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Where To Invest 1000 Pesos Philippines

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    Is 1000 pesos enough to invest in the Philippines? If so, where are the best places to invest 1K Pesos at present? Today we will be exploring six investments for 1000 pesos in the Philippines and going over some frequently asked questions regarding a 1000 peso investment to help you make a more informed financial assessment.

    Where To Invest 1000 Pesos In The Philippines

    1. The Philippines Stock Exchange

    The Philippine Stock Exchange is one of the best investments, especially if you are looking to increase your investment over time. The added extra is that you can also profit short-term if you choose to be a day trader.

    1000 pesos tends to be the minimum stock traders will accept to open up an account. This includes popular companies such as COL Financial. Col Financial is an online stock trader, which means you can buy and sell stocks from your own home’s comfort.

    Even though 1000 pesos is the minimum needed to open up an account, some stocks require a minimum lot referred to as a board lot. For example, if we had a company called XYZ, and their current stock price is 22 pesos, but that board lot is 100, a minimum investment needed is 2200 pesos (Stock price x Board lot = Minimum capital needed).

    2. In The Cryptocurrency Market

    Alternatively, an increase in investment in the Philippines is in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies.

    The cryptocurrency market is very popular with day traders. This is because the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, which means profit can be made quickly. Still, it also carries with it an element of risk.

    Because of this risk and reward ratio, when looking at where to invest 1000 pesos in the Philippines, you may find that the cryptocurrency market is one of the highest returns. However, this depends on the chosen cryptocurrency. To date, there are over 4500 active cryptocurrencies on the market.

    3. Online Asset Reselling

    One not-so-common investment is buying and selling online assets. Online assets can be many different things, but if the budget is 1000 pesos, you may be better off sticking with smaller online assets such as domain names.

    Buying and selling domain names and other online assets such as shops, blogs, etc., is an enormous business. As a result, some people build online platforms to sell them at a later date.

    There are 2 sources for more information about how to start buying and selling online assets. BlogSchool.PH is a site that helps people gain money online in the Philippines and speaks about reselling domains and websites.

    The alternative source of information is the website Flippa. This website is the home for online buying and selling, especially when looking into digital assets such as blogs, e-commerce stores, and domain names.

    4. Mutual Funds

    Mutual funds have been a trendy topic in recent years, and they are a significant 1K investment in the Philippines as they can be invested relatively passively.

    When investing in mutual funds in the Philippines, an investor has two options. Option one would be to invest through a stockbroker (here is a list of the top 5 stockbrokers in the Philippines). Option two would be to contact your local bank and invest directly with them.

    The available funds needed to start a mutual fund investment in the Philippines varies from bank to bank. Some banks require a minimum of 1000 Pesos, while others have a minimum requirement of 5000 Pesos. It’s always important to note that mutual funds also include a maintenance fee.

    5. Through A Gcash Investment

    Gcash is best described as an online E-wallet. In other words, transactions can be made effortlessly through the Philippines’ app. The great thing about Gcash is that you can also invest.

    We recently spoke about whether Gcash investment or Gcash saving plan would be best. To summarise that article, we found that, on average, if you have a small amount to invest, it may be more appropriate to save as the returns could be very little compared to living costs in the Philippines.

    One of the great things about Gcash investment is that you can start investing for as little as 50 pesos.

     6. In A Startup

    The last option when looking at where to invest 1000 pesos in the Philippines is in a startup.

    Startups have two primary categories. First could be a startup of your own, or Secondly, a startup could be one you are investing which is run and operated by another person.

    It’s always essential to have clear terms and conditions, but the good news is that investment returns could be high if the business takes off.

    With a 1000 peso investment, the downside is that the returns you could get from investing in somebody else’s business could be below, so if funds are tight, you may find more financial gain in investing in your startup.

    If you are looking for some business ideas, look at our full list of business ideas for the Philippines or visit our full 300 business ideas for the Philippines list.

    Can I Get Good Returns From A 1k Investment In The Philippines?

    When looking at the percentage of the expected returns of a 1000 peso investment in the Philippines, the total figure, whether 5% or more, would be the same as if someone else invested 100,000 pesos into the same investment vehicle; however, the 1000 peso investment’s financial returns would be substantially less than the financial rewards from the 100,000 peso investment.

    For example, if you were to invest 1000 pesos in a cryptocurrency or the stock market and receive a 10% increase at the end of the year, you would only have 100 pesos. So even though the percentage is the same as anybody else who invested in the market, the returns are low compared to the Philippines’ overall living cost.

    Is 1000 Peso Enough For An Investment?

    When looking at the Philippines’ current economy and returns on investments, a 1000 peso investment may not be the best option. This is because unless the investment increases 1000’s %, the returns are considered very low.

    So what should you do?

    If your capital is tight, you may find it beneficial to invest in a business you have control over. This is where you can manage your money directly and aim to double 1000 pesos into 2000 and so on…

    … there are many different businesses and startups in the Philippines that can be started for almost nothing. A classic example of this is YouTubing. Many famous Filipinos and YouTubers across the world started their channel with a mobile phones. The great thing is in today’s technological world, everything you need to learn is virtually free.

    If you are looking for the best investments for 5000 pesos or 20,000 pesos, then take a look at our full list of investments here at Filipino wealth.

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