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Earn Money Watching Videos Philippines 2024

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    Have you ever wondered how to earn money by watching videos in the Philippines?

    Yes me too!

    Perhaps you are even interested in earning cryptocurrency by watching videos? or just pesos?

    If so, today’s article will cover several available options.

    From research, some users have reported difficulties accessing some websites without a VPN; therefore, with some providers, you may need to use a VPN

    but nevertheless, let’s explore how you can earn money while watching videos in the Philippines.

    Ways To Earn Money While Watching Videos Philippines 2022

    watch videos and earn real money philippines

    1. Odysee

    Possible Earnings Per Day: Incalculable (Paid In Cryptocurrency)

    If you watch YouTube videos or are a YouTuber, you most definitely need to sign up to Odysee!

    Odysee is a YouTube alternative in the Philippines and is gaining popularity all across the world.

    You can earn cryptocurrency by posting videos and by watching videos!

    You can link your account if you are a YouTuber, and every new YouTube video will be automatically published on the Odysee Platform.

    Viewers can also donate cryptocurrency, tips, and many other rewards on their platform.

    If you are a content creator, you can hold the cryptocurrency on your Odysee to increase visibility and grow your channel.

    However, if you are only looking to cash out your cryptocurrency, you can also do this on their platform.

    Odysee offers multiple rewards and is continuously developing its platform.

    paying apps philippines

    2. Swagbucks

    Possible Earnings Per Day: Between $2 and $5 (Around Php 100 and Php 250)

    Swagbucks is one of the most reputable and oldest platforms that let people earn money watching videos Philippines and in many countries.

    The site pays users who watch various videos such as world news and sports, among many others.

    Aside from watching videos, they also pay users who participate in other activities such as surfing the internet, online shopping, using the app, playing games using their phones or online, checking out offers, and answering surveys. 

    PayPal and gift cards are the payment methods of Swagbucks.

    They have paid more than $400 million to members through cash and gift cards in the past years.

    The minimum age requirement to sign up for this platform is 13 years old

    Legit paying apps through gcash

    3. InboxDollars (VPN needed)

    Possible Earnings Per Day: About $2 – $4 (Around Php 100 to Php 200)

    InboxDollars have been in the industry since 2000.

    Though it can be implied from this platform’s name that users can earn money from reading emails sent to their inbox, they can also be paid by watching clips daily.

    In addition, users can also complete related surveys, do online searching, and play games, among many others, to earn money.

    Users who request payment for the first time need to have at least $15 in their account.

    After that, payments can be made through Visa, PayPal, and gift cards.

    The minimum age requirement to sign up for an account is 18 years old. 

    watch videos and earn real money philippines

    4. MyPoints

    Possible Earnings Per Day: About $8 (Around Php 400)

    Another platform to earn money watching videos in the Philippines is MyPoints.

    Users can earn points by watching certain videos and earn points.

    They choose what videos to watch and skip the ones they find annoying or boring.

    There is also a watch playlist that autoplay videos. Moreover, they can also get paid by reading emails and playing emails. 

    They have been in the industry since 1996.

    The redeemed points can be transferred through Visa or PayPal and then to the users’ bank accounts.

    People under the age of 13 years old are not allowed to register. 

    Make money online watching videos

    5. App Trailers

    Possible Earnings Per Day: About $2.88 (Around Php 145)

    From the name itself, users are paid to watch trailers of specific apps.

    According to the developers of this platform, members are rewarded when they watch hot apps.

    Points are earned for the trailers users have watched. 

    Points can be redeemed through gift cards, or users can get their earnings directly through their PayPal account.

    But, first, users need to download the app, register, and verify their account to start watching videos.

    get paid to watch video philippines

    6. SuccessBux

    Possible Earnings: About $20 to $30/per month (Php 1,000 to Php 1,500) 

    SuccessBux is a newer method to earn money watching videos Philippines.

    Starting in 2012, it is regarded by many as a rewards site.

    Users can watch advertisements and videos, refer others to the platform, try products, fill out servers, listen to music online, and browse the web to earn money. 

    One of the advantages of SuccessBux is its low minimum payout threshold which is $1.00.

    This means that users do not need to wait for a long time to get their payment.

    Instead, when their account reaches $1, they can get their money through their PayPal account.

    Although there is no minimum age requirement to sign up, payment processors require their users to be at least 18 years old.

    Make money online watching videos

    7. CreationsRewards

    Possible Earnings: 0.5 points to 25 points per video (1,000 points=$5 or Around Php 250) 

    Using the platform, users can access the site’s video section and check the list of videos they can watch to accumulate points.

    Nevertheless, they cannot see the point value of the video unless they finish it.

    There is no limit to the points earned, so they can watch videos as long as they want.

    The videos are mainly products and entertainment ads.

    They need to watch the videos since some are interactive.                                

    Other methods to earn from CreationRewards are getting daily bonuses, trying various services and products, and answering surveys.

    They can also get 10% more from their earnings when they successfully make a referral.

    Users can get the points they accumulated in their prepaid debit card, PayPal account, or gift cards.

    They also need to keep in mind that there should be at least 100 points every 6 months in their account to stay active.

    The minimum age requirement to create an account is 18 years old. 

    make money on philippines video

    8. PrizeRebel

    Possible Earnings: $0.6/hour (Around Php 30)

    PrizeRebel is an online membership reward platform that compensates users who answer surveys, watch videos, win raffles, refer friends, and engage with advertisers and brands such as trying out offers.

    Since 2007, the platform claims that it has released payments worth $22 million. It is also known to have a worldwide membership. 

    Users can get paid through gift cards or PayPal.

    For gift cards, there is a minimum payout threshold of $2 and $5 for PayPal.

    Additionally, people can use their Facebook accounts to site up on PrizeRebel.

    how to make money from watching videos philippines

    9. You-Cubez

    Possible Earnings Per Day: $1.90 (About Php 96)

    YouCubez is a marketing and advertising platform.

    It primarily focuses on ensuring that its clients have specific views from the promotional videos in a particular period.

    In addition, users of the platform get paid a portion of what the platform earns from their clients.

    Aside from getting people to watch videos, they also provide opportunities to earn from answering surveys, visiting websites, and doing other tasks. 

    Redeeming payment is possible through Bitcoin and Paypal.

    According to the terms and conditions of You-Cubes, people who are at least 16 years old are allowed to register. 

    video paying apps philippines

    10. Fusion Cash  (VPN Needed)

    Possible Earnings: Between $0.1 and $0.02 (About Php 0.50 and Php 1) for watching videos

    Since Fusion Cash is a GPT or get-paid-to website, users can receive payment by watching videos, completing officers, answering surveys, and viewing websites after they sign-up.

    The rates of the videos depend on their duration.

    For example, you can earn 1 cent for a 30-second video. Users can watch 10 videos each day. 

    Users can get the payment through a direct deposit on their debit card or bank account or PayPal.

    There is no payout for gift cards available for this platform.

    The minimum payout threshold is $25. 

    watch videos and earn real money philippines

    11. InstaGC   

    Possible Earnings: $ 0.01=1 point (1 point for every 5 videos) (About Php 0.50) 

    InstaGC pays users when they complete tasks such as watching videos, completing offers, answering surveys, and many others.

    Users can access different videos and watch as many videos as they want throughout the day. 

    Even though earning more points from this task is more difficult, it is the easiest method to earn money from InstaGC.

    Also, users need to keep in mind that some videos pay higher than others.

    The age requirement to sign-up here is 18 years old.

    However, teenagers who are at least 13 years old can join but with their parent’s permission.

    Get paid to watch videos online legit

    12. Instant Rewards

    Possible Earnings: $10 to $15/month (About Php 500 to Php 750) 

    Instant Rewards is an app or platform that pays users to watch videos.

    Users can also earn when they complete surveys and download other apps.

    Though the rewards might not be a lot, users can save if they consistently do the tasks.

    Users can get their earnings through PayPal.

    The platform gets money from advertisers and affiliate marketing, so users get a part of this money.

    People who are at least 18 years old can sign-up.

    Those 16 and 17 years old can join provided they have their parents’ permission. 

    Watch video and earn money app

    13. AdFun

    Possible Earnings: $25/month (About Php 1,200) 

    AdFun is another helpful online money-making platform.

    Users obtain points when they watch clips and share them on social media.

    They can also earn more by interacting with the videos.

    The app also gives points when users bid on specific auctions. 

    People can register for an account using their iOS and Android devices for free.

    They can integrate their Facebook account or provide their name and email address.

    Earn Money Watching Videos Philippines on GCash


    Buzzbreak is a platform where users can get points by watching videos, installing apps, reading articles, making referrals, answering surveys, and doing other tasks.

    In addition, points can be earned by simply launching the app. 

    After users have earned enough points, they can get their payment in their GCash account.

    The minimum payout is Php 1.

    So people who just signed up will receive Php 1 instantly in their GCash account.

    This platform is recommended to those who spend much time on their phone watching videos or reading news because that is what they will do on the app.

    What they need to remember is that there are a lot of ads in the app. 


    SnippetMedia is similar to BuzzBreak since users earn when watching videos, inviting friends, and reading articles.

    In addition, they earn “Kachings” or points. Kachings can be converted to pesos and be withdrawn on GCash, Paymaya, and 

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