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31 Homemade Food Business Ideas Philippines

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    Homemade Food Business Ideas Philippines: Have you ever thought about starting a homemade food business in the Philippines? As an essential resource to us humans, food has become a gigantic industry all across the world, especially here in the Philippines.

    But the question is, what do Filipinos like to eat? And if you are near a tourist area, what food would work best for local tourism? So let us look at 31 homemade food business ideas for the Philippines to answer these very questions.

    Homemade Food Business Ideas Philippines

    Protein-Based Meal Business

    We recently spoke about how to become a personal trainer in the Philippines. In that article, we explored many different fitness goals. The majority of those goals require amino acids broken down from proteins. With the world turning to a more protein-based diet, this food business idea will attract many fitness fans.

    Vegan Meal Business

    Veganism is also another growing trend not just in the Philippines but worldwide. When looking at homemade food business ideas, you will find that many unique vegan foods and meals can be made from home and sold to many different clients. Targeted marketing may also be very useful to find your potential customers.

    Brownie Business

    Who doesn’t love a nice hot brownie, especially with some ice cream or chocolate sauce! Brownie businesses have been on the increase over the years all across Asia. As many of us naturally have a sweet tooth, brownies are becoming a popular and in-demand product on apps such as FoodPanda & Grab.

    Fast Food

    One of the reasons fast food is so popular is because it tastes good and is also cheap and convenient. Therefore, buying in bulk saves you many expenses when starting this homemade food business idea in the Philippines. However, it works well if your home is in a prime location where you can easily sell fast food from your house.

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    Pancake & Waffle Business

    Pancakes and waffles are also another fast-growing food business idea, but why? Over the years, desserts of all kinds over the years have been consumed more and more; many experts believe that due to the added sugar, we are developing a sweeter tooth. Therefore, there is plenty of demand for homemade desserts such as pancakes and waffles.

    Meat Only Food Truck

    Meat is a staple diet around the world and a common food source in the Philippines. To add, location is very important with every kind of food business idea in the Philippines. So, when planning your location, you may benefit from placing your meat food truck in certain areas, such as outside of a gym.

    Breakfast Food Business Idea

    If you’ve ever gone into McDonald’s at 6:00 AM on the weekend, you will often see, but there are many customers in the first few hours of business ordering those tasty breakfast meals. Breakfast can cover many different foods, which is one of the advantages of starting this food business in the Philippines.

    Personalized Pizza

    Pizzas are one of the most common and popular foods in the world. But how about a personalized pizza where customers can choose what they want from the very beginning? This can even be mixed with Filipino food for a more cultured infusion. The opportunities are endless!

    DIY Food Kit

    So what exactly is DIY food? DIY food is an abbreviation for do-it-yourself foods. This can be something as simple as a sandwich where customers choose which bread and fillings they want or something more complex such as a whole meal. The most important consideration is that this food business is in line with your customer’s demands.

    Premade Pasta

    Pasta is fantastic, but it is often factory-made and is made in bulk. Therefore, a great homemade food business idea for the Philippines is to produce pasta from raw ingredients and sell the pasta ready to be cooked at the customer’s home. This is especially attractive for those customers who have allergies or are avoiding certain chemicals within their foods.

    Fruit Packets

    One of the best things about doing business in the Philippines is that tons of different types of fruits are available for an incredibly low rate. An example of this includes coconuts that have multiple uses from their shell, water, and meat.

    Keto Diet Food Business Idea

    Keto diets are becoming increasingly popular with several dieters, including those who regularly partake in intermittent fasting. The good thing about keto diets is that many foods can be made, not only meals but also desserts, that appeal to many different types of customers.

    Avocado Meals

    Avocados are interesting because they are not the cheapest to purchase, but they have many uses, and some avocado meals can be sold for a much higher price than other food groups. Over the years, there have been many different avocado businesses set up, including avocado smoothies!

    100% Chocolate

    Are you a fan of chocolate? Whether you like milk chocolate, sweet chocolate, or dark chocolate, you will find many different business ideas around the concept of chocolate. However, I would add to keep an eye on cocoa prices as cocoa prices have been slightly volatile over the years.

    Crazy Mix & Match

    Suppose you are looking for homemade food business ideas in the Philippines and are unsure what type of foods to do; how about a crazy mix and match. This is essentially putting different foods together that do not normally go together. There is a British chef named Heston Blumenthal who grew his celebrity career due to his food innovations.

    All Greens

    An all-green business idea is essentially green foods. Many of the green foods we eat are incredibly healthy, so this will be attractive to those looking to lose weight, eat healthier or have a specific fitness goal in mind. This food business idea in the Philippines can also be applied to different colors or different types of foods.

    All You Can Eat Food Business

    Do you enjoy all-you-can-eat buffet-style restaurants? If so, you may have an advantage in starting your buffet restaurant in the Philippines. Financial calculations are paramount with this kind of business model. Foods and drinks that are cheap but fill up the stomach quickly are often included in these kinds of restaurants.

    Italian Food Business

    There are many different food cultures around the world. For example, Thailand is known for its delicious food in Asia, but Italy has been known for its Italian cuisine for many years if we head over to Europe. Therefore, an Italian business can be a great food business idea in the Philippines with the right location and targeted customers.

    Sushi Business In The Philippines

    Apart from Italian and Thai food, you also have the option of Japanese cuisine, more specifically sushi. Sushi restaurants are all across the Philippines, so if you are planning to open up this kind of business, it is best to differentiate yourself to gain the attraction of customers.

    Tacos And Sauces

    Tacos are very common in many countries but also here in the Philippines. Tacos can be made very cheaply, but their prices are sometimes quite high (depending on the ingredients and the quantity). These can be sold from a food truck or even a food store.

    Ice Cream Store

    Starting an ice cream business in the Philippines is also a fantastic idea. Many famous chain restaurants have succeeded by selling ice cream, such as Dairy Queen, but there is a lot to take in when starting a food business, especially ice cream.

    Personal Chef Business Idea Philippines

    If you have qualifications and experience as a chef, you may decide that the right food business idea in the Philippines is by becoming a personal chef. Personal chefs work with lots of different people but mainly athletes and those who are wealthy. But in addition, you could be working during special events such as weddings and birthdays.

    Bakery Goods

    Who doesn’t love a nice piece of bread or Donuts! Starting a bakery in the Philippines or selling homemade baking items may be a fantastic business idea for you. Raw materials are often fairly inexpensive when purchasing in bulk; however, the profit margin will depend on several factors, including other expenses, marketing, etc.

    Homemade Jam

    I had the honor of meeting a very successful business owner in South Davao who did this very business idea and made a success from selling their jam. They had their farm and were able to turn their strawberries into multiple products, including different flavors of jam. Astonishing.  

    Indian Food Packages

    Indian food is also one of the leading food cuisines globally and has a very rich and interesting history. Moreover, many Indian foods are made at home, so there are many opportunities for a homemade food business idea in the Philippines.

    Cookie Business In The Philippines

    Cookies cookies cookies everybody loves a nice cookie. Similar to brownies, homemade cookies have also become in demand over the last few years, and with many of us having a sweet tooth, this trend looks to increase as we look into the near future.

    Birthday Cake Business

    One common item essential for a birthday, especially when we are younger, is the delicious birthday cake! Birthday cakes can sometimes be sold for many pesos depending on their design and size. Personalized cakes are also a big business, but it’s always important to conduct market research before starting a new business with all business ideas.

    Marshmallow Gift Basket Business

    There are so many holidays throughout the years, including Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and therefore, many Filipinos look to gift sets; thus, why not design a marshmallow gift set! The great thing about gift sets is that they are often priced way above the project cost and high-profit margin.

    Homemade Bread Business

    Bread is one of the most popular food groups worldwide, but the great thing about bread is that it can be made from home using raw materials and a bread-making machine! You may even wish to personalize bread by adding small nuts and seeds for additional products.

    Fruit Cake Business

    If you are wondering what kind of cake business I should start and wish to differentiate yourself, you could look into the idea of a fruit cake business. Fruit cakes I’ve been very popular for many years, and every culture has a slightly different twist on the food cake business.

    Homemade Muffins

    So, if you are thinking about starting a homemade food business in the Philippines, how about the idea of homemade muffins? These can be sold directly to the customers or gifted. In fact, many different types of business models can be applied to selling homemade foods in the Philippines.

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