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Full Marketing Costs in the Philippines

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    Marketing Costs in the Philippines: Marketing is one of the most important stages of business sales. But how much does it cost to market in the Philippines? After all, there is email marketing, social media marketing, and more traditional forms of business marketing, so which is best for your business? Today we will analyze the total cost of marketing in the Philippines and look at the best forms of marketing for businesses.

    Traditional Vs Non-Traditional Marketing Philippines

    One of the most common questions when looking at marketing costs in the Philippines is…. What Is the main difference between traditional and non-traditional marketing? As the Internet grew across the Philippines and businesses saw the opportunity, a new form of marketing began.

    Essentially traditional marketing is marketing that was before the Internet. This includes all types of offline marketing such as letters, flyers, billboards, posters, etc. When comparing the two, you will find that Internet marketing offers many advantages. This is why most forms of marketing in today’s world are conducted online.

    Unfortunately, with traditional marketing in the Philippines, costs become extremely high (some reports suggest billboard fees around P250K – P300K!). Additionally, traditional marketing does not have the analytics that you will see from online marketing, and this is why many small businesses turn their attention to marketing online in the Philippines

    Email Marketing Costs Philippines

    There are several ways to use email marketing in the Philippines, and the costs will depend on what type of service you are using and at what scale.

    Email marketing can be performed using software. This is the cheapest and most effective form of email marketing for small businesses in the Philippines. There are many free email marketing software providers, but most premium software ranges between the price range of P500 – P1200.

    Email marketing can also be outsourced to an outsourcing center or an email marketing provider. These costs will differ from service to service. If you plan to market to a small audience of 5000 or less, prices will be around the P800 – P3000 price range. However, most companies we contacted work with larger businesses.

    For instance, one company informed us that they could send up to 100,000 emails in a day, but this would be around P70,000.

    To summarise, email marketing costs for small businesses in the Philippines will cost around P500 – P1200 using email marketing software. The price for larger businesses using email marketing services in the Philippines fluctuates; however, if you want to send in mass, prices can be as high as P100,000 or more.

    Social Media Advertising Costs Philippines

    When looking at social media advertising costs in the Philippines, one thing to remember is that costs can differ depending on your audience and location. On average, if you advertise to a Filipino audience, you’ll find the prices are much lower than if you were advertising to an American audience.

    The data below is a mixture of case studies, statistics, and the latest reports. Each price is based on the cost-per-click advertisement model.

    Naturally, some social media advertisement models work differently, making calculating the average cost per click difficult. Please note that social media advertisement costs vary considerably and are continuously fluctuating.

    Digital Marketing Rates Philippines

    Digital marketing rates in the Philippines can fluctuate depending on the service and business. Unfortunately, many digital marketing agencies do not list their prices online; however, happily, some do! From the research, we can average and calculate digital marketing costs in the Philippines for businesses.

    If you are a small business, hiring a freelancer or a new marketing company in the Philippines at a much lower rate than normal is possible. Prices are often paid per project. The price range for a small marketing service ranges between P500 – P11,500 on average.

    If you are a medium-sized business, digital marketing rates in the Philippines can fluctuate slightly. Many digital marketing companies offer a smaller package that ranges between P25,000 – P60,000. Most of these digital marketing services are based on a monthly rate.

    For large businesses, you will likely need the services of a robust marketing campaign that lasts between 6 to 12 months. Again monthly packaging costs will fluctuate, but most businesses of this size pay P100,000 to P1,000,000 or more per month.

    Banner Ads Cost Philippines

    The latest data available from Statista shows that advertisement spending has increased over the years in the Philippines and expects to continue to grow as we look into the next five years. So with this being said, what are the total marketing costs of using banner ads in the Philippines?

    Businesses have a few options for banner ad costs in the Philippines. First, business owners can approach other businesses and website owners directly, and this can fluctuate in price depending on the website and the traffic. Alternatively, business owners can use an advertising network such as Purple Click.

    Small and medium-sized businesses in the Philippines can expect to pay around P40,000 a month in banner ad costs. On the other hand, large-scale businesses will pay around P100,000 – P150,000 for their banner ad costs at the other end of the scale. However, as mentioned, prices can fluctuate (and be lower) if you directly work with a website owner/platform.  

    Which Form Of Marketing Works Best In The Philippines?

    Sadly there is no hierarchy of successful marketing in the Philippines. Some business owners choose social media as a form of marketing as usability for social media in the Philippines is high, and costs can be much lower than traditional marketing.

    However, I enjoy reading boring PDFs about the latest research and data. Recently I came across a 100-page document that researched business and marketing for small businesses in the Philippines. They found that many of the businesses in the study made most of their sales from their social media channel and email marketing efforts.

    The study later concluded that small businesses in the Philippines would be wise to market using these forms and focus on them as they offer the highest probability of visibility with the lowest cost. However, I would add that this was a study on general business and not specific industries, products, or technology that could impact the results.

    To summarize, the data suggests that social media and email marketing are the best forms of business marketing for small businesses due to lower costs and higher possibility of visibility. Nevertheless, different products, services, and niche businesses may still find great success in other forms of marketing in the Philippines.

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