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How To Market Lettuce In The Philippines

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    How To Market Lettuce In The Philippines: The lettuce market in the Philippines is an interesting one; over the years, the top export destinations of fresh lettuce from the Philippines include South Korea and Japan, and what’s more interesting is that the export value has increased over the last five years.

    So with this being said, if you are looking to sell lettuce in the Philippines, one of the most foundational questions is how to market lettuce in the Philippines?

    Marketing lettuce in the Philippines will depend on the end customer. For example, your marketing campaign will look very different if you are selling locally or internationally. Therefore today, we have included a list of several ways to market lettuce in the Philippines for all types of sellers.

    How To Market Lettuce In The Philippines

    1. Marketing Using Online Content

    Creating online content is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to market lettuce in the Philippines. Content specifically on the process (in other words, content that the viewer has not seen before) works very well. Your online content can be just about anything as long as there is demand for it.

    For example, I recently spoke to a business owner who had a strawberry farm in the South of the Philippines. He created a YouTube channel covering each part of the business. He gained thousands of subscribers in the process, many of whom visited his business once completed.

    Many people don’t see YouTube, blogging, and podcasting as free marketing, which is a shame as it can be one of the strongest forms of modern marketing in today’s world. But, of course, this depends on the content and the audience, so several factors will need to be considered if you are looking to market lettuce in the Philippines using social media platforms.

    One downside that is important to note is that if you are marketing lettuce in the Philippines using social media, it can take some time for your channel or profile to gain regular viewers. Still, with the right strategy and approach, this can be a great form of long-term marketing.

    2. Paid Advertisement On Alibaba

    If you are looking to market lettuce from the Philippines to international sellers, then a great platform that is often used is Alibaba. However, the platform is not just for Chinese sellers; over the years, Alibaba has expanded, and there are now many buyers and sellers worldwide, including the Philippines.

    The platform currently offers pay-per-click advertisements similar to other platforms such as Amazon. This can help a lettuce seller stand out when they want to sell to an international audience. However, if you are selling on platforms such as Alibaba, most orders will be in bulk.

    Alibaba is continuously developing and changing its website design to compete in the competitive market; therefore, it is likely that in the near distant future, there will be other opportunities for businesses to expand on the platform.

    3. Market Based On Your Unique Selling Point

    Suppose you are looking at how to market lettuce in the Philippines. In that case, we are speaking about several different options today, but what needs to be addressed is perhaps one of the most foundational questions, which is …..what is different about your lettuce than somebody else’s?

    This is so important because, on some occasions, the unique selling point can help you develop a strong and successful marketing campaign for selling lettuce in the Philippines. For example, let’s suppose your product does not use any harmful chemicals and instead, your lettuce is organic and fresh.

    Due to this unique selling point of being organic, you can develop a successful marketing campaign. For example, if you are selling to businesses, where are the organic food supplying businesses located, and how can you reach them? Answering additional questions such as this will allow you to find the perfect way how to market lettuce in the Philippines for your business.

    4. Networking With The Right Audience

    After investigating your unique selling point, the next important stage is to find the right audience for your product. Of course, the right audience will depend on the direction you are taking your business (for example, locally or internationally). But finding those important people is key.

    LinkedIn is a common platform to find professionals in just about every industry across the world, and if you are looking to sell to businesses directly, this may be a great place to start. However, if you are selling to customers directly, you may wish to explore the local events and business meetups in your area.

    Networking is a process that can take a long time; however, it can be very beneficial when marketing lettuce in the Philippines. Even though a person may not be the right audience for you, they may know somebody who can help you, which is one of the benefits of networking in the Philippines.

    5. Work With A Local Food Business Consultant

    Several business consultancies have been started across the Philippines, covering many different industries, including food. These professionals have first-hand experience working in the food industry and the local community. Therefore, they can be a great option for those looking to market lettuce in the Philippines locally.

    Suppose you are in an area such as in the provinces and you find that there are not many consultants. In that case, you can look into the online method as many businesses have moved their business operations online due to the recent pandemic. This is also a great way to save money as you can compare different business consultants’ prices from around the Philippines.

    6. Get Your Lettuce Featured

    An important part of marketing is awareness. If you are looking to market lettuce in the Philippines, the most challenging part you will face is getting your product in front of people and letting them know that your business exists and is happy to serve them.

    This is where being featured comes in. Being featured is a way for your business to stand out in the crowd and build awareness that businesses so desperately need in the early stages. So the question is, how do you get your lettuce featured?

    Again this comes back to the direction you wish to take your business. Speaking to restaurant owners and other businesses is often wise if you are marketing lettuce in the Philippines locally.

    A small business owner I knew many years ago sold coconut juice. She worked with restaurants and gave a promotional price for her juice. However, in return, she asked that she could put up free advertising in the restaurant and leave flyers near the door for those who wanted to purchase her coconut juice. This allowed her to get her product featured and generate more sales from the local community.

    If you are working with an international audience or selling to businesses overseas, approaching the right people overseas is key. These can be social media influences, traditional media, or even other businesses to offer them a similar opportunity to the story above.

    7. Lettuce PR Stunt

    Another great option how to market lettuce in the Philippines is through a PR stunt. Essentially this is a method a business can gain attraction for free.

    Range Rover famously did this in London. They covered the car in words such as cheater, destroyed the car, and parked it in a famous street in London. Many residents believe this was a partner’s way of getting revenge on their loved one for cheating on them. But in reality, it was a PR stunt by Range Rover, and it worked.

    As we know, cars are a very different product to lettuce, so the way you gain attention will be different; however, the process is similar. For example, perhaps you could feed the local homeless community using your lettuce or paint a big lettuce on your car!

    Of course, this is a crazy idea, but you get the picture. It needs to build attention and touch upon emotions to be successful. However, some PR stunts can go wrong and damage the business, so it’s very important when looking at how to market lettuce in the Philippines to research and question the process fully.

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