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13 Best OFW Business Opportunities Philippines

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    Profitable OFW Business Opportunities Philippines: One of the great advantages of being an overseas Filipino worker is that it gives you a fresh perspective on business while living abroad. Nevertheless, you may wonder what the best OFW business opportunities are in the Philippines?

    Today, we will explore business opportunities in the Philippines for OFW, business ideas online, and OFW businesses while aboard. Additionally, for those seeking more information, we have also included over 85 different business opportunities in the Philippines at the end of this article for some future reading.

    The Top OFW Business Opportunities Philippines

    1. Earn Passive Income From A Vending Machine Business

    We recently spoke about the best passive income streams in the Philippines and detailed how you can earn monthly returns from investing in the Philippines. In these articles, we mentioned a popular business concept of vending machines. But unfortunately, startup costs can be high when including the product and the machine.

    However, as an overseas Filipino worker looking for business opportunities in the Philippines, the prices may not be as high for you as a local worker as statistically overseas Filipino workers earn more. Thus a vending machine business may be a fantastic option. For more details, I have attached the full guide on starting a vending machine business in the Philippines above for your reference.

    2. Start A Café Or Coffee Shop As An OFW

    The second OFW business opportunity in the Philippines takes the form of a coffee or cafe business. Like starting a vending machine business, starting a cafe will require careful planning and research to grow this business. One consideration is how hands-on you wish to be as an overseas Filipino worker.

    Coffee is not the cheapest product, but for some, it is essential, and therefore there are great opportunities to build a loyal customer base and generate repeat business; however, prices can be slightly high in the beginning, so one option you may consider is opening a small coffee kiosk or open a café truck business.

    3. Offer Outsourcing Services

    Over the years, the Philippines economy has seen its ups and downs within the market. Some industries are growing more than others, and one industry that has seen tremendous growth in the last five years is the outsourcing industry. Some believe starting a call center or opening a small office costs a lot of cash, but it can be opened for much less.

    I was in the process of opening a call center back in 2018 in Davao city; to keep costs low, we made a plan to get the essential staff in the small 30 square meter office and nonessential staff working from home. This is not the full picture but a small example that shows that outsourcing businesses don’t have to cost the world and can be a fantastic option for OFW looking for business opportunities.

    4. Angel Investment Opportunities For OFW

    So what are Angel investment opportunities for overseas Filipino workers? If you are looking for a business opportunity as an OFW, you have most likely come across the term Angel investing. Essentially this is the process of investing in a private business. Most often, this is needed to help a business grow.

    We have covered Angel investing in the Philippines and discussed the difference between crowdfunding opportunities. Nevertheless, angel investing can be a fantastic OFW business opportunity in the Philippines, depending on the business and the agreement.

    The Best OFW Business While Abroad

    5. Open An Online Store As An Overseas Filipino Worker 

    When looking at OFW businesses while aboard, there are also several opportunities. One opportunity is within the E-commerce world. As an overseas Filipino worker, you will likely have networking opportunities and witness how other businesses run. This can give you some fantastic options when looking for a business in the Philippines as an OFW.

    Suppose you decide to sell in the Philippines to the domestic market. In that case, it is good to look at the latest statistics and research the market to find what is lacking and what opportunities are available. For example, wheat is a product that must be imported in the Philippines. But what other products need to be imported that you can turn into an online store?

    6. Create A Real Estate Agency Business

    Another unique OFW business while aboard is on the subject of real estate. Real estate in the Philippines is a hot topic, and many investors wish to get involved in the real estate world. Real estate covers houses and condominiums and serves customers looking for an office, a new piece of land, or car parking spaces.

    A fantastic opportunity that I have seen personally in the Philippines is creating content on real estate. Sharing information about land, taxation, rules, and other topics can be a fantastic option if you are looking for an OFW business idea online.

    7. Services For New Overseas Filipino Workers

    This business makes logical sense but is rarely discussed. As an overseas Filipino worker, you know better than anyone else the problems and the hurdles new OFW face. You could use your skills and knowledge to open up a business helping existing or new overseas Filipino workers. This can cover many different services across many countries.

    One option available is to offer your services as a consultant by offering support to those who wish to become overseas Filipino workers. However, there are plenty of other options available. You could also team up with different businesses inside and outside the Philippines for a better customer experience. Innovation is key.

    8. Open A Yoga Studio/Fitness Center Business

    Health is always a priority, and yoga studios and fitness gyms have become more popular than ever across the country. One consideration is that when looking at OFW businesses while abroad, you may find that this type of business can be expensive. Additionally, to ensure that the business is profitable, there must be a high demand for the service.

    Location plays a key role, but it is only one important factor when starting a yoga studio or a fitness center business. Price, accessibility, amenities, atmosphere, staff costs, maintenance fees, and insurance are a few other areas entrepreneurs will need to consider.

    Profitable OFW Business Ideas Online

    9. Become A Content Creator Online

    Content creating is a double-ended sword in the Philippines. On the one hand, the Philippines is the most active country globally on social media. But, on the other hand, earning potential is often lower in Southeast Asian countries. However, you can alter your earning potential by targeting overseas traffic and focusing on profitable niches such as fitness, finance, and so on.

    This is a fantastic OFW business idea online as it gives you a tonne of options and flexibility. For example, if you are naturally a writer, you can focus your attention on building a blog and creating books as a source of income. YouTube has fantastic options if you prefer to be in front of a camera. Alternatively, if you prefer to speak without showing your face, you may find podcasting ticks all the boxes.

    10. Online Real Estate Flipping

    So what exactly is online real estate, and how can this be flipped. The name I used above may be slightly confusing, so I will clarify. Online real estate is often a slang term to describe online assets, such as domain names, blogs, or even virtual land. Flipping is the process of buying an asset for a low price and selling for a higher price.

    Supply and demand are common factors that come into play when looking to make money as an overseas Filipino worker. This is also an essential component when flipping online assets. Some online assets (such as a profitable blog) can possess value, while other online assets (a random NFT) may not possess much value.

    11. Ecommerce And Dropshipping Stores

    Dropshipping has been a subject we have extensively covered previously. It has been very profitable for some entrepreneurs, but many websites don’t tell you that it can be extremely challenging to make a full-time income from dropshipping. This is because profitability is not always the highest, but this will depend on the products and the customers.

    Alternatively, creating your store by offering handmade products or products you are buying from a wholesaler (private labeling) may be a more appropriate option. The great thing about this OFW business opportunity is that overseas Filipino workers can earn money online in the Philippines or in another country.

    12. Affiliate Marketing In The Philippines

    Over the years, affiliate marketing has become a hot subject in the Philippines, so much so that we have even released a full guide on how you can make money with affiliate marketing. This guide explored the benefits and companies you can use to earn money by referring people to products.

    This type of business often works very well with online content such as a YouTube channel or a blog. Alternatively, if you are looking for a side income or just some extra money as an overseas Filipino worker, this may be a great option.

    Other Common Business Ideas In The Philippines

    Apart from the OFW business opportunities we have spoken about today, several other business openings can be started. Some are common, some are competitive, some are profitable, and some are uncommon.

    • Accounting And Bookkeeping Business
    • Administrative Service Business
    • Advertising Agency Business
    • Agriculture Farm Business
    • Agriculture Fruit Farm Business
    • Airport Taxi Business
    • Art School Business
    • Art Supply Store Business
    • Artificial Flowers Import Business
    • Astrology Tarot Card Business
    • Attorney Agency Business
    • Bicycle Store Business
    • Bowling Entertainment Centre Business
    • Brewery Business
    • Bridal Store Business
    • Children’s Play Business
    • Cleaning Service Business  (General Cleaning)
    • Clothing E-commerce Site Business
    • Computer Consulting Business
    • Computer Hardware Reseller Business
    • Computer Programming Business
    • Computer Repair Business
    • Construction Repair Business
    • Convenience Cafe Business
    • Convenience Business
    • Cosmetics Manufacturing Business
    • Custom Jewellery Business
    • Custom Printed T-Shirts Business
    • Dance Studio Business
    • Data Recovery Business
    • Day Spa Business Plan
    • Deli Restaurant Business
    • Dessert Bakery Business
    • Document Shredding Business
    • Employment Agency Business
    • Equipment Rental Business
    • Event Planning Business
    • Family Clothing Business
    • Farm Machinery Manufacturer Business
    • Fast Food Restaurant Business
    • Gift Basket Business
    • Gift Novelty Souvenir Business
    • Golf Course Business
    • Golf Driving Range Business
    • Graphic Design Business
    • Hair Removal Business
    • Handyman Maintenance Business
    • Hardware Retail Franchise Business
    • Health Club Business
    • Healthy Restaurant Business
    • Internet Cafe Business
    • Investment Company Business
    • Karaoke Bar Business
    • Kid’s Clothing Store Business
    • Lawn And Garden Services Business
    • Mexican Restaurant Business
    • Miniature Golf Course Business
    • Mopeds Rental Business
    • Multi-Sport Complex Business
    • Musical Instrument Store Business
    • Newsletter Publishing Business
    • Nightclub / Dance Classes Business
    • Office Equipment Rental Business
    • Office Supplies Retail Business
    • Online Booking Business
    • Organic Food Store Business
    • Paintball Products Retail Business
    • Pet Photography Business
    • Pharmacy Business
    • Pizza Delivery Business
    • Security Guard Business
    • Self-Storage Business
    • Singles Bar Business
    • Soap Manufacturer Business
    • Software Business
    • Sports Clothing Business
    • Sports Medical Equipment Business
    • Tattoo Parlour Business
    • Taxi Business
    • Tourism Website Business
    • Weight Loss Seminars Business
    • Wholesale Business
    • Wi-Fi Kiosks Business
    • Yoga Centre Business
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