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How To Be An Angel Investor Philippines

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    How To Be An Angel Investor In The Philippines: Have you ever wondered how to be an Angel investor in the Philippines?, Or perhaps how to invest in a startup in the Philippines from aboard? These are two of the most popular questions about Angel investing in the Philippines. In today’s guide, we will be exploring the process of what Angel investing is in the Philippines and how you can become an investor.

    How To Be An Angel Investor In The Philippines

    1. Choose Your Angel Investor Network

    The first part of how to be an Angel investor in the Philippines is to choose an Angel investing network. Most business owners will add their pitch onto one of these networks when looking for investors.

    So what are the best Angel investment networks in the Philippines? Here is a list of some of the most popular Angel investment networks with Filipino entrepreneurs.

    Aside from these Angel investment networks in the Philippines, there are also several common crowdfunding platforms such as …

    Angel investments, crowdfunding, and seed funding are very similar, and if you are wondering what these mean and the differences, don’t worry; we have discussed this below. But the most important point to remember is that there are several platforms that you can use if you are looking to invest in a startup company in the Philippines.

    Additionally, investors may choose other platforms to highlight their investment opportunities. For example, networking at business events, posting on Facebook groups, and speaking to family and friends are common ways entrepreneurs can find investors. Thus you may wish to widen your net slightly to find several other opportunities.

    Once you have found a startup business or a new project you would like to invest in, the next stage involves research and analysis.

    2. Research And Analysis Of The Pitch

    Crowdfunding and Angel investment in the Philippines tend to be slightly different, and depending on what network you choose, you may find several different opportunities and scenarios.

    For example, if you choose an Angel investment network to find new projects, likely, some details will not be on the presentation. Crowdfunding, however, tends to have all the information online, and everything is done on their platform, making the process more convenient.

    Whatever the scenario is if you are looking at how to be an Angel investor in the Philippines, the second most important stage after finding the right offer is researching and analyzing the pitch. But what is research and analyzing?

    Researching the market, the customers, the demand, and the products are a few significant areas that will need to be researched. Analyzing the information, including the information that is being presented, is key. In other words, are the claims true, and does this pitch make logical sense?

    There are many different types of Angel investors in the Philippines. Those who succeed in Angel investing take time to research the pitch and opportunity fully. Once you have completed this stage, the next stage for an Angel investor in the Philippines is to contact the business owner.

    3. Contact The Business Owners

    As mentioned, this will differ depending on what platform you are using. Some angel investing networks do not allow payment through their platform, so you will need to contact the business owner directly for full details.

    It’s always best to ask as many questions as you can at this point. Unfortunately, some try to deceive Angel investors, and some business owners may not be completely honest and open in their pitch. However, once you have found a project you are happy with, you now move on to the final stage on how to be an Angel investor in the Philippines.

    4. Offer Your Payment And Agree On The Terms

    The final stage of becoming an Angel investor in the Philippines is to make payment with the new project.

    This stage carries the most risk as, unfortunately, Angel investing carries two types of risk. The first risk is the financial risk that the project will not be as successful as the business owner is speculating. And the second risk is that it is a scam.

    Naturally, when Angel investing, it’s often recommended to only invest what you are prepared to lose. Even though Angel investing and crowdfunding platforms make it the duty to stop scams being on their platform, unfortunately, some do get through.

    What Is Angel Investing In The Philippines

    Angel investing is a way that investors can invest in a startup business or invest in the growth of a business. Most times, this is completed on an Angel investing platform. An Angel investing platform bridges the gaps between entrepreneurs and investors.

    In other words, Angel investing in the Philippines is a way investors can find new projects that they can invest in with the hopes of a higher financial reward later on. But, of course, this carries higher risk and higher reward with it.

    What Is Seed Funding In The Philippines

    Seed funding in the Philippines is a way for investors to invest in a company or project in the very early stages. In most scenarios, the project has no financial capital, and the seed funding is the first piece of money the business raises.

    What’s The Difference Between Angel Investing And Seed Funding

    Both Angel investing and seed funding are very similar. Seed funding, however, tends to showcase projects that are brand new. On the other hand, Angel investing normally features businesses with some years of experience and wish to expand. Both investment types carry several risks for investors, but Angel investing and seed funding have some unique advantages and opportunities.

    How To Invest In A Startup In The Philippines From Abroad 

    Another question you may be wondering after investigating how to become an angel investor in the Philippines is – how to invest in a startup in the Philippines from aboard? The good news is this process is simple.

    As an investor living abroad, you can invest in a startup business in the Philippines by finding a pitch on an Angel investment network, researching the opportunity, and making your offer directly with the entrepreneur. This process can be completed on the crowdfunding or Angel investing platform.

    Alternatively, if you are looking at how to invest in a startup in the Philippines from abroad, another option is to utilize the power of social media and networking. Entrepreneurs will often use networking opportunities and social media.

    Is Investing In A StartUp In The Philippines A Good Idea?

    With the rapid speed of developments in the business world across the Philippines, many are wondering if investing in a startup in the Philippines is a good idea?

    The answer will always depend on the individual, but investing in a startup business in the Philippines is a fantastic opportunity for investors if you can find the right type of business.

    With a private company, the return on investment can be astronomical. But unfortunately, investing in a company in the very early stages also carries a large amount of risk. Therefore, the entrepreneur, the market, their vision are a few of the most significant areas that are best researched before investing in a startup in the Philippines. This exercise aims to reduce the likelihood of investing in a bad investment.

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