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How To Make Money Online Free Philippines

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    It is completely possible to make money online for free in the Philippines without paying anything in today’s modern world. However, the opportunities are not always as clear, so today, we aim to share the most common and popular ways how to earn money online for free in the Philippines.

    For those interested in passive income and additional income sources, you may wish to visit our full guide on these topics by clicking on the hyperlink above.

    How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything Philippines

    1. Create A YouTube Channel

    The first option on how to make money online without paying anything in the Philippines is to create a YouTube channel. The process is entirely free, and now, thanks to technology, many YouTubers record the whole process (and edit their videos) on their cell phone. As a result, YouTube is one of the most visited websites and apps in the Philippines.

    Due to the phenomenal popularity and growth of the platform, those looking to make money for free in the Philippines turn to YouTube. YouTube is about being different and authentic.

    Many channels have grown to celebrity status without even showing their face. It’s not about copying somebody else; it’s about creating your own style, and this is one road to riches.

    2. Sell Ebooks To Earn Pesos

    Another option on how to make money online in the Philippines without paying anything is to create a product of value. A fantastic product that can be sold for cash in the Philippines is an ebook. Editing can be done for free or with very little cost, and there are several platforms available (many of which offer a trial period).

    Unfortunately, the disadvantage of earning money online for free in the Philippines is that some processes will take longer than others. In other words, some tasks will require effort and energy.

    Nevertheless, ebooks can be sold for free. This opportunity offers fantastic scalability, which is why many aim to make money online in the Philippines by selling ebooks.

    3. Offer Your Services On Fiverr

    One of the best ways to make additional income for free in the Philippines is using the Fiverr platform. There are no costs that you will need to pay when signing up. However, if you are looking to make money online in the Philippines for free on Fiverr, you need to create value for the market.

    Some gigs on Fiverr will require more effort and energy, but you may be surprised by the hundreds of different ways you can earn money for free in the Philippines. This could be anything from writing somebodies name on the beach or proofreading a book. So remember, If there is a demand for a service, there will be opportunities to earn money.

    4. Sell Premium Content Online

    Over the years, we’ve seen a great deal of income generated from selling premium content of all kinds. Some unique individuals made money from selling premium content from their OnlyFans account in most recent times! But, of course, this is only one way of selling premium content. There are many other options available.

    If you have a talent such as voice acting or singing, you can create a course. If you have lived all over the Philippines, you can create a book for foreigners about living in the Philippines. Again these are only a few ideas out of hundreds of possible opportunities. Nevertheless, it shows that there are several ways to make money online for free in the Philippines by selling premium content.

    5. Get Paid For Advertisement

    One way to earn money online without paying any money is to build an advertisement platform, but what is an advertisement platform?

    An advertisement platform can be anything such as a blog, app, Youtube channel, or website that can be used to sell advertisement space. Most commonly, Google ads are the winning advertisement network; however, several options are available.

    Unfortunately, earning money for free in the Philippines is not always the most straightforward task. In previous articles, we spoke about how to start a blog and mentioned that it could take several years before a blog can earn a full-time income.

    Nevertheless, this option is still a legitimate opportunity to earn money without paying anything in the Philippines.

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    6. Earn Cryptocurrency By Watching Videos

    There have been several opportunities to earn money online for free in the Philippines by watching videos in the last several years. However, fans of cryptocurrency may be interested in earning cryptocurrency by watching videos (and posting videos) by Odysee.

    If you have a YouTube account, you can link this up so that your videos are automatically shared on their platform resulting in more opportunities to earn money from tips and subscribers. In addition, many large YouTubers are turning to Odysee, so you will be able to watch your favorite content creators while also earning cryptocurrency for free in the Philippines.

    7. Play To Earn NFT Games In The Philippines

    Nonfungible tokens have been a hot subject in recent times. Some players have made a small fortune without spending any money in the Philippines, but how? Simply by playing online nonfungible token games. Of course, the amount of money you earn will depend on which type of NFT game you are playing.

    On most occasions, players will be able to sell NFTs on the online marketplace for cryptocurrency. From there, players can exchange their cryptocurrency for other fiat currencies.

    Unfortunately, the long-term success of these play-to-earn games has not been discovered; however, if you have free time on your hands and enjoy playing games, this option offers a fantastic opportunity to make money for free in the Philippines.

    8. Fill Out Online Surveys For Extra Cash

    Over the years, several companies  (ViewFruit, TimeBucks & even YouGov) have offered Filipinos away to earn money for free online. Surveys are incredibly important as they give companies an organizations data.

    Therefore many companies are offering this service and will likely continue for the foreseeable future.

    When filling out surveys online for extra money in the Philippines, one area to remember is that some companies have a minimum threshold for PayPal transfers or bank transfers. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be as high as $100, which can sometimes take a long time to reach.

    9. Become An Online Affiliate Marketer

    Without a doubt, one of the best ways how to make money online for free in the Philippines is through affiliate marketing. But how can you get started with affiliate marketing, and how much can you earn?

    Earning potential is limitless. Some businesses have made millions from affiliate marketing. Naturally, this will depend on the industry and the product in question.

    If you are looking to start affiliate marketing in the Philippines and make additional income online, please check our full guide on the process, which I’ve added to the hyperlink above for your reference.  

    10. Transcribe Content Online

    Transcribing has become a popular method for making money online in the Philippines due to the advancements in content creation. Content recycling is a common method content creators use to reach a larger audience or add more money without doing additional work.

    This involves the process of turning blog posts into an ebook, Youtube videos into a slideshow, or a conversation into a podcast. However, transcribing services are essential for search engine optimization reasons (and language reasons), and it is a great way to make money in the Philippines online for free.

    11. Set Up A Donation Account

    If you are looking to make money online without paying anything in the Philippines to start a business or help a sick relative, another option is to ask for donations. Of course, the money needs to be used for a legitimate purpose. Scammers could face legal action. Therefore it is best to be honest with your contributors.

    Twitch offers a donation service (this platform is also another fantastic way to earn money for free online in the Philippines through live streaming). However, other services include PayPal and nonprofit services.

    12. Review / Test Products And Services

    As we mentioned earlier, where there is a demand, there is also the opportunity to earn money. Many businesses offer products and services, but they find themselves in a predicament. They cannot sell due to the lack of reviews, and this is where the review service/testing comes into play.

    Some companies will pay using their products, but others will pay with cash which is the aim of today’s article. To fully review a product or service, you will need to assess the product or service in person. Thus you may find that you also get free products and cash payment, but this will depend on the company you are reviewing.

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