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Make Money In The Philippines 2024 Guide

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    How To Make Money In The Philippines 2022?

    2023 is fast approaching, and many of us turn our attention to making money in the Philippines.

    A great deal of data, statistics, and information available can help us shape the best strategy.

    With these tools and a little financial wisdom, we’re going to explore how you can make money in the Philippines in 2022? 

    This easily readable article will explore options to earn money online in the Philippines, how you can make money in the Philippines as a beginner, and everything you need to be financially successful.

    How To Make Money In The Philippines In 2022

    Section 1

    How To Earn Money Online In The Philippines

    1.1 Earning Money In The Philippines From A Business

    The first option is to earn money online in the Philippines in the best way, but what exactly does that mean?

    The best way to earn money online in the Philippines is by creating something you control, such as a business or income asset.

    Control of a business gives many financial opportunities and minimizes common financial risks.

    For instance, earning money from YouTube in the Philippines is a fantastic option.

    But there is always the risk that YouTube will go down, your channel becomes unmonetized, or you receive 3 strikes within 90 days, resulting in your channel being permanently removed from YouTube.

    In other words, some creators do not have 100% control over their income stream.

    However, they can grow this percentage by growing a business using YouTube as leverage, such as – selling their own products, promoting affiliate products, moving into different social media channels, creating a book, making their own website, and so on.

    But the key is offering services and products your audience/customers will be interested in.

    Earning money online in the Philippines comes down to demand and packaging of that demand (as we will explore later).

    Here are some unique business ideas for earning money online in the Philippines in 2022.

    1. Business Creators (Selling Pre-Made Apps, Selling Start-Up Blogs)
    2. Content Creating Business (Blogging, Youtubing, Podcasting, Live Streaming)
    3. Cryptocurrency-Related  Business (Selling NFTs, Cryptocurrency Projects, Virtual Land)
    4. Designing Business (Graphic Design, Marketing Material, Business Branding)
    5. Digital Marketing (SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing)
    6. Dropshipping Business (Dropship Services, Products, And To Overseas Or Locally)
    7. Ecommerce Business (Becoming A Seller Or Starting An Ecommerce Site Like Shopee)
    8. Freelancing Platform Business (Such As Fiverr, Taskrabbit, And Upwork)
    9. Music, Photography, And Video Selling Business (Such As Pixabay And Canva)
    10. SaaS Service (Time Management System Services, Accounting System  Services)
    11. Social Media Management Business (Overall Management, Sales, Branding)
    12. Connection Business (Bridge User To The Product / Bridge User To Another User Like Facebook)
    13. Teaching Business (Coaching, Teaching Tagalog, Mentoring)
    14. Writing Business (Blog Writing, Ghostwriting, Translating)

    The majority of legit online businesses in the Philippines that can earn you money fall into one of these 14 categories.

    There is a big difference between earning basic money online and earning continuous money from a money-making system. 

    Above are businesses that can be built into multiple streams and systems.

    Of course, the easier method (coming up in the next part) is to do tasks for payments but building a system is the best way to earn money online in the Philippines in today’s competitive world.

    A few years ago, Wealth-X found that most billionaires worldwide were self-made (55.8% of them, to be exact).

    make money on internet philippines

    Forbes also releases its yearly list of the top 50 richest Filipinos; several of these ultra-wealthy Filipinos have earned their wealth from a business of some kind.

    This section covers the basics, so don’t worry about any questions you may have, as we will answer these below.

    1.2 Earn Online From A Business With No Money

    What an amazing question

    Is this even possible?

    Some businesses can be started in the Philippines for free or with very little money

    Luckily most of these businesses are online

    Previously we explored 13 business ideas to start with no money in the Philippines & How to make money online in the Philippines for free.

    These exclusive articles explored making money from a business or service.

    These include freelancing business, selling ebooks, selling premium content, etc.

    To start and make money from a business in the Philippines without money, entrepreneurs will need to either …

    1. Sell A Product That Costs Nothing To Make Or Buy (Such As Ebooks, Flowers From the Garden, Etc)
    2. Sell A Product That Can Be Paid Later (Such As A Financial Agreement)
    3. Get Paid Before The Product Is Made/Sent (Such As Dropshipping, Personalized Items)
    4. Sell Services That Cost Nothing But Time (Such As Voice Acting, Life Coaching)
    5. Use Other Forms Of Leverage (Such As Using Other Peoples Skills, Money, Time,)

    Remember, there is a big difference between completing tasks for money (next section) and making money from a business.

    1.3 Earn Money Online By Completing Tasks

    The great news is that there is an easier way to earn money online in the Philippines.

    This next option is earning money the easy way by doing singular tasks.

    Unfortunately, this method tends to be short-term; however, many options are available.

    The difference between these options and the other options mentioned is that these are often short-lived singular incomes.

    The previous options were businesses that could earn money online through many income streams.

    Unfortunately, many websites will tell you to do these things, but many of these singular income streams do not always offer the highest income in the Philippines.

    In other words, if you want to make money online in the Philippines long term, you will need to expand and combine strategies and income streams.

    For example, as we discovered earlier, affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money.

    Nevertheless, relying only on affiliate marketing is not the best decision if you want to grow your online earnings long-term.

    The best way to see these forms of income is like stepping stones; not many Filipinos start by offering 1000 different products and services.

    But many individuals that earn full-time online incomes start by focusing on a single process and introduce other income-generating options.

    In the simplest definition, these two options – starting an online business & completing online tasks, are the most common methods to earn money online in the Philippines.

    But on the other side of the coin is the complete opposite – starting a traditional business & completing tasks also known as a job.

    Section 1 Summary: There are numerous ways to earn money online in the Philippines. The most common is to provide a service or sell a product. However, other ways to earn money online in the Philippines include completing online tasks such as reviewing ebooks, watching videos, and flipping websites. 

    Section 2

    How To Make Money In The Philippines Not Online

    Over the years, there has been a big push in the glamorization of earning money online in the Philippines.

    Making money online gives individuals a certain level of freedom, but it is not always as easy or glamorous as it seems from the outside.

    It’s important to remember that most of us need to work for a company before we have enough excess income to expand.

    So never ever feel that you are a failure or not good enough because of the situation you find yourself in now.

    The price of the Jolibee stock, BDO stock, or Alaya Land stock does not determine the future price of that stock.

    Likewise, your present situation does not determine your financial future.

    During my late teens and 20s, I worked in a call center until I had enough money to expand my income.

    Sadly I failed and had to return to a job to earn more to start another business.

    This continued until I started seeing results.

    After many years I gained so much experience I eventually started

    So it is best not to see your situation as fixed… But anyways….

    Let’s take a look at two options. The first option is making money from a job, and the second is starting your own traditional business.

    2.1 Earning Money From A Job Philippines

    The reality is if you’re looking to make money in the Philippines, the simplest way is to get a job and build your career.

    The disadvantage is that you are slightly limited in potential income as you will only ever receive your salary and commission.

    However, the advantage is knowing how much you will receive and when. In addition, this type of income is more secure than other forms of online income.

    Earning money from a job in the Philippines is not always as disadvantageous as some would have you believe.

    earn money online legit philippines

    Take a look at the JobStreet infographic that shows the highest earnings jobs in the Philippines.

    2.2 Earning Money From A Traditional business Philippines

    The second option is to start a more traditional business in the Philippines. But the question is, what business opportunities can I start in the Philippines to earn money?

    Below is a list of unique traditional business opportunities that are great ways to earn money in the Philippines not online.

    Similar to starting an online business, there are many pros and cons to starting a more traditional business in the Philippines.

    Traditional businesses tend to be businesses that were in demand in the past; they are in demand presently and will likely be in demand in the future.

    One disadvantage of starting a traditional business in the Philippines is the start-up and maintenance costs.

    This is 1 big consideration if you are looking at how to make money in the Philippines.

    Online businesses are unique opportunities for most of the public, offering fantastic scalability and growth potential with minimal cost.

    how to make money online philippines for beginners
    The snapshot shows the market and online opportunities increase across the country.

    For instance, with, I reach 100,000 people a month. That is 100K potential customers without spending any pesos.

    It is highly unlikely I could achieve the same results with a traditional business in such a short time.

    This is the amazing benefit of making money online in the Philippines vs traditional making money options.  

    But naturally, there are many things to consider. For example, 100K views does not mean success, it does not mean high profits, and it does not mean making money is easy.

    BUT, it does open up the door to opportunity, and this door is showing itself for you, so the question is…

    How do you want to make money in the Philippines? Online or traditionally?

    Once you have your answer, it is time to level up. Leveling up is the next process that explores the demand and the markets of the Philippines.

    Section 2 Summary: Earning money in the Philippines not online, is also a great option. Traditional businesses have many advantages. Sadly they also have disadvantages, such as the start-up costs and maintenance fees that business owners need to consider. 

    Section 3

    How Money Works In The Philippines 

    In the book Money Master The Game by Tony Robbins, Tony explores the process of picturing your wealth-building similar to the process of climbing a mountain. Each point has a purpose that allows you to reach the next stage.

    Vicki Robin, author of Your Money Or Your Life, advises readers to compare their networth to their lifetime income. In other words, you are reviewing your past spending habits and financial patterns.  

    And finally, in the famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Robert spoke about the importance of assets and how these can be used to your advantage.

    So with these famous books in mind, the question arises …

    How does money work in the Philippines? (how money works in the Philippines would be a great name for a book, DAMMM, I shouldn’t have typed that, okay, forget I said that!) 

    If you are looking at how to make money in the Philippines, you will be told many different opinions, strategies, and methods.

    In fact, when I typed in “How To Make Money In The Philippines,” I had over 752,000,000 results.

    So instead, I will share with you the universal truth of money.

    Money Follows Value.

    3.1 Providing Value Leads To Wealth

    Providing value to people means a lot of different things to different types of people, and shortly we will explore how to give value so that you can earn money in the Philippines right now.

    Value is not the only secret to making money in the Philippines but is the foundation of wealth creation.

    earn money online philippines without investment

    Providing the best service, innovating the market, selling bulk orders, and so on originates from value.

    If you can produce real value to the public that is scaleable, in-demand, continuous, and packaged correctly, you will never have a problem making money in the Philippines.

    Section 3 Summary: There are many ways money goes to work. But the foundation of money comes down to value. Providing entertainment value, convenience value, or financial value is a common method. Value is the foundation of making money in the Philippines.

    Section 4

    Where Are The Money Gaps In The Philippines

    One of the common reasons that some find it difficult to make money online in the Philippines is that they cannot find and take advantage of the money gaps.

    4.1 What Is A Money Gap

    The term “money gaps” is a term I used to express financial opportunity.

    But this term is changed from industry to industry.

    For example, money gaps are known as content gaps in the content creation world. However, money gaps are referred to as market gaps in some businesses.

    So the question is – Where are the money gaps in your life? Where can you see the opportunity in your business, location, or work experience?

    “To know that we know what we know, and to know that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.”

    Nicolaus Copernicus

    OH MY! – Try saying that after a few bottles of San Miguel Ha-Ha.

    But essentially, the quote means We do not know what we don’t know. So one of the best ways is to find the data.

    4.2 Researching the Filipino Markets

    Research is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when looking at how to earn money in the Philippines, but it is also one of the most overlooked tasks.

    We recently released a full guide on how to do market research in the Philippines. This includes the following –

    • Pew Research Center (Insights About The Trends On Social, Media, And Industry)
    • Statista (Researching Data And Statistics)
    • Google Trends (Popular Topics And Stories, Analysis Of Popular Top Search Queries On Google)
    • Social Mention (Collection Of Socials Posts That Indicate A Specific Search Term)
    • Social Weather Station (Public-Opinion Polls)
    • Nielsen (What Filipinos Are Watching, Reading, Playing, Browsing, And Buying Among Many Others)

    Research is key to earning money in the Philippines in 2022 because the data highlights opportunities and risks most of us are unaware of.

    In addition, many fail to research as they find this a very difficult and boring task. However, this research may lead to a competitive advantage.

    4.3 Research Findings & Wealth opportunities

    Naturally, the research and market information will change depending on what money-making opportunity you follow.

    Nevertheless, here is some information I have found during general research on the opportunities to make money in the Philippines

    1. Even though the exports and production of coffee are low in the Philippines, the market is still vibrant due to the demand for instant coffee. The Philippines has been one of the leading consumption markets for soluble coffee, also known as instant coffee, since 2011.  – Statista
    2. In 2021, e-commerce expenditure in the Philippines was highest on electronics, valued at 7.13 billion US dollars, followed by furniture at about 2.68 billion US dollars. The lowest e-commerce spending during this period was on physical media.   – Statista
    3. The Philippines has 40.4 million active TikTok users aged 18 and above – Datareportal
    4. As of 31 March 2022, the total chicken inventory was estimated at 187.66 million birds. This was 2.4 percent higher than the previous year’s inventory of 183.27 million birds. –
    5.,,, and are the top 4 E-commerce stores visited by Philippines traffic. – Similarweb

    These are general statistics, but we may wish to dive into these in more detail, which can aid us in our decision-making and making money in the Philippines.

    4.4 Niche or Don’t Niche

    Your niche is the second area to consider when looking at the money gaps. It is often said the riches are in the niches.

    Growing a fitness blog will not the easy, but focusing on yoga in the Philippines will be much easier as you can become the authority figure in your niche.

    The trick is not to niche down too far. There will need to be a demand for your product or service.

    The perfect combination is a high demand but low supply niche.

    Section 4 Summary: The market continuously grows and changes, and new opportunities are presented. To fully take advantage of money gaps in the Philippines, it is crucial to thoroughly research the market. Niches are also appropriate for many industries. Many business experts advise the riches are in the niches. 

    Section 5

    Building Your Wealth Plan And Strategy

    One thing that annoys me is when you ask Google – How to make money online in the Philippines or how to lose weight… websites will tell you the options but not how…how….HOWWWW!?

    In other words, they tell you what you could do but not the important process of how to go from point A to point B.

    This is easily done, and I’m guilty of writing an article like this myself, but understanding how to make money in the Philippines is important to succeed.

    Fortunately, this article explores different parts of the process.

    This part looks at a very important part of wealth creation in the Philippines: building the plan and strategy.

    5.1 Money Making Principles & Strategies

    Here are the key principles to creating a money-making plan

    • Can I Use Leverage?
    • How Is The Market Developing, And What Is The Research Saying?
    • How Will I Fund My Project?
    • How Will I Manage My Tax And Upcoming Expenses?
    • How Will I Reach My Audience And New Audience?
    • How Will I Use My Profits…. Reinvestment?… How Will I Expand?
    • What Actions Result In Earned Income?
    • What Is My Market Focus, And How Will I Be Different/Innovative?
    • What Money Budgets And Strategies Will I Use?
    • What Risks And Threats Do I Face?
    • Will This Income Be Enough?

    And here are the key money-making strategies that can be used to make money in the Philippines

    When you start your process of making money in the Philippines, it’s always a good idea to have followed a plan and specific strategy.

    The great news is these plans and strategies can be changed along the way.

    Therefore, some options may be more applicable to you depending on your situation and what money-making option you wish to follow in the Philippines.

    For instance, ABS-CBN currently has over 172,000 videos on its YouTube channel.

    Earn money online legit Philippines

    Due to this high volume of high-quality content, they have grown a subscriber base of over 40 million. So, whether they know it or not, they are receiving the benefits of the law of compounding.

    In the main menu on FilipinoWealth, you will find a printable section.

    These simple but highly effective templates aim to expand your wealth, business, and personal growth. Templates can be downloaded straight to your laptop or phone without signing up.

    Section 5 Summary: It's important to build your plan and strategy when earning money in the Philippines. Your plan is how you will make money. Your strategy is the process you will take to reach your goal, complete your plan or beat your competition. Both are key to successful wealth building. 

    Section 6

    Thinking Differently Attracts Money In The Philippines

    One important element when looking at how to make money online in the Philippines is to think differently.

    “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

    Albert Einstein

    But if you are a student at university, a single mom living in Manila, or an entrepreneur in Davao City looking to grow, how can you use imagination to make money in the Philippines?

    Well, one of the best methods to build your income in the Philippines and expand your imagination is through thinking differently.

    Here are the most common thinking techniques to help you make money in the Philippines.

    6.1 First Principles

    First principle is the process of breaking down a method, system, problem, or idea into key compounds, then finding the truths by asking powerful questions.

    Finally, once these truths have been found, the task is to rebuild the remaining compounds.

    How to earn money using phone Philippines

    6.2 Brainstorming

    Brainstorming can be completed in a team or individually and is a great way to become creative if you want to earn money online in the Philippines.

    Participants write down as many ideas as possible within a time limit. No idea is a bad idea. It’s all about brainstorming.

    How can i make money philippines

    6.3 Negative Brainstorming

    Negative brainstorming is the opposite of brainstorming and focuses on creating as many bad ideas as possible / reversing the problem.

    So, for example, write down 10 things not to do if you want to make money online in the Philippines, and from there, you can ensure that you do the opposite.

    make money online philippines

    6.4 The 6 Hats

    Six Thinking Hats was a book published in 1985 by Dr Edward De Bono. The book explores the process of wearing six different hats for creative thinking, and this method is great if you want to make money online in the Philippines.

    In other words, 6 different ways of looking at the same problem. The hats are as follows –

    1. Blue Hat: The Process, Management, Focus Points, Summary
    2. White Hat: Facts, Information, Data, Truths, Logic
    3. Red Hat: Feelings And Emotions
    4. Green Hat: Creativity, Ideas, Possibilities, Solutions To Problems
    5. Yellow Hat: Benefits, Positives, Advantages
    6. Black Hat: Cautions, Weaknesses, Risks, Dangers

    make money philippines not online

    6.5 Combination Ideas

    Combining ideas is the process of putting 2,3,4, or more ideas together to create something new. For example, you could say that a snowmobile is made of 4 combinations – The bars of a bicycle, the wheels of a tank, skis, and a speed boat.  

    ideas to make money philippines

    6.6 Mind Mapping

    Mind mapping is the process of writing down your ideas as a visual map. Usually, these are used as a hierarchy where ideas and sections can branch off each other.

    So, for example, learning English could branch into learning the basics, which could branch into time, which could then branch into daily time management.

    Best ways to make money online philippines

    6.7 Lateral Thinking

    Lateral thinking is a way of solving problems differently and creatively. On most occasions, lateral thinking is an out-of-the-box idea or process in a nonlogical form.

    how to make money philippines

    6.8 Reframing

    Re-framing is changing your thoughts and assumptions about an idea so that it can be viewed in a different light. In general, this psychological technique can be applied to different areas of life and is similar to the six hats thinking method.

    Earn money online student philippines

    6.9 Creative Problem Solving

    There is not always one solution to a problem; sometimes, there are many solutions, and in some cases, these solutions are unknown. Therefore, creative problem solving is finding an original and unknown solution to a problem.

    Section 6 Summary: Earning money in the Philippines may require individuals to look at the problem and gaps differently. Thinking differently is a great way to earn more and make money in the Philippines. 

    Section 7

    Understand The Demand Of The People

    If we want to make money online or offline in the Philippines, we need to provide something people want, need, or crave.

    But the question is, what do people really want?

    Last week I was helping a fellow blogger grow his business when I found out he wrote a 5000-word article about how to make a healthy coffee!


    Because he thought a longer article would help him rank on Google and receive more views.

    Do viewers want to read a 5000-word article about coffee making?

    Unfortunately, no. In fact, the data suggest that many searchers prefer to watch a video on making coffee than a full blog post.

    So if you are looking at making money online from content creation, for example, the question is, what does your audience really want, and how do they want it?

    If you want to make money in the Philippines by starting a business, what products and services do customers really want, and what provides them with the most value?

    make money philippines

    But this is not only about supplying the demand. It’s about doing it differently and using innovation.

    7.1 The Philippines needs innovation

    The Department Of Trade And Industry has published several articles over the years stressing the importance of innovation to local communities and the wider economy.

    You will hear this word in the future as innovation is key to a healthy economy, and many industries will benefit greatly from innovation.

    Innovation does not have to be revolutionary.

    For example, you could open a coffee shop and sell the coffee for free!

    However, customers pay for the time they stay in your coffee shop (a minimum fee would need to be set up).

    Or perhaps innovate a small part of your business…

    If you are selling a product, can you purchase some ingredients locally and create something new instead of buying 100% of the product directly from overseas?

    Okay, these are not the best ideas … But you get the point. It’s all about thinking differently.

    Sometimes the best solution is a simple solution.

    Harvard Business School wrote a fantastic article on the importance of innovation for personal wealth and business wealth.

    They summarised that innovation helps in adaptability, helps growth, and gives competitive advantages in business.

    Section 7 Summary: Understanding your audience or customer is key. What do they really want, and how do they want it? Innovation is essential in the Philippines. Often the best solution to a problem is a simple one. 

    Section 8

    The Law Of The Philippine Peso 

    We’ve mentioned the importance of value and how this is directly linked to making money.

    8.1 chasing money in the Philippines

    Remember that earning money online in the Philippines should not be the main goal.

    Chasing money is something that humans have continuously done throughout the ages, and yet most of the time, money follows the value.

    For those interested in philosophy, you may find the Backwards Law from Tao Te Ching (2000-year-old Chinese text) worth investigating.

    Essentially the more we chase money, the unhappier we feel, and the more difficult it is to achieve wealth.

    8.2 Giving Value

    What is perceived as value differs from person to person and market to market.

    Some businesses and people are incredibly successful, and you may be wondering why, but on some level, they give value.

    This may be the value of entertainment, the value of knowledge, the value of convenience, and so on.

    In the simplest definition, value can be described as the worth we get from someone or something.  

    A person or business must provide value to earn money in the Philippines. Likewise, to earn a lot of money, a person or business will need to provide scalable value.

    earn money online philippines without paypal

    If you are a freelancer that makes money online in the Philippines, can you offer your services more conveniently? Can you package up services at a discounted rate? Can you provide examples of previous work?

    These are all methods of providing value, and you will notice that they are also methods that will potentially lead you to more sales/money.

    However, one of the reasons value is so important when trying to make money in the Philippines is not only to do with the value but to do with your mindset…

    … when you stop focusing on making money in the Philippines but instead on providing value, you think and act differently, leading to different results.

    In my experience, these new, highly valuable results can be monetized, leading to greater wealth.

    Section 8 Summary: If you are in the trap of cashing money, the excellent option is to focus on proving value to your audience. Value can lead to earning more and providing better short-term and long-term service. 

    Section 9

    Making Money In The Philippines By Applying Packaging

    When it comes to earning money as a student, entrepreneur, or passive income, it is always wise to look at the bigger picture of perception.

    Image is everything. Not just in the Philippines but worldwide.

    There is a big reason why millions of pesos are pumped into marketing each year in the Philippines.

    9.1 How Image Is Related To Money

    Because our perceptions of people, items, services, and everything else, lead to our thoughts and actions.

    You may have a fantastic idea to make money in the Philippines or a product everybody can take value from.

    But if it is not packaged correctly, the challenge of earning money in the Philippines and providing value will become much more difficult.

    The discreet packaging of life can be applied to almost anything! From people to products, to ideas, and more.

    9.2 Using Image To Your Advantage

    So how can you make money in the Philippines from the packaging?

    First, you must understand that people are emotional, and deep down, emotions govern everything.

    Many of us are logical thinkers but thinking logically/critically takes a lot of energy, and we are not machines at the end of the day.

    So the first step is to understand the emotions of your audience or customers. What do they feel, what do they fear, and why do they feel these emotions?

    steps to make money online philippines

    Emotions are not just about fear, happiness, anger, etc. They are about a deeper sense of human connection.

    For example, belongingness (being part of the tribe) was a trend I saw some corporations apply during their marketing throughout covid-19.

    Tailor your business or money-making ideas in the Philippines to appeal to the appropriate emotions of your audience, and you will gain huge visibility and opportunities.

    Section 9 Summary: How we see things in life matters. Emotions impact actions both positively and negatively in terms of wealth. For example, your brand and image are everything if you are a business owner. People love to talk, and others will listen. 

    Section 10

    Traps Holding You Back From Earning Money In The Philippines

    Unfortunately, making money in the Philippines is not the easiest task in the world, and there are many challenges money-making entrepreneurs will need to overcome.

    10.1 Lies About Making Money Philippines

    The first challenge is the lies that we are told about making money in the Philippines.

    One of the most common I have heard several times throughout my career is the lie that if you want to be rich and successful, you need to work hard.

    The hustle culture is very much alive, and many influential and operated figures tell you that you need to work 24/7 to succeed.

    Unfortunately, this work mentality is not only wrong. It can also have the opposite effect.

    Working on the best opportunities and HPT (high-profit tasks) will always beat general hard work. The exception to the rule is if the HPT requires continuous hard work.


    If you are continuously working and working very hard, it’s difficult for you to truly relax your mind and body.

    Relaxing is not only important for your health but important for your mind, especially on the topic of creative thinking.

    Sometimes in life, you need to go 1 step back so that you can move 2 steps forward.

    Some of the most revolutionary ideas and successful solutions have been made during periods of relaxation.

    In other words, sometimes in life, you need to step away from the eye of the storm to see what’s truly important in your life, work, and your money situation.

    Then you can make the best decisions that will have the best results.

    In other words, if you are working a lot, try to find times to recharge. This recharging will help you make better decisions to earn money in the Philippines.

    Other money lies include…

    • I Do Not Have The Skills Or Knowledge To Make Money
    • I Will Never Be Rich
    • Investing Is Too Difficult
    • Making Money Is Too Stressful
    • Money Corrupts People
    • No One Will Buy My Products Or Services
    • Only Corrupt People Can Make A Lot Of Money
    • Rich People Are Evil
    • The Bank Is The Best Place To Keep My Money
    • The Best Way To Make More Money In The Philippines Is To Cut Expenses
    • The Market Is Too Big
    • You Don’t Need To Save For Retirement

    Naturally, we are told many other lies about making money in the Philippines, but instead, let’s turn off focus back on the VIP today, you.

    10.2 Money self-sabotaging

    Are you falling into the trap of self-sabotage? Unfortunately, only you can answer this question. BUT..

    Any sabotaging behavior patterns in your life can seriously damage your money and your business income.

    Self-sabotaging also has its links with fear. Many of us fear the unknown and unexplored.

    You may have heard the old phrase, “People prefer known hells to unknown heavens.”

    Therefore many subconsciously start self-sabotaging behaviors due to the fear of the unknown.

    As crazy as it sounds, having 1,000,000 Pesos is a daunting experience for some as they have never had this amount in their bank before.

    But self-sabotaging behaviors can also impact our work and indirectly impact the money we can earn.

    For example, if you are addicted to drinking alcohol or have any other addictions, there is an imbalance in life, which can easily show up through work and money.

    Likewise, if you are in a cycle of poor eating habits, it is common to feel unmotivated, sluggish, and experience brain fog.

    make money app philippines

    One of the secrets to my success in life is understanding that everything is connected.


    When you truly understand this, making money in the Philippines is incredibly easy.

    But one important area that must be addressed is something we have touched upon briefly, and that is the focus on money.

    To be clear, there is no problem focusing on earning pesos.


    Money can be like a drug that you want more and more of.

    When people get into this pattern of wanting more, some make decisions that are often not the best for their future or not best for their customers.

    These decisions have consequences.

    There is no harm in focusing on growing your wealth, but if this becomes an obsession, money has been known to flee.

    When everything is balanced (the right thoughts, knowledge, attitude, and strategy), earning money in the Philippines becomes much easier.

    Section 10 Summary: There are many lies we are told about making money in the Philippines. This can lead us to make the wrong decisions. Self-sabotaging is also very common. Understanding the truths and separating these from assumptions is key to success. 

    Section 11

    How To Grow Money In The Philippines

    An article about making money would not be complete without mentioning how you can grow your money in the Philippines.

    So, let us take a look

    Common ways to grow your money in the Philippines include –

    Investing in the Philippines Stock Exchange, creating passive income from an online platform such as YouTube, launching a startup business, and investing in real estate.

    But what really makes your money grow?

    Above are good examples, but is there something missing?

    Yes! 2 key elements.

    The main ingredients. Reinvesting & Compounding

    11.1 Secrets Of Reinvesting & Compounding

    During my 20’s, I was trying to earn as much money as possible.

    Of course, this is not the right mindset; however, it did lead me to some unique discoveries

    The first discovery is that reinvesting is more critical than most people realize.

    The second discovery is that compounding is one of the most powerful forces in building wealth.

    But what’s important to note is that reinvesting and compounding is not just about money; this is the big mistake many people make.

    Admittedly reinvesting and compounding are mainly spoken about in terms of money.

    But to make a lot of money in the Philippines, you need to reinvest and use compounding on your time, work, and skills, not just on your money.

    TIMEPurchasing A Time-Saving Technology That Allows You To Compound Your Time
    WORKMoving Old Content Into Different Platforms And Growing Your Content Through Compounding
    SKILLUsing Your Talents To Grow A Business And Compound Your Skills To Create An Empire
    MONEYUsing Profits From Investment To Start A Business Or Reinvest In The Same Investment
    Above is a small table to illustrate examples.

    Naturally, this is not the only puzzle piece. as we discovered earlier, you will also need to provide value.

    A content creator may decide to create 500 videos, but the videos will need to be of high quality and possess value

    However, creating a high-quality video will be and natural part of the process if they fully reinvest back into their skills and work

    So when you want to grow your money in the Philippines, you can ask yourself some questions.

    Can I Reinvest My Skills To Produce A Passive Income?

    How Can I Compound My Time To Be More Effective?

    How Can I Reinvest My Time To Make More Money In The Long Term?

    How Can I Use Compounding To Reach A Wider Audience?

    How Can I Use Reinvesting To Make More Money?

    Section 11 Summary: There are many ways to grow money in the Philippines. The law of compounding and reinvesting is key to success and growth.