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23 Unique Tips For Bloggers Philippines

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    Tips for Filipino bloggers? Earning pesos from a blog is one of the latest trends in making money in the Philippines, and luckily this is what we here at BlogSchool are good at! So today, we will be going over some exclusive tips for Filipino bloggers and some general advice for blogs in the Philippines.

    Additionally, we will also be going over some frequently asked questions about blogs, such as how much bloggers earn in the Philippines, how long it takes to become a full-time Blogger, etc.

    Let’s now explore many super hacks to help you succeed with blogging in the Philippines.

    Tips For Filipino Bloggers & Filipino blogger tips for beginners

    1. Niche Down

    This is perhaps one of the essential tips for Filipino bloggers. This is because blogging is now huge, and many people worldwide are taking to online blogs to increase their income, so competition online is now fierce.

    In some cases, your competition may be a call center full of talented writers who could publish 20 or 30 different articles every day. Therefore, the only way to stay on top is to be specific and niche down on your industry and become an expert in that niche.

    2. Focus On The Money

    The most significant advice for blogs in the Philippines is to focus on your revenue; it’s vital to help people and deliver valuable information….BUT at the same time, it needs to be a business that is profitable for you.

    A friend of mine started a business helping people who were in debt. This was an enjoyable project for him; however, he could only earn a little bit through advertisement. He couldn’t sell anything or promote other products because his audience didn’t have money to spend.

    Here are a few questions to help you look deeper into your financial strategy.

    • How Much Money Can I Make Each Month?
    • What Are The Multiple Streams Of Income I Can Use On My Blog?
    • Is There Ways I Can Increase My Current Income?
    • What Can I Do This Month To Double My Income?
    • How Long Is It Going To Take Me To Earn A Full-Time Income From My Blog?

    If a blog is to be successful and possess longevity, then it needs to be profitable. The best and most profitable blogs can maximize their earnings. Selling books and making money from advertisements are the basics of a website, but taking it further by offering products or services can give you that financial advantage.

    3. Aim For Hot Topics

    Whether through a blog, a YouTube channel, or a podcast, it is important to aim for the hot topics when releasing new information. I know what you’re thinking, and that is that I just told you to niche down in tip #1. you’re right, I did, but it’s crucial here not to niche down to the point that nobody is interested in the topic.

    What is currently hot now? And what do people want to read about in your industry? For example, talking about the Stock Exchange is complicated to break into (believe me, I’ve tried). Still, one thing I notice is that many Filipinos want to know how to invest in Jollibee. Therefore I created a full article, which is currently ranked number one on how to invest, and this page brings me 40%+ of my traffic each month.

    In other words, this was a hot topic but not one that was not too competitive. When you look into your blogging industry, what does your audience want to know about what is hot that nobody is talking about? it is likely that whatever the answer, this would be an excellent topic for an article.

    4. Work With Others In The Industry

    Do you want to link to this post? Do you want to work with Filipino Wealth? Working with others in or outside of your industry is a great way to increase your authority and expertise, which is critical in the recent Google updates, which we will be addressing later.

    If you can write posts for other bloggers, this gets your name out there as a Filipino Blogger who is an expert in their field—getting your name out there (though a backlink) can help with your website SEO if the site has a high domain authority.  

    A great idea is also a project where both businesses can team. Businesses in the corporate world do this a lot, especially for a good cause. For example, you may have seen individual companies team up to help fight climate change or teamed up together to help stop pollution. Not only do these acts improve the planet, but they also build a positive perception of the business. This is similar for online businesses such as blogs.

    5. Republish Your Content

    Another big tip for Filipino bloggers is to republish their content. This will save you a great deal of time and can also increase your online reach.

    Let’s say you have just finished writing an article about losing weight. You know that it will take many months to rank via search engines, so in the meantime, redeliver this content in a YouTube video or even in a small ebook.

    The way Filipinos are searching for information is changing. Many years ago, Google was the primary source of information. However, platforms such as YouTube are now a reliable source of information, and many turned to YouTube rather than Google to find the latest information.

    Alternatively, if you have written a book about your topic, a great way to increase your content is to hold a podcast, record a YouTube video, or write several articles on that book. A great call to action would be for your readers or listeners to buy your full book at the end of your article, video, or podcast.  This is perhaps one of the biggest pieces of advice for blogs in the Philippines.

    6. Build A Long Term Strategy

    There’s no doubt about it; blogs are a long-term game. In 2005, you could write an article about almost anything, and it would rank within a few weeks and even, in some cases, a few days. Fast forward to today, and it can take up to one year for an article to start to rank.

    Ahref found that 60% of articles ranked in the top 10 on google were three years or older! Of course, this is not to say that it will take three years for your article to rank, but it shows that most high-ranking pages are older articles.  

    You may find that the best articles you have are those that are the oldest. This is not always the case, but most people will find the best-ranking articles they wrote many years ago.

    Building a long-term strategy includes asking questions. For example, how will your blog grow and improve? What process will you introduce to take your blog to the next level?

    An extra piece of advice for blogs in the Philippines is to be consistent with your blog. I know you are most likely thinking right now…..this is just some generic advice blah blah blah, and believe me, I hate generic advice, but it is so true in today’s modern world. So many bloggers give up too early. Is a leading financial blog in the Philippines, but I wondered if it was worth my time as I saw hardly any results within the first year. However, the website receives thousands of visitors each month because I built a long-term strategy, and this is what we all need to do with our blog to be successful blogging in the Philippines.

    7. Always Link To Authorized Sites

    When publishing an article, make sure that you link to authorized sites known to Google. Some people are afraid to link to other people’s websites but not linking can do more damage than good. 

    An interview back in 2019 spoke to Google executives about Google’s algorithm and what websites need to do to rank. Many things were discussed, and one of those things was backlinking to an official site to improve your page’s search engine optimization.

    If you have written a fantastic article about intermittent fasting benefits, linking to the National organizations and scientific studies will help your page build its trustworthiness.

    8. Post Over 2000 Words Per Article (If Your Readers Are Overseas)

    Over the last several years, blogging has become slightly more challenging; therefore, it’s essential to deliver the answers and quickly have a competitive edge. However, many content creators are starting to see more clicks for longer content.

    Neil Patel, A successful U.K.-based blogger, often talks about his blog’s success due to his articles’ length. In most cases, his articles are over 3000 words. He does this because it can pack more information into a longer article that improves user experience. As a result, longer word articles are shared more often than shorter articles, CopyHackers state.

    Of course, the length of an article does not always determine its success. Many factors go into a successful article; however, evidence shows that longer articles outperform short articles.

    An extra tip for Filipino bloggers is that if you are unsure what to write about in your article, think about your readers’ next few questions….

    Suppose you are writing an article about how to do a yoga pose; perhaps your audience will wonder who would be suitable for this yoga posture. Why this pose is good, and for how long do they need to do this. In other words, ask and answer all questions you think they would have so they do not need to visit another website to find the answer.

    9. Add Those Keywords Into The Headers

    A simple piece of advice for bloggers in the Philippines is to add some keywords to the headers. This is an essential tip and one that many experienced bloggers will know about…BUT You may not always add those keywords into the headers if you are a new blogger, and trust me; it could lead to your article dropping in rankings.  

    It’s always important not to overdo it with keywords that can negatively affect your article, but keywords are important to signal to Google what’s your pages about.

    When it comes to writing, you have to please two different types of authorities. The first type is the readers (make sure your content is visibly pleasing and easily readable). The second type is the bots at Google. Bots scan your page looking at H1 headers, H2 headers, H3 headers, paragraphs, titles, bold text, pictures, etc.

    Therefore if you are missing keywords from valuable areas such as your title Google’s bots may not think your article is talking about the topic the reader is looking for; thus, they may not show your article as highly.

    10. Go Big Or Go Home

    What do you want from your blog? is this for fun, or are you looking to turn this into a significant income source?

    Going big or going home, in essence, means finding your target and times it by 10. This is a method popularized by Grant Cardone in the book the 10 x rule. This book talks about the importance of having a big goal and how more critical goals can help you become more successful.

    In other words, if you’re only looking to make 5000 pesos per month from your blog, then aim for 50,000 pesos per month. If you are only looking to earn 10,000 per month from your blog, aim for 100,000 pesos per month, and so on.

    This will change your natural business behavior, which will help your blog grow more substantial and quicker. You may even get to the point where you need to hire additional staff to contribute to your blog.

    11. Download Grammarly For Free

    Grammarly is a spell-checking and grammar checker that is entirely free. The free version has many features and checks words spelled differently in different countries (such as American English and British English). You can download a free version and install it directly into Google Docs or Microsoft Word, or you can use their online platform.

    Premium accounts are also convenient, and as a member of a premium account, I can tell you it’s highly recommended for any blogger (I would even say its needed for freelance writers as this tool can improve the quality of work dramatically)

    12. Answer Your Audience’s Questions Fully

    If you answer a specific question, such as the best dresses to wear in the summer or how to paint a wall, etc., it’s essential to answer your audience’s questions fully. Unfortunately, articles rank lower in search engines because they do not fully answer the viewer’s question. Because of this, the viewer clicks on a different post.

    When a viewer comes off your website and clicks on another website, that is a clear signal to Google, your article’s information is not valuable. If this is performed many times, you may experience a ranking drop.

    On the other side of the coin, those articles which can answer the question thoroughly will most often receive a rankings boost.

    13. Go Against The Tide

    When you look at the best articles you have ever read or the articles that go viral all across social media, there is one thing in common: they are all different from one another. This is one of the most critical parts of blogging because it can put you ahead of the game when starting a blog in the Philippines.

    Instead of telling people how to paint a wall, show people how to paint a wall, instead of telling people what the best dresses are in the summer, show your audience the best dresses in a YouTube video, instead of paying money for advertisement, network with other bloggers or YouTubers and collaborate on a project.

    Those are just some quick and simple ideas, but the point is that you go against the tide. So this is an excellent piece of advice for blogs in the Philippines as it allows you to set yourself apart from your competition.

    14. Publish New Content 2 Or 3 Times A Week

    Filipino bloggers looking for tips often ask how often should I post? Some believe once a week is enough, some believe once every day, and some believe once every two weeks.

    In all honesty, if you want to make this a full-time income and you have time, then I would focus on publishing one article every single day; however, this is often very challenging, and you will likely suffer a burnout from this, and as a result, the quality of work could suffer.

    Therefore, I would recommend something a little more suitable: to publish content two or three times a week.

    Blogging is not just about the number of articles you have on your website. A great example of this is They have made waves across the Internet as they have hundreds of thousands of visitors from only a small handful of articles; however, this strategy does not always work. In most cases, bloggers see success in volume.

    There is no set number of articles you need to release; however, a good rule of thumb focuses on at least two a week. This is then a significant number to start to build momentum within the first 12 months. If you have money to spare, then perhaps hiring a writer will increase your content volume without extra input from yourself.

    15. Use Customizable Photos

    Google employees over the years have talked about the importance of images in articles. Of course, images paint a picture, but they are also vital in specific articles, especially in “HOW TO” articles.

    Google has stated many times that on average customizable photos rank higher than stock image photos. This does not mean that you need to create a work of art for every article but create something unique for your website and, most importantly, increase the user’s experience.

    16. If Your Site Is Slow, Change Hosting Services Quickly.

    We spoke recently about the best web hosting services in the Philippines, and some of the results may shock you!

    Web hosting is an essential tool for bloggers. Choosing a slow web hosting service may affect your website in the eyes of Google. As technology is increasing every year and our intention span is decreasing, it’s no surprise that those fastest websites often outperform slower websites in terms of openings.

    17. Add Tools To Your Site

    Another thing that has seen a significant increase over the years and can significantly impact your SEO is free website tools. Take a moment to think about the tools you have used in the past. Perhaps it was a B.M.I. calculator or an investment spreadsheet; whatever the answers tools can help boost a website’s trustworthiness and usefulness.

    A piece of advice for blogs in the Philippines is that if you are your customer, what tool would you love to use? For example, if you are talking about investments, then how about an investment Calculator? If your blog is about a pet’s health, then how about a pet symptom checker, and so on.

    18. Build E.A.T. With Google

    Google eat stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness; these are three of the most significant factors that Google uses to measure how credible a website is. Therefore, a website that can build strong E.A.T with Google stands a better chance of ranking higher and higher traffic.

    Google has done this because there is a lot of junk and scams on the Internet world, and Google does not want to refer any of its users to these potential traps (this is one small reason out of many). if a user is searching for information about a dog’s health or the location of a nearby Jollibee store, they want to make sure that these trustable sources deliver this information

    19. Never Pay For An Advertisement Unless You Have A Product

    A big mistake I often see is bloggers spending money on advertising without any monetization streams. If you have products that you are looking to sell and have built a healthy website, then advertising is essential, but you hardly have any income streams on your website; it is often an unwise decision.

    In the early stages of a blog, an excellent tip for Filipino bloggers is not to invest in advertisements but instead spend money on your website. This could be to increase the amount of content, buy a premium theme, or anything else you feel would be valuable.

    20. Avoid Paying For Spammy Backlinks

    Many bloggers have been guilty of paying for spammy backlinks, and I certainly did on my first website back in 2009. However, the big problem with doing this in today’s modern world is that poor backlinks often do more harm than good.

    Google state: “Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This includes any behavior that manipulates links to your site or outgoing links from your site.”

    It is possible to remove specific backlinks associated with your blog; however, this can take a considerable amount of time and effort; therefore, it is better to build quality backlinks over a more extended period than many backlinks in a shorter period.

    21. Build A Loyal Audience

    Another tip for Filipino bloggers is to build a loyal audience. A dedicated audience will help you reach other people who have not seen your content and, in some cases, even buy your merchandise.

    The great thing about a loyal audience is that they will keep coming back to read your content or watch your videos or whatever you’re publishing, which is a great way to earn revenue from advertisements or selling products.

    It’s always essential to put your audience first; what things do they want to hear about? Next, what information do they want to know? Then, finally, what can you say or write to bring value to their lives?

    22. Remember People Use Mobiles More

    The world is turning mobile, and this is the same with blogs. Unfortunately, another common mistake many bloggers make is designing their website for the desktop. This is entirely understandable as we often create our blogs on laptops; however, most bloggers will tell you that most of their traffic is from a mobile device.

    Speed is also a significant factor. It’s essential to make sure that your content is visible and broken down easily on mobiles to appear as quickly as possible to increase the user’s experience.

    23. Make Everything Easy

    The last tip for Filipino bloggers is one we have touched on slightly in over articles, and this is to make everything more convenient.

    If you have a long article and you feel the readers will not read it thoroughly, then perhaps installing a plugging so they can listen to the content rather than reading it may make it easier.

    Like previously mentioned, Google is putting a significant emphasis on user ability. Therefore, if you can make something more straightforward and convenient for people, you stand on the right side of Google and are more likely to rank higher and receive more traffic. Tips for Filipino bloggers.

    How Much Do Bloggers Earn In The Philippines?

    Blogging typically ranges in the amount of money one can earn. However, many aim to reach 50,000 pesos per month; this is approximately 1000 US dollars, a comfortable amount to live on in the Philippines.

    One thing to note is that blogging can often take many years to earn a regular income. Thus, many blogs earn very little within the first six months. In the first 12 months, the typical Blogger can earn 1000 – 5000 pesos per month. Some can earn much more, but this depends on several factors discussed in today’s article.

    However, the pesos a blogger can earn after the first year or two dramatically increases. This is because many of your articles have hopefully started to rank higher and increase your web traffic. Because of this, you can make more money from advertisements and selling more products or services.

    Successful full-time bloggers in the Philippines can typically earn anywhere from 50,000 pesos per month all the way to 500,000 + pesos or more in some cases. The amount a Blogger can earn typically depends on their industry, the streams of income, and your audience’s location.

    How Long Does It Take To Become A Full-Time Blogger In The Philippines?

    Typically, it can take anywhere from one to two years for a part blogger to become a full-time blogger in the Philippines. Again this depends heavily on many factors. If you are selling products and services and are cross-promoting these, then it is possible to earn a full-time income in less than 12 months; however, in most cases, Blogs take at least 1-2 years to grow big enough for an individual to earn a full-time income.

    Tips For Filipino Bloggers: Take Away:

    Today we have touched on many different tips for Filipino bloggers and gone through some critical advice for Philippines blogs. Here are a few takeaway messages from today’s article

    • Monetization will likely be on the lower end in the first 6 to 12 months of starting your blog
    • Blogging is a long term game and thus should have a long term strategy
    • It is still possible to earn a full time living off blogging, but it is recommended to increase your streams of income to maximize the chances of profit
    • it’s highly recommended to work with people in your industry, including influences and fellow bloggers
    • Google is emphasizing E.A.T; therefore, it is a vital part of any website looking to rank highly on Google.
    • Making your website user friendly, convenient, and easy is one of the essential things in today’s modern world
    • It’s a great idea to republish your content to increase your visibility and maximize your profit

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