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9 Best Personalized Items To Sell Philippines

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    Are you looking to start a personalized items business in the Philippines? If so, this article is exactly what you need as we will be going through the most popular and best-personalized items to sell in the Philippines.

    Previously we have spoken about how to sell on Lazada and Esty, including some additional ideas and tips and tricks for beginners looking to sell personalized business ideas in the Philippines. Thus head over to these articles for more information.

    Best Personalized Items Business In Philippines

    1. Personalized Beer/Wine Glass

    Personalized beer and wine glasses are among the best-personalized items to sell in the Philippines as they have no expiry date. The product can be purchased extremely cheaply from local warehouses or factories in China. Some will even add the design to the beer or wine glass for you.

    2. Personalized Calendar

    When I came across this product, I wrongly believed that calendars were not popular, but calendars are still a huge market. Many businesses sell many units of calendars during the new year. Personalized calendars are also one of the hottest personalized items, and due to the low printing cost, there is often a great deal of profit to be had.

    3. Personalized Candles

    A few weeks ago, we covered a full article on how to start a candle business in the Philippines, and in that article, we explore the process of making money selling candles in the Philippines. Personalized candles are one niche out of many. Europe is a hotspot for candle selling and some parts of America.

    4. Personalized jewelry

    Jewelry is an item that is forever popular, and one type of jewelry that has become more popular is personalized jewelry. The costs can range for this type of business. If you have personalized the items yourself, you will need to buy the relevant machinery, which can be quite expensive; however, it might be fantastic for the right entrepreneur due to the profit with some types of jewelry.

    5. Personalized Mugs

    Personalized mugs are small convenient, and most importantly, very cheap to purchase in bulk. Mugs and cups are items that most of us have in our house, and if we are a fan of a TV show or we follow a certain team having a nice mug is often welcomed, and therefore, some businesses have specialized in a personalized mug business.

    6. Personalized Picture Frame

    Last year, we released an article about the best gifts for men. In the article, we spoke about several personalized items. One of the popular items was personalized picture frames. Even though we continue to edit that article to keep it relevant, picture frames remain a popular item.

    7. Personalized Pillow

    Market research is the first consideration when an entrepreneur starts a new business. Free tools such as Google trends allow you to see the latest trend of a product or topic. Personalized pillows have become a fast-growing popular product globally, and therefore if you can find the right market, this can be an excellent product line.

    8. Personalized T-Shirts

    Selling t-shirts in the Philippines can be a very profitable business; however, there are many risks, pros and cons involved. One way to succeed is to build an audience, and one of the best ways to build an audience is to have a niche such as personalized T-shirts. If you are interested in how to sell T-shirts in the Philippines, let us know on our YouTube channel, and we will do an article and video on this topic!

    9. Personalized Sports Items

    Having a personalized message or name on an item often increases its value, which is the same for sports equipment and items. This can be something as simple as a basketball or soccer cap. Similar to other personalized business ideas, these products can often be purchased in bulk for a fairly low cost.

    Bonus. Everything Personalized

    Many business owners are deciding not to focus on one personalized item. Instead, they are looking at selling multiple personalized items in the Philippines, including pens, clothing, watches, sneakers, etc. Therefore if you have the capital and products available, you may sell several personalized items.

    Where To Buy Stock For A Personalized Items Business In The Philippines

    When purchasing stock, you have several different options. The first option is to purchase locally from a factory in the Philippines. This is commonly ordered in bulk and can save a great deal of cash long term; however, the disadvantage is that ordering such a large amount of stock can be an added risk as a new business. Therefore, you may wish to calculate the risks and rewards for this decision.

    Alternatively, you could purchase stock from China. Most specifically, use a wholesale platform called Alibaba. The platform has thousands of factories worldwide (including the Philippines) where you can buy stock/buy personalized stock for your new business. I have personally used them for my businesses and have always been pleased with the platform and sellers.

    Market research is critical with this kind of business. This includes the research of the business and its customers and the research in buying stock. Buying items at an affordable price is very important; paying too much for items (especially when ordering in bulk) can damage your profits in the future.

    Why Start A Personalized Items Business Philippines?

    One of the reasons why many entrepreneurs choose to sell personalized items in the Philippines is because profit margins can be much higher as competition is much lower.

    For example, let’s say you are not selling personalized items in the Philippines, and instead, you are selling a phone case from China. Even though the phone case might have a unique design, the chances are there are other sellers who can purchase the same design, and price wars can begin. Personalized items often have many benefits, including their uniqueness.

    However, there are some disadvantages to selling personalized items in the Philippines on the other side of the coin. One common example is that not everybody likes personalized items.

    Where Is The Best Place To Sell Personalized Items In The Philippines?

    If you target only the Philippines, online markets often work very well with personalized items. You will often find a spike in demand for personalized items around the Christmas and Valentine’s holidays. Lazada and Esty can work very well.

    In addition, you may decide to start your website selling personalized items in the Philippines and then tailor this with a social media platform such as Facebook. Most business owners aim to build a connection with the social media audience and divert them to their website to make a sale. This can also work very well when selling personalized items in the Philippines.

    You may also wish to set up in a physical location. Still, there will be maintenance costs involved, and therefore is always best to carefully calculate any financial requirements needed when looking at how to start a personalized item business in the Philippines. Filipino wealth has a free business plan template that can be downloaded by clicking on the business plan tab at the top of this page.

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