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How To Find Investors In The Philippines

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    How To Find Investors In The Philippines: Whether you are a Filipino entrepreneur looking for a new business partner or a foreign citizen looking to partner up with a local Filipino, one problem you will run into very early on is finding an investor in the Philippines. But we have some good news.

    Whatever your situation how to find an investor in the Philippines can be done by several different methods, so if you are looking for an investor in the Philippines for a new business, real estate venture, or anything else, you’ll be able to find that perfect investor by going through the methods we have outlined in today’s guide.

    5 Best Ways How To Find Investors Philippines

    Angel Investment Networks

    One of the best and most common ways to find investors in the Philippines is through the power of Angel investment networks. However, suppose you’ve never come across these platforms before. In that case, they allow business owners to highlight their proposals to investors, meaning they are essentially a gap between the investor and the business owner.

    Luckily there are several different platforms for Angel investment opportunities in the Philippines. Here is a small list of the most common platforms used by Filipino entrepreneurs.

    Additionally, there are also several seed funding opportunities. Seed funding is raising money for a business in the very early stages. This is often even before a business is a business, and therefore, this is seen as a higher reward but a higher risk investment.

    One of the biggest tips I would give for those looking to use Angel investment in the Philippines is to be completely honest and open about who you are looking for and what you are looking for. This can save a great deal of time for you and the investor. Honesty is always the best policy when you’re trying to find a trustworthy investor for a new project.

    Speaking To Friends And Family

    Speaking to friends and family is one of the best ways to raise business capital and find investors. However, I learned very early on in the business world that it’s not what you know… It’s who you know, and this is very true when you are looking to find investors inside or outside the Philippines.

    On many occasions, business owners have been able to find the perfect investor or business partner from word of mouth. OK, your mum or your brother might not know an investor, but they may know somebody who knows somebody else who can invest in your business, and this is why the power of word of mouth is so strong when looking for investors.

    As somebody who has tried to find investors themselves, I would interject a small point here. And that point is that you will find a lot of people who are only curious about your project and have no intention of investing in your business on some occasions. So, unfortunately, this is a waste of time, but this is a natural part of the process when networking with friends and family members.

    Social Media

    Social media is a double edge sword when it comes to finding an investor. Finding an investor can be as simple as adding a post and replying to a message on many occasions. However, on other occasions, using social media can be as complex as deleting 20 spam messages in your inbox.

    The key to finding a successful investor using social media is not to be spammy. There are several business groups, real estate groups, and networking groups on platforms such as Facebook, and you will find plenty of investors using these groups. Still, if you become spammy, you risk being kicked out and sabotaging potential investor relationships.

    It’s often recommended that you create a profile linked back to your project. For instance, you can give the details, and towards the end of the post, you can add a call to action, which can be your Angel investor profile so that investors can see all details and your proposal.

    Keeping your message short and to the point often does well on social media because not many investors want to read a 10-page document. The idea with a social media post is to get them hooked and get them on the next part of the journey, which is your project profile or your proposal.

    Network In Business Circles

    Networking is a fantastic opportunity in the Philippines; you will find many networking groups for like-minded people, whatever your goal. So how can networking work if you are looking for an investor in the Philippines?

    Essentially networking allows you to meet investors or people who travel in similar circles. From there, you can build professional relationships. Then, if you find the right character, you can inform them of your proposal.

    MeetUp is a fantastic website and application used all across the Philippines. You will find plenty of online and physical meetups. Sooner or later, the conversation always comes back to business. If you are attending a professional meetup with entrepreneurs, you will have plenty of opportunities during the meet.

    Advertise Your Business On A Crowd Funding Platform

    Very similar to Angel investing in the Philippines, there are plenty of opportunities to find investors via crowdfunding platforms. Here is a list of the most common crowdfunding platforms used by Filipino entrepreneurs.

    Crowdfunding is slightly different from Angel investing. Angel investment is usually a small number of investors being pitched an idea and agreeing on the terms and conditions. Crowdfunding is often on a much larger scale where the opportunity is presented online, and multiple investors can invest in a project.

    This is a great way to find investors in the Philippines if you are looking for different investors. This can be a financial benefit, but this can also have other advantages.

    Tips When Looking For Investors In The Philippines

    Looking for investors in the Philippines is only the first hurdle. Next, you need to impress them well enough that they want to invest in your project, so in this section, we will go through several tips and tricks that you can use when looking for investors in the Philippines.

    The first tip is always to be honest, which is useful throughout your negotiation and business dealings. Most serious investors are super smart and have a special intuition for business. If you are not being completely honest, in most cases, it will be found out, and it could ruin your opportunities. So being honest and open is always the best strategy when looking for investors in the Philippines.

    When searching for investors, the next crucial tip is to understand that it may not happen as soon as you want it to happen. Unfortunately, when looking for new investors for a business or project, it can take time to find that perfect investor.

    When looking for new investors in the Philippines, the third and final tip is to have your opportunity and project details available and easily readable. Investors need to know what they’re investing in, the risks, and why it’s worth their time. Creating a plan or business journey for the investor will allow him or her to see the advantages and benefits of your proposal.

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