the Philippines. However, there is so much demand for certain products that some businesses have been created to source how to find products (

    Some products are not available in the Philippines or are difficult to obtain simply because delivery costs from other countries can be high. Therefore many sellers choose not to sell these products; however, this has created a demand for certain products. For example, this could be a specific type of drone or the latest VR headset.

    16. Second-Hand Laptops

    There’s no nicer feeling than opening up a brand new laptop with no marks or scrapes. However, from research, Filipinos have an interest in refurbished and second-hand laptops. But what about brand new laptops? Are they a high-demand product in the Philippines?

    If the price is right (the specs justify the price), we found that laptops of all prices are still as popular as ever. However, most brand new laptops that seem to be trending are older or cheaper models. But still, investigation indicates that refurbished laptops are becoming increasingly popular in the Philippines.

    Small Print Of High Demand Products In The Philippines

    One area to note when looking at the Philippines’ most in-demand products is that the products are based on a general audience. This does have advantages and disadvantages for sellers in the Philippines. On most occasions, it’s wiser to choose a niche and focus on top-selling products in that niche rather than a general audience.

    However, due to the high demand for certain products (and the lack of supply), some sellers in the Philippines have been able to capitalize on this by selling bits and pieces.

    Many experts in the field look to predict the next high-demand products in the Philippines for 2023, 2025, 2030, etc. and several indicators can be used. Still, some of the biggest influences are the current market, local trends, and the wider economy. For example, as we mentioned earlier, the high price for premium iPhones increased the market for cheap smartphones. But this is only 1 small factor.

    Suppose you are a beginner seller looking for the top-selling online products in the Philippines. You may wish to consider focusing on less competitive products if you plan to sell on Lazada & Shopee. During our research, we found that the first 3-5 pages were filled with products with five-star reviews (mostly hundreds and thousands of reviews each.)

    This is not to say that you cannot succeed on these platforms with the top-selling online products in the Philippines, but it’s important to note that it will be more challenging to sell the product if there is a large supply. Therefore it is often more profitable to find medium demand but low supply products than high demand products with high supply.

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