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Catch Up With Shark Tank’s Bala Bangles in 2024

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    It’s been a while since Bala Bangles hit the big time. Once they were all the rage, with their colourful bracelets adorning the wrists of women everywhere. But what happened to them? Where did they go?

    In 2018 Bala Bangles was founded by the married couple, Natalie Holloway and Maximilian Kislevitz. Both of them previously worked in advertising and sought a different career path, so they decided to take a gap year. The concept of Bala Bangles was developed when they were planning their fitness routine while on vacation. Natalie Holloway wanted to develop wrist and ankle weights for yoga poses.

    With this in mind, she and her husband Max Kislevitz decided to bring back popular weights from the 80s, but with a twist, to reinvent these bangles tools with a more modern appearance without the clunkiness of weight training equipment, such as barbells. Natalie and Max wanted to develop a product that was suitable for people with demanding job schedules and to design accessories that would help people achieve their fitness goals. After some trial and error with different designs, they released their first product: the Bala Bangles. The couple used 10,000 USD of their net savings and raised a further 40,000 USD from a Kickstarter campaign. By 2019, the company had already made over 2000,000 USD in sales.

    In 2020, Natalie Holloway and Max Kislevitz appeared on episode 13 of the 11th season of Shark Tank. They asked for 400,000 USD in exchange for a 10% stake in their company. The show hosts were impressed with their overall presentation, concept, profits and sales of Bala Bangles. Retired world-renowned tennis player, Maria Sharapova also invested in the brand, as the sports accessories also appealed to Maria, given her sporting background. Sharapova and Mark Cuban dually invested 900,000 USD for 30% equity in the company.

    Bala Bangles reached a profit of over 3000,000 USD in sales which further increased 10-fold to 20,0000,000 during the pandemic. The sales for Bala Bangles skyrocketed during the pandemic due to gyms and fitness studios being closed during the pandemic. Thus there was a greater demand for indoor fitness apparel. At the end of 2020, the company’s net worth was ten times its initial value. Currently, Bala Bangles are available in over 500 retail stores in the United States. Currently, the company is expected to expand in the coming years.

    The founders kept on innovating and introduced additional products on the market. These include fitness bands, exercise mats, pilates balls, exercise rings and rollers. They also extended their unique product designs to cater to those interested in weight training, cardio, martial arts and pilates workouts.

    So it turns out Bala Bangles didn’t just fade away – they’ve been growing strong ever since their launch. Bala Bangles have proven themselves to be a force in the world of health and wellness, showing that with passion and dedication, anything is possible in the realm of entrepreneurship.

    If you’re looking for stylish fitness tech that helps you achieve your wellness goals? Bala Bangles are the way to go! Bala Bangles are also available at Get yours today, and join the Bala Bangles revolution. We know you’ll love the results!


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