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Is Wix Good For The Philippines?

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    If Wix can be described in one word, it will be freedom. This is because the Philippines Wix platform provides a lot of freedom to its users. Wix is a unique editor. In other words, you have complete control of your website. But there is also plenty of Wix alternatives.

    Is Wix good in the Philippines? Wix is indeed a reliable and trustworthy platform for online business owners and website creators. Moreover, Wix has several essential features, so users can quickly start a blog or an online business by designing their themed website. 

    In this full guide, we will be going over the Wix pricing for the Philippines, what the benefits are, and how you can start your very own Wix website in the Philippines.

    What Is Wix.Com?

    Used by over 100 million + users, Wix gives access to these users in 190 different countries, including the Philippines. Established in 2006, it is an online platform that offers web designing and web hosting services.

    Aside from being affordable, users can enjoy hassle-free and easy website creation in a couple of minutes.

    Additionally, Wix creates and designs websites by utilizing HTML 5, mobile websites, and drag-and-drop tools. You might be thinking, is Wix good in the Philippines? (More of this below) But to summarise this question…Wix is ell known across the world, mainly because of two aspects.

    First, Wix has an all-in-one system. This means you do not need to go elsewhere; everything can be performed on Second, you do not need any coding experience to make your website a reality. 

    Compared to other site builders, Wix serves a lot of industries. Some of these include:

    • Music
    • Photography
    • Small businesses
    • Graphic design
    • Cafes and restaurant

    Therefore, no matter your niche, there are tools, apps, and templates to match Wix. It could be said that it would be easier to say what industries are not included in Wix.

    Is Wix Good For The Philippines?

    From the information above, you might have an idea of what the answer is to this question.

    For a beginner site builder, Wix is perfect. This is because the primary functions (e.g., the mobile site editor, etc.) are fantastic. They also have built-in themes that are lightweight. (meaning faster website speeds). One of the best benefits is that It is excellent for beginners and experienced users who want to start a blog, or online business because these functions make it possible to create websites fast.

    Wix is recommended for:

    We have also included a full list of pros and cons for Wix in the Philippines at the bottom of this guide. We have also included Wix’s main competitor (WordPress)  for easy comparison as a point of reference.

     Wix Pricing For The Philippines

    One of the most common questions about Wix is, Is Wix free in the Philippines?

    Wix has many options for content creators and website owners. One of these plans includes a free plan which is available for the Philippines.

    Here is a simple table of the full Wix pricing Philippines.

    PlanMonthly Payment Yearly PaymentFeatures
    Free$0$0Users can create a free site but with ads. Also, they cannot have a domain name.
    Combo$17 (around 840 PHP)$13/month (around 642 PHP or 7,704 PHP/year)For users who have smaller professional websites, this is a good option. There are no ads and enough storage.
    Unlimited$22 (around 1,086 PHP)$17/month (around 839 PHP or 10,068 PHP/year)If users need a lot of web storage, they can enjoy up to 10 GB.
    Business Basic$28 (around 1,382 PHP)$23/month (around 1,135 PHP or 13,620 PHP/year)This is great for users who want to build online stores and use premium apps like Wix Hotels or Wix Bookings. 

    Please note Wix is due to change its price model in the upcoming week. For the latest price please click here.

    From somebody who has used Wix for many years, I would advise that if you are starting a website to earn money (for example, a blog or online store)How To Start Dropshipping In The Philippines In 2022 choose a standard,  unlimited, or business basic account.

    This is because you have much more capacity and features than you do with the Free account.

    A free account is beneficial, but I would show caution in starting a free Wix website if you are looking to monetize your content. Customers and visitors to your website often notice that the website is built by a free provider such as Wix. This may result in an unprofessional perception of your business. (some customers may even assume your business is a scam)

    Suppose you believe your business will make you a considerable amount of money or have an idea that you believe is profitable. In that case, a small investment may prove valuable for your business.

    In comparison to the features, Wix pricing for the Philippines is one of the cheapest! Now that we have gone over a few frequently asked questions, here are steps and a few handy tips and tricks on starting a Wix website in the Philippines.  

    Starting A Blog And Ecommerce On Wix In The Philippines

    What is Wix editor, and what do you need to know about it if you are building a Wix website in the Philippines?

    Wix Editor

    Wix Editor is a standard site builder many users know and enjoy. You can start by choosing a template from over 500 available templates. After this, you can easily drag and drop images and texts on the web template for customization.

    Arguably the best aspect of using Wix in the Philippines is the vast options menu. This gives users a lot of choices on how to tinker with their websites to perfection.

    In just several hours, users can produce a beautiful website. Therefore, this site builder is ideal for:

    Now let us look at how to start using Wix in the Philippines.


    1. Setting Up
    2. Choosing A Template
    3. Selecting Images And Texts
    4. Customizing Your Website
    5. Adding Pages
    6. Adding Apps
    7. Putting The Blog Together
    8. Ecommerce (If Applicable)
    9. Optimizing For Search Engines
    10. Optimizing For Mobile Phones
    11. ChoosingDomain Name
    12. Publishing The Site

    1: Setting up

    Setting up on Wix in the Philippines is as easy as 1-2-3. 

    1. Open from the browser and go to the signup page.
    1. You could register your e-mail addresses or choose to link your personal Google / Facebook accounts for easy signup.
    1. Sign in to your new account, and you are all finished setting up your Philippines Wix account.

    Nevertheless, there is still another important decision to make: choosing the Wix pricing Philippines plan.

    As mentioned, paid plans are strongly recommended since they are affordable and give you a professional edge. However, if you do not want to monetize your content and earn money online, a free plan will be sufficient.

    2: Choosing A Template

    After users sign up, they can access their dashboards and click “create a new site” from the drop-down menu. (depending on your device, create a new site is located at the top right corner of the dashboard)

    Once you click this, Wix will ask you to choose the website type. From personal websites to online businesses, Wix has got you covered. 

    Based on the selection, you will be directed to a page with related templates. Users will not run out of choices when choosing their template, as Wix stores over 500 templates.

    The only downside to this process is that users cannot change it once they have selected their template. Instead, they have to make sure that they are happy with the template they choose.

    3: Choosing Images And Texts

    Once you have chosen a Philippines Wix template, you can see a preview of your page. This is now the time where you can explore the fantastic but straightforward editing tools of Wix.

    You can very easily drag and drop different designs and text boxes.

    You can update the business or blog details by clicking on the text you want to write on or change. You also could personalize the appearance of your site by changing the font color, style, and size. 

    When we looked at the question of “is Wix good for the Philippines / Filpino bloggers?” we mentioned the exclusive templates. These are full themes, which is a big bonus for starting a website, which means that Wix themes have added extra such as prepopulated images making it easier to style.

    If you do not like the image that comes with the template, you can click it and change it to a saved photo from your computer or the photo archives available on Wix. (Users can get a better selection depending on the Wix pricing Philippines plan they have.) 

    4: Customizing Your Website

    If users are not happy with the images, they can change the template’s Background.

    To make the most out of the Wix pricing Philippines plan, many users recommend adding a video on the template. According to Hootsuite and We Are Social, Filipino internet users spent 10 hours and 2 minutes online in 2019. Therefore creating that WOW factor for visitors hitting your website may help you stand out from your competition.

    When you edit the Background of your template to either start a blog or eCommerce, you have the option to utilize the two toolbars on the left and right sides of their screen. 

    You can use the left toolbar to “jazz up” the website by adding backgrounds, extra pages, images, and apps.

    5:Adding Pages

    When you feel confident and satisfied with your homepage, you can now add more pages so that visitors can navigate to the page they are looking for. Some pages that can be added are the typically “About Us” or “Contact Us” pages. 

    To do this on Wix Editor, users can click Manage Pages. Then, they can click the down arrow from the current page at the top of the editor. 

    6:Adding Apps

    You have now personalized your template with designs and texts and added pages. Next is adding some exclusive Wix apps to your website.

    At Wix’s App Market, you can find 250 applications. These apps cater to various types of businesses. From social networking apps to marketing and analytic tools, users can find the one to complete their website. 

    7: Putting The Blog Together

    Having a professional blog on the website will keep the visitors in the loop. To set up a blog on Wix In the Philippines, users need to click the pen-shaped button that says Start Blogging. This is located at the bottom part of the builder menu.

    From the same menu, users also have a choice of different blogging apps. You need to look for and click the “Add Apps button.”

    Wix Blog is not difficult to manage. By clicking the same pen-shaped button and “Add Blog Elements” button, users can add extra features such as events, an Instagram feed, or an RSS button to share the site’s content online. 

    8: eCommerce (If applicable)

    For users who have eCommerce or online businesses, building a website for it on Wix is a wonderful idea. Website Builder Expert has considered Wix as the best site builder for small businesses. 

    To start, users need to click the + button from the left menu.

    Then, they can access various add-ons. Finally, since it is for an online business, they click the store.

    Wix will present different eCommerce features to include on the site. Some of these features include numerous payment methods, inventory organization, and product galleries. These functions allow even novice users to relax and begin selling quickly.

    9: Optimizing For Search Engines

    You can work with their website’s Search Engine Optimization or SEO quickly and easily because of the Wix Editor’s capabilities. From the left side of the website editor, you need to click “Menus and Pages” and click any of the ellipses buttons found on every page. From there, you can click “SEO Google.” 

    This will give you complete control over the SEO aspects of your website. For example, you can edit keywords that will show on Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs.

    10: Making The Site Mobile-Ready

    With many people accessing Philippines Wix through their smartphones, users need to make sure that their page is mobile-ready. According to one report, 40% of people search using their smartphones., which targets a primary Filipino audience, has anywhere from 70-85% of its users visiting each month from mobile devices.

    Luckily, Wix has made website optimization easy! To do this, you will need to click the mobile phone icon to see how your website will look when loaded on a mobile phone.

    11: Choosing A Domain Name

    For people to visit a website, users need to pick out a domain to publish their website. When Publish is clicked, Wix prompts the user to choose their domain name.

    Wix users on a free plan cannot have a domain name like or They will have a link with this format www.ownname.wixsite/ownname.

    For those who have paid plans, they can have their domain name. Therefore, for professional websites, it is a good idea to get a pain plan to have a more refined domain. 

    It is also essential to think carefully about your domain name as you can not change this. A site builds authority. Changing to another domain will lose any authority your domain has and potentially affect your SEO. Therefore thoroughly researching your domain is recommended (If it’s a personal service, you may find it more applicable to use your name, such as

    12: Publishing The Site

    Finally, the Wix site is up and running. To see the editing done on the Wix site, they can preview it by clicking the button located at the top-right corner.  Then, once you have your domain set up and live, you can click “Publish” to launch your website officially. At this stage, you will now be able to see your website live by typing in your domain name.

    Even though the site is launched, users can still make changes after publishing it. First, you need to access the dashboard and click “Manage Site.” From there, you can click “Edit Site and make the necessary changes. Then, to update these changes, they click Publish again. 

    It is not hard to see why Wix is good in the Philippines. Aside from being considered the best site builder, it is easy, enjoyable, and allows users full control of their websites. By following these 12 steps, users can have a website they can be confident with.

    Wix Vs WordPress: What Are The Pros And Cons?

    It is user-friendly. Since there is coding needed, it is great for users who are not technical.It has a lot of complex functions and features.
    It has a reliable support service.There are advanced options to customize nicely-designed templates.
    For all eCommerce plans, there are built-in sales features.It provides decent blogging features. Users can add a comment section.
    For the more complex site-building features, they may be lacking or limited.It can be too technical for beginners.
    Because of the ease of use, users have lesser control in general.There is no dedicated support service. Instead, users can refer to forums or guides online for help.
    It is slightly less useful in terms of blogging compared to WordPress.For users who want to have an online business, they need to set up an eCommerce plug-in.

    Frequent Asked Questions About Wix Philippines:

    Q: Is Wix Easy To Use?

    A: Wix is incredibly easy to use. Wix has there own library of information that helps anyone build a stunning Wix website. There is also a vast amount of online support and tutorials about building a website on the Wix platform.

    Q: Which Is Cheaper Wix Or WordPress?

    A: Aa a whole, Wix is the cheaper platform. This is because everything a website needs is built in two Wix. Meaning they are the hosting web service as well as the editing platform. Of course, you have the option to purchase premium applications if necessary, but this is optional.

    Q: I’m A New Blogger. Is Wix Right For More?

    A: Wix is perfect for new bloggers, especially if you have little to no coding experience. Wix also has a very useful feature that allows you to transfer your website to another service (such as WordPress) in the future.

    Conclusion For Wix In The Philippines

    To end, Wix is a well-featured site builder that allows beginners to build their website in the Philippines with many functions. Moreover, for Wix pricing in the Philippines, we see that the fee plans are very affordable.

     The features that come with each plan allow users to create a website with a blog,  online store, and gallery, among many others. 

    First-time users do not need to be intimidated as Wix is easy to use. Nevertheless,  some drawbacks include not changing the template once finalized, and the position could be a challenge.

    All in all, this platform is great for bloggers or small online business owners who have a limited budget and want to create an attention-grabbing website.

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