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How To Buy PH Domain In The Philippines

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    Have you ever wondered how to buy PH domain for the Philippines, or why some businesses choose this domain? Pssst, check out our full guide on how to buy a domain name in the Phillippines!

    Buying A .PH Domain In The Philippines

    Step 1: Head Over To Dot.PH

    Dot.PH is the official domain registry of the .PH domain in the Philippines. If you have a web hosting service with another company such as Bluehost, HostGator, etc., Is it possible to transfer this domain name over, which we will cover below.

    Step 2: Check Availability

    The next step is to check the availability of your domain. Dot.PH has a user-friendly website, which means buying a PH domain in the Philippines is straightforward and hassle-free.

    Step 3: Confirm & Checkout

    As you cannot change your domain name after each purchase, it’s essential that you fully confirm your domain name, such as the spelling.

    Step 4: Connect To Your Hosting Service

    As mentioned, it’s possible to connect your new .PH domain name to an existing hosting service. Additionally, Dot.PH also operates a hosting service if you choose to host locally. For example, FW is hosted on Bluehost, and it took me less than five minutes to transfer the domain name over. However, I would recommend speaking to your hosting service to confirm, but this will likely not be an issue.

    PH Domain Meaning?

    In the domain system, the first category is TLD, which stands for top-level domains. These are the most common type of websites that you’ll see. For example, “.com” is a top-level domain. The second category of domains is second-level domains, commonly referred to as LTD or 2LD.

    .PH Is a top-level domain for the Philippines, aside from .PH domains, you can also purchase com. ph,, and

    Why Choose A PH Domain?

    There are many reasons why companies and businesses choose to use a .PH domain in the Philippines.

    The first reason is to distinguish their business above other businesses with a similar or same name. The second reason is Geo-targeting.

    Suppose a website wishes to receive traffic from a particular country, then choosing a domain name with that extension may be a wise decision. However, if your customers or readers are overseas, you may benefit from a “.com” domain extension.

    Google officially states: ” Google Search returns the most relevant and useful sites for a user. Because of this, search results can differ between a user in Ireland and a user in France. If your site has a generic top-level domain, such as .com or .org, you can help us determine which countries are most important to you. If your site has a country-coded top-level domain (such as .ie or .fr) it is already associated with a geographic region (in this example, Ireland or France).”

    If you are a blogger in the Philippines and your readers are Filipinos, then choose a domain name that ends in .PH might be an excellent decision.

    However, if you already have a domain such as “.com” and your audience are Filipinos, please do not worry. In the eyes of Google, they show the most relevant page to the search. Even though you have a website that is not geotargeted, that does not mean visitors will not be able to see your site. The most important thing is that your page’s information is relevant, and full search engine optimization has been initiated.

    Furthermore, to put your mind at rest for those who are maybe worrying slightly that their website is not being picked up by the audience they wish…. I have several extensions that are not.PH (different websites to this one) , however, over 98% of my audience are Filipinos, and I rank number one for many articles when searching on Google in the Philippines. Other bloggers also confirm this case study.

    The reason I rank higher than other websites ending in .PH  is because I was able to complete full-page search engine optimization, provide top value, and be 100% relevant to the searcher’s query, which overrides any geotargeting information.

    Buying A Ph Domain In The Philippines: Takeaway

    • Buying a .PH domain is very simple; head over to Dot.PH to purchase a domain ending .PH
    • .PH domain extension is the official domain extensions for the Philippines
    • .PH is a top-level domain (TLD)
    • If your audience are Filipinos, you may find the most success with a country-specific domain such as .PH
    • But, you do not need to buy a PH domain to attract traffic from the Philippines; however, it can be an advantage

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