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9 Low Budget Business Ideas Philippines

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    Low-budget business ideas Philippines: Due to the opportunities in the Philippines, the great news for entrepreneurs is that not all businesses need to cost the world. In fact, some highly profitable business ideas in the Philippines can be started with only a few thousand pesos.

    So what are the best affordable business ideas in the Philippines, and what low-budget business ideas can you start in the Philippines today? There are 9 excellent opportunities to start a small business in the Philippines.

    9 Affordable Business Ideas Philippines

    1. Starting A Blog

    Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about blogging. Starting A blog in the Philippines is not as easy as it once was due to the vast amount of competition and algorithm factors from Google. Nevertheless, it is still possible to earn a great deal of income by starting a blog in the Philippines.

    With every affordable business idea in the Philippines, it is always important to consider the advantages and disadvantages.

    With many business models, you will find that if they are cheap business ideas in the Philippines, it can take some time for the business to start to grow.

    Think about it like this, one of the benefits of starting a bigger business is that business owners often have large amounts of capital to invest in the business through marketing and other means. This extra money can be used as a fantastic time saver.

    Unfortunately, some believe that blogging is dead in the Philippines. This is 100% untrue.

    This is a low-cost business idea in the Philippines, so patience is key. It can sometimes take several years for your website to grow large enough to earn a full-time income.

    Nevertheless, with the right strategy (using the power of social media, for example), bloggers can start earning from their blogs in a very short amount of time. This can include selling their products and services or selling to others for a commission.

    2. Become An Online Streamer

    If you are looking for an affordable business idea in the Philippines, you may find online streaming has many lucrative opportunities.

    Over the years, platforms such as Twitch, Youtube, and many others have expanded the opportunities for creators to earn an income from their content.

    This can work especially well if you sell a physical product such as clothing. In addition, you may have seen online streams becoming increasingly popular over the years on platforms such as Facebook. As mentioned earlier, social media is a very powerful tool in the Philippines that is key to success for small business owners.

    Even though platforms allow creators to earn money directly from their platform (donations, for example), it is still recommended to focus on other income streams as an online streamer.

    Last week we released an exclusive article looking at how to make more money in the Philippines. In the article, we spoke about the power of leverage and how you can use leverage to make more money.

     Are You Looking For The Best Business Ideas With 10K, 50K, 100K, And More?

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    Regarding social media low-budget business ideas in the Philippines, it’s always a good idea to focus on the leverage you can use, especially if money is tight.

    Social media, for example, gives us tremendous leverage to reach thousands of people across the Philippines (and overseas) for free. During my research on common business problems in the Philippines, I found that competition was one of the biggest challenges facing small Filipino businesses in today’s modern world.

    The researchers did several case studies on different types of businesses across the Philippines. They found that social media was one of the strongest opportunities and advantages for small Filipino businesses. Therefore, it is important to consider this when starting an affordable business idea in the Philippines.

    3. Start A Remote Writing Business

    Have you ever considered becoming an online writer? Online writing is a demand that has increased rapidly over the years and is an excellent way to earn additional income or create a business.

    Writing can include becoming a ghostwriter for a book, reviewing products and services, writing product descriptions, completing manuals, and so much more.

    As your business grows, you may even decide to hire employees. Here is one of my own low-budget business ideas that I will share with you…

    I want to start a ghostwriting service business. Specifically focusing on producing long-term content for overseas customers. During the research, I found that there are several gaps within this market, and there is also high demand, but unfortunately, Filipino Wealth takes up all my time 😊

    This, of course, is an example, and feel free to use this idea! But remember, the great news about starting a low-cost business in the Philippines is that ideas can be changed and adapted. Therefore, valuable innovation is key to success when starting a small business in the Philippines.

    4. Private Delivery Business

    So as we are aware, there are many large delivery businesses across the Philippines. This popularity shows us demand for delivery services in the Philippines, but how can you be different from the competition?

    First, entrepreneurs must decide what type of delivery business they wish to start in the Philippines. For instance, will the business deliver food? How about important documentation? Or perhaps emergency products such as condoms or dog food? Ha-Ha. Okay, a bit crazy, I know, but brainstorming is always a good idea.

    In the business world, there is a concept called lateral thinking. Lateral thinking is a way of looking at a problem or an idea differently.

    Another key principle that can be applied to support innovation and low-budget business ideas in the Philippines is the first principle. The first principle breaks complicated ideas into key elements and rebuilds the idea from the truth upwards.

    So when looking at a private delivery business entrepreneurs can look at this idea by examining what is true….

    • 27% Of The Population Use Delivery Services
    • 82% Of Those Use Mainstream Delivery Services
    • Customers Use Delivery Businesses Due To Their Convenience
    • Grab Offers The Cheapest Delivery Service
    • The Most Popular Delivery Product Is Food

    These five points above are only for example purposes, but we can see that once we know the facts and other first principles, we can start to work through this idea. Of course, lateral thinking can also be used by first establishing the facts, but this is not always essential.

    5. Sell Freelancing Servicers

    Many successful entrepreneurs are freelancers of some kind. We recently explored over 200 unique freelancing opportunities in the Philippines on platforms such as Fiverr.

    Nevertheless, here are some common low-budget and affordable business ideas around freelancing;

    • Coaching
    • Designing
    • Modeling
    • Photography
    • Programming
    • Video Editing
    • Writing

    As your affordable freelancing business grows, it is recommended to diversify your business and grow your business outside of other platforms.

    Unfortunately, there will always be a risk when starting a business on a platform (such as Fiverr or Youtube, etc.); if the platform goes down, so does your business.

    Luckily this is unlikely to happen due to the strength, size, and process of these platforms; nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to take your customers to your own website and expand your business when becoming a freelancer in the Philippines.

    6. Social Media Growth Businesses

    Social media management is one of the most popular outsourcing jobs in the Philippines. Social media management covers several different types of jobs. This can include speaking to customers, selling products, growth of the page, or a mixture of duties.

    This is an extremely affordable business idea in the Philippines as social media is free. In addition, the demand for social media management agents in the Philippines remains high. This demand is domestically as well as internationally.

    Therefore entrepreneurs may benefit from targeting overseas clients as well as local clients. Building a portfolio is very important in the early days but what’s more important is the process of finding new clients.

    Some business owners who start a social media management business directly contact their clients through LinkedIn or Facebook.

    As your business grows, it might be worthwhile to reinvest your profits back into growing the business if you feel there is a demand and opportunity within your niche.

    Common reinvestments in this industry include marketing and sales. Clients will often judge The service you offer by the look and feel of your social media pages, so it’s important to keep these looking professional and welcoming.

    7. Small Affiliate Marketing Business

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best low-budget business ideas you can start in the Philippines right now. But why is affiliate marketing such a good business, and is it an affordable idea?

    The reason why affiliate marketing is so popular is that it is a win win win scenario. when you sell a companies product, the company makes a sale. You, as the affiliate, make a commission. The buyer receives the product that they need.

    Affiliate marketing is a process we believe in so much that we have even created a CHEAT SHEET!

    This is a full page on how to make more money in the Philippines, how to lower the cost of a business, and additional tools to help you earn more and save more. This is so valuable to our readers. In addition, the small commission we receive helps us research more tools. So, as mentioned a win win win scenario.

    Affiliate marketing is not the easiest process in the early days, as building an audience is what is needed. Some successful affiliate marketers refer to the process of affiliate marketing as farming.

    In other words, you plant a seed for the future whenever you add a link to your website or social media channel. If this is continued with the right strategy, this can be a very profitable business in the Philippines.

    However, unfortunately, this can take some time. Unless you have a big audience, it is unlikely that affiliate marketing will make you rich overnight. Still, it can be a lucrative business idea with the right plan and careful strategy.

    8. English Or Tagalog Teaching Business

    If you have a passion for providing education, then one opportunity for a low-budget business is to teach the local language of Tagalog or to teach English.

    Many OFW move to Thailand and other parts of Asia to become teachers, whereas some English teachers stay in the Philippines but work online.

    The benefit of being overseas is that business owners can locate potential customers a lot easier; however, moving abroad is not the cheapest option.

    Nevertheless, you may be interested in teaching Tagalog, which reports suggest is becoming more popular with foreigners and international business owners.

    Starting an online business such as teaching is a fantastic option if you want to lower the business costs; however, some essential tools will be needed.

    For instance, a platform to communicate with your student, a high-quality camera, and clear audio is key. But what about if you do not have a passion for teaching? The next affordable business idea may be more suitable.

    9. Personalized Designing Business

    Personalize business designing can take several different forms. For example, one business can be a personal birthday cake business; another can be a personal clothing business.

    Personalized items can work very well with certain audiences, and naturally, the high demand for personalized items increases during the holidays.

    Due to the nature of this market, the total costs you will need to start a personalized design business in the Philippines will fluctuate; however, some low-cost suppliers can be found with some fantastic deals.

    If you want to reduce the costs for a personalized designing business, it is recommended to check out wholesalers such as Alibaba. If you are only looking to purchase a few items, Aliexpress has plenty of suppliers.

    Alternatively, personalized business designing can take the form online. This can include digital marketing, creating book covers, designing posters, and much more. Platforms such as Canva have made designing and growing a small business in the Philippines much easier on a low budget.

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