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13 Business To Start With No Money Philippines

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    What Business To Start With No Money Philippines: As the world economy is changing, businesses have to adapt to continuous change. What if you do not have any money? You may then ask what business to start with no money in the Philippines?

    This is the very question we will be exploring today. Many different businesses start in the Philippines with no money, and the great thing is that many of them can be started relatively quickly.

    The advice I would give if you are starting a business with no money in the Philippines is that it may take a large part of your free time. In other words, one benefit of starting a business with a lot of money in the Philippines is that you can save a lot of time.

    However, if working hard is something you are used to doing, then these Philippines business ideas will be perfect for you.

    13 Businesses To Start With No Money Philippines 

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a huge business across the Philippines as well as globally. We have listed the best affiliate marketing programs in the Philippines in our most recent article and covered how much you can earn in affiliate marketing.

    Some people see affiliate marketing as the best business to start with no money in the Philippines. There is much opportunity in this business, and it requires little maintenance costs.

    The affiliate will receive payment once a product has been sold. This can be between a few percent up to 90%; however, commission tends to be under 10% on average in most cases.

    For the latest affiliate marketing opportunities in the Philippines, head over to our most recent guide for a full summary.

    Blogging, Vlogging, Podcasting & YouTubing

    This category is extraordinary as it is a unique opportunity in our modern era. Being a blogger can be started for free. We recently covered how to become a blogger in the Philippines and included some free and paid web hosting services.

    Additionally, the same information can also apply to other services such as being on YouTube or starting a podcast in the Philippines.

    One of the reasons this business is so popular is that it can be started today with very little equipment and maintenance fees. Signing up to YouTube or recording audio on your phone, or writing about a particular topic can all be done for free and can be monetized.

    There are also many different ways to earn money from a blog in the Philippines, and this can even be paired up with a YouTube channel. For those looking at how to start podcasting in the Philippines, it’s essential to visit our latest guide for information on podcasting if you are a beginner.


    One question we get asked commonly is how to start dropshipping in the Philippines; even though we have exclusively covered this question in detail, it is still one of the most popular questions.

    One of the benefits of dropshipping is that dropshipping in the Philippines can be started with no money (or, in some cases, very little).

    Even though this is a massive benefit for those looking to start a business in the Philippines with no money, it also has some setbacks. One of the most common setbacks is that there is a lot of competition in dropshipping due to its ease of entry.

    Therefore if you are looking to start a business for free in the Philippines, it is often advisable to focus on a specific product, a specific customer base, and take a step back to see if this business is right for your personal business goals.

    Freelance Designing, Freelance Writing & Freelance Editing

    Freelancing is a very popular business that is being started all across the Philippines each day. Thanks to the rise of many popular platforms such as Fiverr, Filipinos can build an online business freelancing.

    Many start by offering services on these platforms, and once they have built up a client base and income, they often move into setting up a website and finding clients via other means.

    The good news is that you probably already have a profitable skill (even if you don’t realize it), but on top of this, you can learn pretty much any skill for free…

    The great news is there are many ways to find clients for free. For example, freelance writing in the Philippines it’s very popular, and so many clients from all over the world hire Filipino writers, which they found on Facebook groups.

    Household Services

    Household services include many tasks that have been around the Philippines for many years in many different forms.

    Household services could include simple as babysitting or other services such as vehicle cleaning or house cleaning.

    A close friend runs a small business and has six cleaners, and can earn money semi passively through her business. She started had business by working independently cleaning condominiums around the city and then reinvested the money to grow her business.

    Laundry services are also another type of household service in the Philippines that is very popular. This is especially true for foreign visitors, and many laundry businesses have now been set up in more tourist areas over the last several years.

    Market Researcher

    Market researching is the perfect business idea for those people who love to find out information. If you have a detective side to your personality, then this business idea could be for you.

    Market research is relatively simple; however, it can get complicated, primarily if you work with larger corporations.

    Market research is typically done for a product or a service, and it is completed at the start of a business or a launch of a new product.

    There are many different ways market research can be offered as a business, but many independent business owners and freelancers turn to Upwork, PeoplePerHour, etc.

    Online & Outdoor Yoga Teacher

    Yoga has been practiced in India for centuries. Still, several health benefits discovered by science yoga and similar areas such as meditation have given this ancient tradition a new lease of life over the last several years.

    The great thing about living in the Philippines is that there are so many parks and fitness venues set up and down the country that can be accessed easily.

    Many years ago, I had my training business, and one thing that surprised me is how much customers wanted to know what to eat, when to eat and how to feel great…

    …If you can provide people with information that can help them achieve their goals, this can also be another stream of income added to this type of business.

    Online Teaching

    There are many different online teaching jobs available in the Philippines. Still, if you are an entrepreneur, you may decide to turn the public demand for teachers into a profitable business.

    Language is the most common type of teaching. However, it is not the only type that is popular in the Philippines. But for this article, we will focus on the language of Tagalog and English.

    It’s understandable why many foreigners from Korea, Japan, and China come to the Philippines to learn English, but what we sometimes forget is western foreigners from America, England, Europe, and other countries want to learn Tagalog because they have permanently moved to the Philippines.


    OK, we’re getting a little bit naughty here :O !!. The reality is OnlyFans is not only for adult content. Many different types of content creators can earn from OnlyFans.

    This may not be a traditional business in any sense; however, millions of people have taken to OnlyFans over the last several years. Many are making a lot of money.

    This type of business (if you can call it that) is not suitable for everybody. Still, it has been a regular source of high income for many, and we promise always to give our readers factual information whatever it will be.

    Due to the terms of service, we cannot specifically go into detail about the process. However, I would suggest looking at their official website for more details regarding their service.

    Referral Agency & Lead Generator

    When you were looking at what business to start in the Philippines with no money…. You may not initially think about becoming a referral agency or lead generation business; however, they are fantastic businesses that can be started entirely free.

    In the most straightforward explanation, both of these businesses will receive a commission for every new customer.

    In the Philippines, the most well-known is a real estate agent. Real estate agents often have a more complicated job than a referral agent; however, the process is still very similar: they receive their income once they have made sales.

    Lead generation business models are a little bit easier than the business model that usually requires finding customers. Even if they do not purchase an item or service, the lead generation business will still be paid either way.

    Religious And Spiritual Coaching

    Thanks to films and books on the topic of the law of attraction, personal coaching, positivity, and overall development have led to an explosion in the industry. Many people become a coach as it is a fantastic business that gives flexibility to business owners.

    But coaching doesn’t stop at the law for attraction, and coaching can include many different areas of a person’s life, such as their spirituality / religious beliefs.

    There are many different pros and cons to a business model, such as coaching; however, if you have a natural gift and are looking to help people, this may be the right avenue for you.

    Vocal Performer

    Are you naturally gifted in singing or professional speaking? This is another business that may not initially be known when looking at what businesses to start with no money in the Philippines. However, it is still a viable business.

    There are many different ways vocal performers generate income, and some of the most popular ways are by singing or playing music at local bars and clubs. There are also more professional ways to earn money with no money such as voice acting.

    Some people who are not naturally good at vocal performing turn direction. Instead of singing themselves, they focus on becoming a talent agent and starting an agency business matching talented singers.

    Start A Business With Little Money Philippines: Scams

    Now that we have covered different businesses to start for free in the Philippines, it’s important to mention many of the common scams you may hear across the Internet.

    Scams are everywhere, and scammers often prey on vulnerable people by providing fake opportunities…

    The readers of Filipino wealth are the most intelligent people I’ve ever met, so I know I do not need to cover this topic in too much detail. I would say that you will often get many requests from people willing to help your business grow fast, so I would suggest always trusting your gut feeling, especially when starting a business in the Philippines with no money.

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