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Lucky Color for Business 2024 Philippines

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    Lucky Color For Business 2023 Philippines: Do you have a business, or are you starting a business and wondering what are the best colors for your business in the Philippines in 2023? Today, according to the Chinese horoscope, we will explore lucky colors for business and look at what psychology says about colors and business.

    There is a reason why some logos are valued at thousands of pesos, and the truth behind why branding is essential for Filipino businesses may surprise you. So without further altercation, let’s take a look at lucky colors for business 2023 Philippines.

    According to Chinese tradition, the year 2023 is the rabbit’s year, specifically the Water Rabbit The four lucky colors are azure blue and apple green.

    Blue:  The first colour is blue which is a standard color for businesses across the Philippines as it stands for trust, security, and strength. Blue is also seen as a calm color and is often linked to water.

    Green:  The second lucky color for businesses Philippines is green. According to tradition, green symbolizes balance, grace, and calmness. In recent years we have seen green used in many food businesses and used as a symbol for environmentally friendly products.

    Furthermore, ancient pearls of wisdom indicate that blue is best for negotiation and job interviews. Green is best for a new place of life and a new beginning.

    One of the considerations when looking at lucky colors for business 2023 Philippines is psychology.

    Color psychology is an advanced topic, but it allows Filipino businesses to get a competitive edge and stand out of the crowd if significantly applied. Everything business-related on some level has strong foundations to psychology. The challenging part is finding what psychology will work best for you and your business.

    You may decide to create a logo and branding with one color but use different colors in marketing and packaging. This may not be so good for long-term branding, but it may be beneficial if you release a new product or try to get attention.

    For example, blue is a very common color with businesses in the Philippines as it symbolizes strength and security. But blue packaging and marketing may not work best in your market and against your competitors; therefore, going against what is normal may be a wise idea.

    There is a YouTube channel called 1% better. The branding is bright pink, and they stand out against their competitors very well, but they often talk about business and investment. But one reason for their growth is because they have a unique color that can stand out from the crowd.

    Grey, white, and black color schemes all represent slightly different emotions. However, some consumers see these colors as boring. This may be due to many simplistic logos using these colors.

    Yellow and orange represent power, strength, and warmth. These colors are often used in marketing for new products or to get attention, as emotions linked with these colors are anticipation and interest.

    Green is a growing color in the world of business as more and more consumers are choosing businesses that are friendly to the economy, and green symbolizes this perfectly. In addition, green is also used in health and nutrition.

    Pink is often used to symbolize femininity, and because of this, you will often see pink used in beauty products. However, purple is also a popular color and suggests glamour style and sophistication. It is also a royal color and therefore is seen as high class.

    Brown is often the opposite of pink and seen as a manly and masculine color. As a result, brown is less often used in businesses as it doesn’t always stand out well; however, the color symbolizes strength and masculinity.

    Psychology suggests that we associate different emotions with different colors (synesthesia). Therefore one of the leading questions you may wish to ask yourself is…. what kind of emotion am I aiming for when a customer sees my logo?

    It’s often wise not to overthink a design too much, as when looking at different lucky colors for business, it’s easy to overcomplicate a logo.

    But if you are wondering how to design a business logo for the Philippines, one consideration to make is whether it’s best to go against the crowd? For example, many of your competitions may have standard colors and themes. Therefore is there something that you can do to capture people’s attention?

    I would recommend an online software called Canva. With this online platform, you will be able to create beautiful logos and marketing material. The platform is entirely free, but the premium features are often highly recommended for new business owners.

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