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BEST Business Marketing Philippines 2024

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    Business Marketing In The Philippines: Today we’re entering the wonderful world of business marketing in the Philippines. When looking at online marketing strategies in the Philippines, or a marketing strategy for a food business in the Philippines, etc., there are often many questions, so today, we will be diving into marketing and the competitive strategies of the best companies in the Philippines.

    If you are starting a new Filipino business, you will likely be wondering, are there any free marketing plans or marketing samples for the Philippines? Filipina Wealth has a free downloadable marketing plan that can be downloaded by clicking on the business plan tab in the menu above.

    How Does Business Marketing In The Philippines Work

    Before we understand how business marketing works in the Philippines, we first must examine the purpose and goal of marketing for Filipino businesses. The goal of businesses is to share the advantages of their products or services with their potential customers.

    Marketing in the Philippines aims to lead a potential customer onto the secondary outcome, which is turning them into a real customer by purchasing an item, signing up for a subscription, and so on. Naturally, several different types of marketing lead to different goals. Nevertheless, the goal is to turn potential customers into actual customers and become repeat customers.

    Filipino businesses of all sizes use different marketing strategies. A strategy will often be closely related to its end goal. This could include building awareness about their product or service for some companies. On the other hand, other Filipino companies may use a more direct form of marketing.

    Business marketing in the Philippines is essentially a way a company can highlight its advantages to persuade the audience to become a customer. This is done through several means, including working with affiliate marketers, advertising on social media, and collaborating with other businesses or influencers.

    Local Studies About Marketing Strategies In The Philippines

    Over the years, there have been several local studies about marketing strategies in the Philippines. Many of these local studies of marketing strategies are from legitimate sources nationwide, so let’s explore what the data shows.

    The International Journal of Business, Law, and Education stated that small to medium businesses’ top marketing tools are tarpaulin, word-of-mouth, and banners. Magazines and newspapers were Filipino businesses’ least popular marketing strategies at the other end of the scale. The complete list is shown below.

    1. Tarpaulin (most popular)
    2. Word-of-Mouth
    3. Banners
    4. Telephones/Cellphones
    5. Billboards
    6. Social Media Account
    7. Email
    8. Brochures
    9. Chat
    10. Leaflets
    11. Catalogs
    12. Pamphlets
    13. Directories
    14. Radio
    15. Official Website
    16. Blogs
    17. TV Programs
    18. Guide Books
    19. Other Magazines and Newspapers (Least popular)

    Furthermore, it is stated that websites, social media, and emails are the most popular and widely used means of buying online products. This suggests that small and medium-sized businesses in the Philippines should invest more in these types of marketing when marketing their products and services.

    The International Journal of Business, Law, and Education also stated that based on the results, the three biggest problems that Filipinos faced in terms of marketing were financial issues, lack of facilities/equipment, and security threats.

    Sibresearch investigated local businesses (Tagum City) and found that businesses should focus their time on innovative marketing by offering something new to the current domestic market. Unlike other research, they found that the number one problem with marketing for small Filipino businesses is competition (rather than financial problems as suggested by other research).

    Furthermore, Sibresearch suggests that building relationships with the industry, government departments, and suppliers will work well for local business entrepreneurs. Additionally, when looking at the local studies about marketing strategies in the Philippines, they also recommend focusing on creating additional services to build a competitive advantage.

    Abacademies focused on family businesses in the Philippines. They found no significant relationship between the use of a family image and the perceived financial performance of the family business. In addition, much other research around similar topics was done, resulting in no significant difference. This local study about marketing strategies in the Philippines was conducted in metropolitan Manila.

    Additionally, Abacademies research also suggests that a previous study shows that family business displays a neutral stance when using a family name as branding material in business marketing. This implies that a local Filipino family business must use different marketing strategies to increase its financial performance.

    They also suggest that there are advantages of using the image of a family as a brand of a business in the Philippines; however, this may be a double-ended sword. If the family’s name is associated with negative opinions or scandals, this can damage the business’s reputation and vice versa.

    However, when looking at local studies about marketing strategies in the Philippines, it is important to note that many studies were performed on a small section of the population. And as business is diverse across the Philippines, this can impact several factors. However, there are trends that businesses can capitalize on nationwide through strategic marketing in the Philippines.

    What Are The Competitive Strategies Of The Best Companies In The Philippines

    Unfortunately, compared to local studies about marketing strategies in the Philippines, the best companies’ competitive strategies have limited data. Naturally, it is often unwise for the biggest and best companies to share their competitive strategies; however, we have records and information suggesting what the greatest competitive strategies are for the best companies in the Philippines.

    For example, San Miguel has partnered up with Kirin Holdings Co Ltd, which is a Japanese integrated beverage company. They’ve also teamed up with several other companies to provide the San Miguel brand with technical knowledge marketing and expansion opportunities.

    Philstar released an article on the marketing strategy called the blue ocean strategy (used by many high-profile businesses in the Philippines). This was designed to wipe out the business competition. It is implied that many big companies in the Philippines use this strategy but what is the blue ocean strategy?

    • 1. Create Uncontested Market Space And Do Not Compete In Existing MarketSpace
    • 2. Make The Competition Irrelevant And Do Not Try To Beat Them
    • 3. Create And Capture New Demand And Do Not Try To Exploit Existing Demand
    • 4. Break The Value Cost Trade-Off And Do Not Make The Value Cost Trade-Off

    The article originally came from a book with the same name, blue ocean strategy. As this concept is vast (a whole book), I’ve added the relevant links for reference.

    During our research, we found the competitive strategies of the best companies in the Philippines differ depending on the consumer and industry. For example, Jollibee markets itself as a local cheap food corporation. In addition, Jollibee focuses on working with influencers and tailoring its marketing to friends and family.

    In other words, Jollibee aims to associate a feeling (Filipino family values, happiness) with its brand, which is its competitive strategy. This is on top of the ongoing marketing strategy of advertising cheap local food. These strategies are very common with all types of businesses, but the marketing strategy of Jollibee differs from other brands in the Philippines.

    A completely different industry is banks. Competitive strategies are incredibly popular in the banking world. Looking at several banks across the Philippines, one of the main competitive strategies is to differentiate their bank from another. To do this, tactics such as cost leadership are implemented. Other differentiation factors include focusing on a specific niche or type of customer, such as the Al Amanah Islamic bank.

    There are several types of competitive strategies, including cost leadership strategy / low-cost strategy, differentiation strategy, best-cost strategy, market-niche, or focus strategy.

    Types Of Marketing Strategies In The Philippines

    In marketing, most businesses focus on five areas in the Philippines. These include the following;

    • Product
    • Price
    • Promotion
    • Place
    • People

    This tool is designed to help businesses create the right marketing strategy. It allows business owners to take a step back and look at what areas they can improve upon and get a competitive advantage with marketing in the Philippines.

    For example, if your business has several different products with different prices, you may wish to focus on the people and price categories. From there, you may decide to focus on building a marketing strategy targeting students. In this strategy, you can offer a discount to students if they can share your business page on Facebook, for example.

    This strategy could generate more sales and create more business awareness, leading to further sales and customers.

    There are thousands of different types of marketing strategies in the marketing world. There are unique industries, different types of businesses, numerous customers, several marketing platforms, and limitless promotional offers; it’s very simple to create a marketing strategy. But creating a marketing strategy in the Philippines that is successful is slightly more challenging.

    Nevertheless, here are some examples of additional marketing strategies in the Philippines.

    • Every Product Sold Will Result In Us Donating 50 Pesos To A Local Filipino Charity
    • Limited Edition Christmas Sale For The Next 48 Hours
    • Share And Win
    • Social Media Retargeting Campaign For The Customer Who Viewed Your Website
    • We Sell Items You Cannot Find In The Philippines
    • Why Pay For An Expensive Room When You Can Stay With Us For Half The Price

    Creating a marketing strategy in the Philippines is to first focus on the customer or consumer. What works well for one customer may not work well for another. It is often common to have several marketing strategies as a business owner in the Philippines.

    Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses In The Philippines

    So what is the best marketing strategy for small businesses in the Philippines? From case studies and research, it is clear that online marketing is one of the best strategies for small businesses in the Philippines; however, one disadvantage is that online marketing can be incredibly expensive. This is one of the challenges small business owners face in the Philippines.

    Therefore, one of the best marketing strategies for small businesses in the Philippines is to be seen by your targeted customer without high advertisement costs. So the question is, how can this be completed? Luckily there are several marketing strategies for small businesses in the Philippines.

    The first option is to partner up with influencers and industry players. You will find that working with influencers often reaches a sizable amount of targeted customers at a very affordable rate. Naturally, this will differ from influencer to influencer, and negotiation is key. But there are also other options available.

    Another fantastic option if you have a small business in the Philippines and you are looking to market is to use the power of leverage. In other words, working with affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketers will promote your product, and once a sale has been made, they will receive a small commission.

    From research and independent investigations, Filipino wealth found that one of the strongest social influencing factors which resulted in consumers buying products/services was word of mouth. In other words, if a friend or family member mentioned how good the product was, others were more likely to purchase the product or service.

    Best Online Marketing Strategies In The Philippines

    To answer the question of what is the best online marketing strategy in the Philippines, you first must ask what do customers and consumers want? This is a difficult question as it’s very similar to asking what people want, and people want all different types of things. However, certain things are more valuable to us than others. One is money.

    Therefore one of the best online marketing strategies in the Philippines is to allow customers to earn from talking about or selling your product. Many methods can be applied with this type of strategy, but it’s important to know that this does not work well with all types of businesses before we dive into this.

    For example, most cryptocurrency marketplaces have fantastic affiliate programs. This has led to more sales and more customers. Coins.Ph However does not currently offer an affiliate program, and this is because they are the leading cryptocurrency marketplace in the Philippines and will not benefit from creating an affiliate program. Additionally, they have very little competition.

    As we can see, this type of marketing strategy may not be suitable for all businesses. So, how can you allow customers to earn while talking or selling your products/services? This can be through competitions, special offers if they share your website, affiliate marketing, and of course, working with influencers.

    These methods allow entrepreneurs to increase their business visibility while keeping costs to a minimum. But naturally, there will be costs involved, so careful calculation of this is always fundamental. But what about if money is not a problem?

    After looking through several research papers and local case studies of Filipino businesses across the country, it is clear that websites, social media, and email marketing are the top 3 best marketing sources. Therefore an effective marketing strategy in the Philippines would be based around one or all three of these areas.

    Marketing Strategy For Food Business In The Philippines

    Marketing strategies for a physical business and more traditional businesses will often require a slightly different approach than online businesses in the Philippines. Several factors can impact the marketing strategy for a food business in the Philippines. The first area is the type of business. Is it a healthy food business, a low-value food business, a sit-down and eat business, or a local family-owned business?

    By doing this simple exercise, you are also writing down all of the advantages which can help you create a competitive advantage as a food business owner in your location.

    As we discovered earlier when we looked at marketing strategies for the Philippines, several different methods can be used to gain a competitive advantage. This can include offering a lower price than your competition, differentiating yourself, and so on. Below are examples of marketing strategies that can be used for food businesses in the Philippines.

    • 2 For 1 On All Milktea For 1 Week Only
    • Free Drink With Every Bowl Of Adobo
    • Tag Us On Instagram For 25 Pesos Off
    • Use Code FREE To Get Free Delivery On All Orders Over 500 Pesos

    A marketing strategy for a food business in the Philippines is the overall plan of turning your targeted customers into real-life customers and eventually repeat customers. A food business marketing strategy involves a financial game most of the time. Still, on other occasions, it could include other goals such as building awareness of the business, for example.

    Similar to online marketing in the Philippines, what’s important when you run a small Filipino business is to reach the maximum amount of your targeted customers with the lowest financial expense. But at the same time, it’s also important that your offer/advertisement highlight your unique advantages. Customers often need a reason to take action.

    Where To Get A Marketing Plan Sample In The Philippines

    The most common question is where to get a marketing plan sample in the Philippines. If you are looking for a marketing plan PDF in the Philippines or a marketing plan sample, then head over to our business plan tab at the top of this page. You will find several plans, including a marketing plan for the Philippines.

    The small business marketing plan is in an excel spreadsheet, but it can be easily transferred into a PDF marketing plan in the Philippines by following these instructions.

    However, if you are not looking to download a PDF marketing plan for a business in the Philippines but instead looking at creating your own, there are some areas that you may wish to consider.

    • Branding And Colours
    • Expected Return Of Investment
    • Ideal Customer Profile
    • Long Term And Short Term
    • Marketing Platform Options
    • Psychology And Emotions
    • Research And Data
    • The Business Opportunities
    • The Business Strengths
    • The Business Threats
    • The Business Weaknesses
    • The Current Market Demand
    • Your Marketing Budget
    • Your Offline Marketing Strategy
    • Your Online Marketing Strategy

    Before we finish, a quick word of advice for those looking to market a business in the Philippines.

    Marketing is all about the customer. Therefore, it would be best if you got inside their head. But even then, you will only be half of the way there. Therefore, careful analysis and strategic thinking are essential to creating a successful marketing campaign in the Philippines to make up for any shortcomings in market research.

    Many companies nationwide have captured a large part of the market without spending much money. Instead, they chose brains over pesos. They created innovation; they designed an incredible PR stunt, they understood that there are different ways to reach the same outcome with marketing.

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