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How To Market Mushrooms Philippines

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    How To Market Mushrooms In The Philippines: According to the latest mushroom statistics, the Philippines mushroom industry started declining in 1995. The lowest production of mushrooms was 355 metric tonnes dated in 2009; however, some mushroom farmers are turning this delicious food product into a sustainable business despite this decline.

    Today we are not talking about how to start a mushroom business in the Philippines, as we have covered this previously. Instead, we will be focusing on how to market mushrooms in the Philippines so that you are in the best position to succeed and grow your customer base!

    As she may be a beginner at marketing mushrooms in the Philippines, we will go through the stages from the very beginning. Still, if you are looking at only the methods of how to market mushrooms in the Philippines, then it’s recommended to spend some time focusing on stage 5.

    How To Market Mushrooms In The Philippines

    1. Build Your Mushroom Plan, Strategy, And Tactics

    There are three key elements when starting any marketing campaign in the Philippines. This is your plan (how you will market to your customers), your strategy (what you will do to encourage them to buy), and the tactics (the things you do to achieve your plan and strategy).

    If you are marketing mushrooms to a local audience, let’s say, for example, you live in a small town, then your plan could be to build awareness marketing do the town over the next 60 days. This awareness marketing may not be designed to need a sale but instead designed to use them for your business or store where you can make this sale(s).

    In addition, at the marketing stage, not planning, it is good to brainstorm several different types of marketing and plan how much this will cost your business. For example, you may find some marketing campaigns are more successful because they are more targeted than more expensive campaigns that are less targeted.

    2. Locate Your Ideal Customer Base For A Mushroom Business

    One of the foundational steps in successfully marketing mushrooms in the Philippines is creating your ideal customer base. This is important in every kind of business as we rely on users and customers to help our business grow and succeed. Without them, there would be no business.

    This is why it is very important to know exactly who the customers are and as much information as you can discover. In addition, the information gathered will be essential for your marketing campaign when you start to market mushrooms in the Philippines.

    For example, if you are a large business and target international buyers, then online marketing on websites such as Alibaba or other international platforms is common. However, if you are targeting local customers from a city or province, you may wish to use local targeted marketing that will be much cheaper and more specific.

    This is often a stage that is overlooked when marketing mushrooms in the Philippines or any other type of business. The wrong information at this stage or data that is lacking could cause a marketing campaign to be less effective, and This is why extra care is always wise at the beginning stages of any marketing campaign.

    3. Determine What It Is About Your Mushrooms That Are Unique

    Determining your unique selling point is is always a crucial part of any business. Businesses that often succeed long-term are innovators, meaning they can be different from the competition and stand out for the right reasons.

    A large part of marketing is convincing the customer why they should care about your business and purchase your mushrooms compared to other sellers? This is your magic power. For example, Tesla has electric cars, and YouTube has a video streaming platform. So what does your mushroom business (have/do/sell/etc). that would encourage a customer to care.

    This is, of course, naturally easier said than done, and sometimes it can take a long time for a business to find its unique selling point. Still, it is often a critical factor as it will play a big part in marketing a mushroom business in the Philippines.

    4. Apply Business Psychology To Marketing

    Business psychology is extremely common in everyday life, and just about all of us witness business psychology almost every day. This includes a small advertisement before a YouTube video or a big billboard on the street.

    These marketing campaigns are designed to encourage customers to buy, sign-up, or do whatever the business wants you to do. This can include certain types of fonts or colors designed to make you feel a certain feeling. For example, there is an orange soda commercial that has been created to make the consumer feel a sense of thirst for that item.

    It was once said that an average product with a good design could sell better than a good product with an average design. In my experience, this is very true, but why is it true? Because a good design encourages us to buy on some level… perhaps the imagery is sharp or has great texture. Whatever it is, it is a form of very subtle psychology.

    Mushrooms are very important in our diet, and perhaps if you are looking at how to market mushrooms in the Philippines, an important area you could investigate is the essential properties in mushrooms that are essential to human health. This is naturally only one example out of many ways you can market mushrooms in the Philippines.

    5. Decide On The Correct Marketing Campaigns

    If you are looking at how to market mushrooms in the Philippines, you will need to decide on the process. This is the stage where your research and investigation come together to build your marketing campaign. There are many different types of marketing to choose from; here are some examples.

    In fact, the list above is only a few examples of potentially thousands of different types of marketing that can be used when starting a mushroom business in the Philippines.

    You will need to focus on several components when creating a marketing campaign for a mushroom business. one of the most important areas in your financial budget.

    If you are looking to market a mushroom business for free, you may wish to stick to social media marketing. However, the disadvantage with many forms of free marketing is that it is often untargeted, resulting in fewer results. On the other hand, targeted marketing could bring better results at a higher cost.

    Additionally, your customer base will also impact how you market a mushroom business in the Philippines, as mentioned previously.

    If you are a local business owner and are marketing on a budget, a great option would be to contact other businesses to see if a business agreement can be made, which is a win-win situation for both parties.

    Entrepreneurship is one of the most challenging parts of marketing mushrooms in the Philippines. Many people can work hard, as we’ve seen throughout the years, but it takes real genius to be an entrepreneur, and in most cases thinking differently is the best way to succeed at marketing in today’s modern world.

    6. Reassess And Take Action

    The last and perhaps one of the most important stages in a successful marketing campaign is to reassess and take action. one of the most valuable pieces of information is the information itself. In over words, data is king in technology and marketing.

    The data you will gather from every successful marketing campaign will give you an advantage for the next, resulting in more visibility with fewer expenses.

    If you are operating a form of marketing that does not record data, I highly suggest you keep a record of everything. Without certain forms of technology, it will be challenging to know 100% which campaign resulted in which sale but calculating sales and visitors and your current campaigns will help you get a basic idea of what campaigns are working.


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