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Sleep Pod: The Shark Tank Sucess Story

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    When Sleep Pod appeared on Shark Tank’s 12th season, in 2020 the sharks were immediately interested. This innovative new product had the potential to help people get a better night’s sleep, and it was clear that the sharks wanted a piece of the action.

    Hug Sleep’s The Sleep Pod was founded by Matt Mundt and his wife, Angie Kupper. It is a revolutionary new product that was designed to help people get a better night’s sleep.

    Mundt’s idea for the product came from his own experience. He has had sleeping difficulties since childhood. He tried products such as weighted blankets, without any success as it traps heat (so not ideal for summer) and were not well-adjusted to his tall frame. He also found that weighted blankets were not travel-friendly, were thick and difficult to wash or clean.

    Mundt designed a product and decided to include all the features of weighted blankets that he liked without all the setbacks, it took him roughly a year to develop the Sleep Pod design. He initially created the Sleep Pod only for himself, he noticed a drastic change in his sleeping patterns as well. He designed a product that regulated body temperature, made of stretch material – ideal for any body shape. He also ensured that the materials used to make the Sleep Pods were easy to wash and that the design was travel friendly.

    Mundt’s wife noticed this difference and the potential for it to be marketed. Kupper also worked as a behavioural therapist and instantly identified the therapeutic benefits of using a Sleep Pod, the product was launched in 2018 under the company, Hug Sleep.

    In 2019, The Sleep Pod was already receiving media attention before the couple’s appearance on Shark Tank. Mundt received an email from an executive producer for Shark Tank and was invited to appear on Shark Tank. He initially ignored the email as he thought that it could be a scam. Then, a year later in 2020, he received the same email from the same contact with a similar message. He decided thereafter to appear on the show. Ultimately, Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner partnered to invest 300,000 USD for a 20% equity stake in the company. The couple accepted the offer.

    Mundt plans to further expand his business and product range, based on the customers’ needs. Mundt also views his brand more as a wellness brand and does not want it to be limited to sleep pods. Additional products to the Hug Sleep range include Hooded Sleep Pod It has all the components of the original Sleep Pod but with extra upgrades and an added hood to wear. The development of this Sleep Pod was based on customer feedback. Currently, the Hood Sleep Pod is already one of Hug Sleep’s best-selling products. Other product ranges include a loungewear clothing line and Sleep Pods for children.

    Thanks to the sharks’ investments, Sleep Pod has become a major success story and is helping people get the restful sleep they need. It’s no wonder that Shark Tank viewers are so excited about Sleep Pod! Sleep Pod has become a Shark Tank classic. It’s proof that Shark Tank is more than just entertainment – sometimes, it produces products that can improve our lives!

    If you’re looking for a way to increase your sleep quality, then definitely try Sleep Pod and see if it helps you get the restful sleep you need. Shark Tank wouldn’t have invested in this product without good reason, so give it a try and see what it can do for you! You can find this product on


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